Look at what these Little Engineering Learners have been doing!!!

Hello Families!

Take a look at the fun we have had with some engineering projects and other fun learning!

We wrote our opinions about dogs! This friend does not like dogs because they bark.
This friend likes dogs because they are cute.
We made salt dough ornaments to give to our parents for Mother’s Day!
We made the ornaments into hearts!
The fabulous Ms. Debbie in the Kitchen, baked our ornaments for us!!! Thank you, Ms. Debbie! When they cooled, we painted them!
We listened to the story of the Three Pigs. We then became engineers! We drew our plans to create a house for the pigs that the Big Bad Wolf would not blow in! Thank you to my incredible dad for helping with this project!
These friends made their house out of popscicle sticks!
This friend made his house out of toothpicks! Thank you to my amazing mom for helping with this project!!!!
The Big Bad Wolf (my hair dryer) tried blowing in the little pigs’ houses! 🙂
We built CVC words!
We engineered again! This time we used various materials to create a paintbrush!!!
We drew our paintbrush design first!
We got to work creating the best paintbrush!
We tried out our paintbrushes!
We wrote about a person we love! We made them a card to tell all about the reasons we love them!
We retold the Benchmark story with our apple buddies!!!
We worked pulling weeds in the Salina Garden!
We watered in the Salina Garden!
We have some tall sunflowers beginning to grow!
We are learning about maps! We are working as a team to build this map puzzle of the world map!
We created our own road maps for our little vehicles!
We practiced math fact fluency!!!

Please practice each day to help your child feel confident for Friday’s spelling test! This week the word family is -ame. (came, same, name, lame, tame, flame)

PLEASE remember that all permission slips for both the Zoo and the Farm are due back to school not later than Friday!!! Please see me or the office staff if you need a new permission slip. The Zoo trip is on Wednesday!!! The Farm trip is on Friday!! Thursday of next week is a real life farmer’s market for our students! We are encouraging the students to dress like they are going to work as a farmer!

Please continue to bring in plastic bottle caps!!!

Please mark your calendars for a very special thank you to all of you wonderful parents!!! On June 6th (letter P day of our ABC countdown to the last day of school), the children and I would like to invite the moms and dads to our classroom at 11:00 for Pancakes for Parents!!!!

Thank you for all you do!

Love, Ms. Mehrhof

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