Happy Presidents’ Day!

Hello Families!

Today our beautiful country celebrates Presidents’ Day! Here is a read aloud for you to share with your children. I wish you all a fun and relaxing rest of mid-winter break.

Presidents’ Day by Anne Rockwell read aloud on YouTube

Your child brought home our One School One Book choice, “Wishtree”by Katherine Applegate. Please take the time to read the chapters to your children. I am also reading the chapters aloud to the children in class. We are so excited about this story. Bongo, the crow, is actually making special appearances around our school! 🙂

We have wishtrees that we will add animals to as we read along in our book. I will let you all know which chapters we read in class on Whatsapp. Please do not read past chapter 9 before we return to school. I really want to take the beautiful journey in reading together! So far, we have met the following characters; Red, the Oak tree. (the narrator of our story.) We met Bongo, the crow who has a stash of “special treasures” inside of one of Red’s hollows. We met Samar. She is a shy and lovely ten year old girl who is a newcomer with her family to the neighborhood.

This story is so special and sends a lovely message about friendship and acceptance. Please help your child keep this book in a special place and take great care of it. It is theirs to keep forever. 🙂 We will continue reading at chapter 9 on Wednesday!

Take a look at the illustrations of the characters we have met so far in the story…..

Here we can see a lovely illustration of Red and Samar.
Here is another beautiful illustration of the characters we have met in “Wishtree” by Katherine Applegate.
Here is another beautiful illustration of the characters we have met in “Wishtree” by Katherine Applegate.
We love our new book! It is so awesome to see children so excited about reading!!!! We also made a circle map to list all of the animals that have made their home in Red’s 216 year old life!

Thank you for all you do!!! I am so looking forward to seeing the children on Wednesday!

Love, Ms. Mehrhof

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