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NWEA Testing tomorrow

NWEA Testing tomorrow – I will start the Reading test at 8:55 am on Zoom for anyone who didn’t finish yesterday.  I will start the math test at 10:30 am on Zoom for anyone who didn’t finish.  If you finished both please work on your MobyMax assignments.  There is no school tomorrow afternoon.

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In case you didn’t read Schoology.

Hi Everyone,  A parent was asking me about what is due this week.  We are spending the whole week on NWEA so the only assignment that is due from this week will be the social studies lesson that is due tomorrow on ReadWorks.  It didn’t show up today because I assigned it for tomorrow. This was not planned as a live lesson, so students will just do it online and we should be back to a regular schedule next week, if we are able to finish the testing by Friday.   Please check your students grades for any missing work or look in the Overdue section, above the Upcoming on the right side of the home screen.  There is a video showing where to find grades and over dues in the How to videos on the home screen.

Tomorrow we will do our NWEA Math test.  Make sure your student eats a good breakfast.  I will see Group 1 – Jolie, Aya, Zane, Elena, Abdou, Mia, Ava, Lana, Mahdi, Adam on Zoom at 8:55 AM.  Group 2– Zain, Leah, Celine, Ali, Selene, Amreen, Sara S, Sara N, Eleanor on Zoom at 10:30.  And Group 3 – Hashim, , Yousef, Lylah ath school at 1:55.  Testing in the afternoon went very well.  NWEA sent and email saying they were having problems in the morning.  Thank you so much for all your patience and understanding while you were waiting for soooo long to get in to your test today.   This is an AWESOME class!!!!  I’m so lucky to be your teacher!!!  I look forward to when we can actually be together!  

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Changes today

We will do the Social Studies lesson on Thursday. Not science.

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Today’s changes – Please Read

Hi Everyone,   Thank you with all your patience with the NWEA test today!  Since the test went so long I will be unable to teach a live science today.  Please do Thursday’s science today.  Check your Daily Schedule for your special.  I’ll see you in the morning at your scheduled time for the Math NWEA.

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Music Zoom link

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Music Class

I will be posting a link soon about how to get in music. They have not sent it to me yet.

If you missed the science meeting here is the video link. Please watch to the send discussion question asking what other fossils would be found. DO NOT do the worksheets.

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NWEA Testing and Classwork

Online school – We made it through our first week of full days at school. This is a very different year for all of us. There are going to be a lot of changes. I am doing my best to make it easy for parents and students. I know everybody’s at home situation is different. If things are not working well, please let me know and we will try to make adjustments. Since I am not at home with the kids, I will need a little help making sure they are doing their classwork.

Classwork this week – This week students should have turned in: 2 response to reading logs, 3 math exit tickets (Lessons 1-3), taken a math quiz, and finished the Watery Cave paper in science. Here is a video showing how to check your student if these are complete. I want to make sure everyone understands how to turn things in and starts to form the habits of turning things in each day.

NWEA Testing – We will being preparing for and taking the NWEA test this week. We will mostly test online with a Zoom call in individual breakout rooms. I will have a small group test at school by invitation only.

Devise Readiness Check – The NWEA test works best on a Chromebook, laptop or desktop computer. We will need to check that your device will work with the NWEA test before we start. We will test this in class, but it would be helpful if you tested it yourself first, so that we can begin troubleshooting any problems. Here is the Devise Readiness Check to try at home.

Which Group am I in? – I will be announcing who is in which group by Monday evening. If you are one of the students coming into the building then you must follow the Building Safety Procedures attached here.

Monday 9/14 – Introduction video, devise readiness check and practice Reading test.

Tuesday 9/15 – Practice Math

Wednesday 9/16 – AM Group 1 9:00-10:00 and Group 2 10:30-11:30- NWEA Reading test online with students individual breakout rooms.

Wednesday 9/16- PM Group 2 1:55-3:50 NWEA Reading test in school

Thursday – 9/17 – AM Group 1 9:00-10:00 and Group 2 10:30-11:30- NWEA Math test online with students individual breakout rooms.

Thursday – 9/17 – PM Group 2 1:55-3:50 NWEA Math test in school

Friday – 9/18 – AM Group 1 9:00-10:00 and Group 2 10:30-11:30- NWEA make-up test

Friday – 9/18 – PM – NO SCHOOL – Professional development

Please email me with any questions, concerns or videos tutorials you would like me to create.

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Zoom Meeting Link

Zoom –Sorry for the mix-up with the Zoom meeting this morning. I have corrected all the links in Schoology, so those should all be working properly now. In case they don’t here is the link again to log in to the Zoom meeting at 8:55 AM tomorrow morning.

Due Today- students should have completed their Exit ticket in Math on page 7. their See, Think, Wonder worksheet in science and their Schoology Scavenger Hunt.

Turning assignment in – this seems more challenging than we expected in Schoology. I will be making some tutorial video now and posting them as soon as possible to help explain this.

Thank You! – I really appreciate everyone’s patience as we learn how to use these new programs together. I will try to figure out all the problems and answer questions as quickly as I can. Please remember this is all new to all the teachers and we are working to stay one step ahead of the students and parents.

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Here is the link again

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Here is the link if the other one isn’t working

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