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Spelling Words

Dearborn’s Spelling Curriculum

There are usually 8 words that fit a pattern like long e words (meet).

  • there are 3-5 Content words taken from their math, science, social studies or language arts curriculum.
  • There will also be 2 cold words.  Cold words are new words the children have not studied that fit the pattern that is being studied that week.  I have found cold words are hard for a lot of students so I usually only give 2 or 3 cold words.
  • There will be a total of about 15 words per week.

Spelling Homework

Students should practice their words each week.   We are now using iLearn for our spelling.  The log in to iLearn using their lunch card number and birthday (mmddyyyy) for their password.  Here is a link to iLearn:

iLearn Spelling

Spelling Grade 3 First Semester:

Week 1

Short & Long /a/

Hot words

lane, ate, trap, cape,

cane, late,tape, man

Content- south

north, east, west, location

Week 2-Short & Long /i/

Hot words – will, ice, brick, pie, polite, spin, kick, nice

Content-gravity, speed, cause, effect, predict

Week 3-Short & Long /o/

Hot words – poke, below, show, clock, spoke,broke, rock, lock

Content- number, chart, friction,contact, slope

Week 4-Short & Long /e/

Hot words-meet, rest, seem, well, best, teach, each, tell

Content –addition, sum, force, motion

Week 5- Short & Long /u/ Hot words – lunch, thump, bunch, under, thunder, much, truck, bug,  rug,

Content- subtraction, heading, gravity

Week 6


Hot words -track, blood, slid, flood, stack, drab, slip, black, crab, drop

Content – fiction, nonfiction, difference,

Week 7 Consonant Digraphs

Hot words three, chin, thin, shell, shin, fish, bath, chop

Content – addends, characters, topic, lakes

Week 8 /r/ syllables

Hot words -brother, whisper, father, teacher, grandmother,

grandfather,sister, mother, summer

Content – estimate, pollution, renewable


Week 9-Multisyllabic VC/CV

Hot words-, dinner,  bottle, rabbit, soccer, tunnel, cotton, kitten, better, happen

Content- length, millimeter, width, weather

Week 10-Multisyllabic V/CV

Hot words-music, basic, honor, rewind, alive, habit, behind, olive

Content- centimeter, ruler, inch, meter,data

Week 11-/ou/

Hot words-found, pound, ground, mound, hound, sound, cloud, round,

Content-source,  perimeter, area, persuasive, opinion

Week 12-/ow/

Hot words- throw, willow, pillow, crow, know, snow, flow, grow,

Content- geography, regions, Dearborn, Michigan,


Week 13

/oi/ & /oy/

Hot words-annoy, royal, joint, appoint, destroy, doily, toil, spoil

Content- because, reasons, topic, paragraph


Week 14

/gr/ /br/ & /cr/

Hot words-grapes, grace, grain, cross, crowd, brake, cried, brain, bring, gray

Content –

division, product, factors

divisor, dividend

Week 15

/pr/ /tr/ /fr/ & /dr/

Hot words- price, track, frame, printing, traps, frying, dream, trim

Content millions, thousands, solid, liquid, , length

Week 16

/scr/ /shr/ /spr/ & /thr/

Hot words-scroll, sprain, scream, thread, throat,shrimp, shrank sprint

Content-immigrant, pioneer, generation, timeline, decade,

Week 17 Silent /wr/ and /kn/ Pattern

Hot words– wrist, knife, know, knee, wreck, writing, knot, write

Content – author, first

next, finally

Week 18 /nk/ /sk/ & /mp/

Hot words– ankle, jumped, banker, desk, swamp, camper, pink, lamp

Content – conclusion, because, believe, century, migrate

Week 19 Homophones

Hot words

aunt, ant, eight, ate,waste, waist, made, maid, weight, wait, past, passed

Content-polygon, line, angle

Week 20 Homophones

Hot words- there, their, they’re, , bored, board, plane, plain, flour, flower, some, sum

Content ray, line segment

  Second Semester:

Week 21


Hot words – care, stare, fare, dare, bare, share, spare, aware,

Content organisms





Week 22

/ire/  & /ear/

Hot words -hire, earth, learn, retire, early, , heard, earn, tire,

Content- conclusion, believe, purpose, economy,resource

Week 23

/ere/ & /ier/

Hot words – there, cashier, earlier, anywhere, flier, where, carrier, copier, interfere

Content- problem, solution, genre

Week 24

/air/ & /ore/

Hot words-stairs, airplane,  , explore, repair, , upstairs, ignore, fair, affair, anymore,

Content theme,  setting


Week 25

Multisyllabic /le/

Hot words  – tickle, puddle, bubble, riddle, pickle, giggle, middle, muddle

Content observe, plants,citizen, local, state

Week 26

Endings: /y/ to /i/ & add /es/

Hot words- pennies, marries, families, copies, candies, empties, worries, studies

Content- text, however, also, facts, adapt

Week 27

Irregular Plurals

Hot words – knives, leaves, children, wives, wolves, scarves,geese, loaves

Content- fractions, denominator, numerator, decimal, reproduction

Week 28

/spl/ & /sp/

Hot words – splash, spider, speak, sports, splinter, spiral, space,  splatter

Content value, trade

solution, minus,traits

Week 29-Contractions

Hot words – isn’t, didn’t, we’ll, she’s, you’ve, there’s, haven’t, , won’t

Content –digit, characteristics, count

solve, tally,

Week 30-Singular Possessives

Hot words – family’s, doctor’s, truck’s, author’s, brother’s, grandmother’s, turtle’s,


Content- degree, growth, organism, life cycle, inherit

Week 31-/ight/

Hot words- might, tight, fight, sight, , bright, delight, slight, eight

Content-– capital resources, human resources

natural resources, import

export, products

Week 32

/oo/ Sound

Hot words, wood, hood, could, crew, , stood, would, should, stew

Content- demand,

transportation, services

supply, profit

Week 33

/ou/ and /oi/ sound

Hot words-noises, voices, thousand, frown, grouch, drought, voyage, downtown

Content- question

conclusion, survive, species, animals

Week 34-/ure/

Hot words- figure, injure, mixture, measure, future, nature, fixture, picture

Content- renewable, nonrenewable, evidence, describe, explanation

Week 35

/sce / & /nse/

Hot words-nonsense, descend, cleanse, dense, crescent, expense, ascend, scene,

Content-variation, analyze, interpret, influence,  individual

Week 36

VCV Pattern

Hot words

razor, promise, famous, radar, easel, habit, limit, diver, bison, talent

Content-death, construct, diverse, parents, model

Week 37

Year-End Review

Here is a link to my Google Drive with all the Spelling Sorts:

Spelling Sorts

Here is a link to my Google Drive with all the Spelling Homework (HW) – Tic-Tac-Toe

Spelling Homework – Tic Tac Toe

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