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Weekly News

Math Study Guide – Today the Unit 1 Mid-Module Review is going home today. Please complete it over the weekend as homework, please RETURN it on Monday. We will review the answer and take the test on Monday. Here is a link to the review in case your child misplaced it.

Bilal Star of the Week – Starting Monday 9/19 Bilal is Star of the Week, he will make a poster all about his life staring with baby pictures all the way to 3rd grade. He will have his parents write a letter about how wonderful he is. Tuesday he may bring sharing/show and tell. Wednesday he can bring his favorite book, Thursday bring the letter from your parents.

NWEA testing – We have completed 2 of the 3 NWEA tests for fall. We will finish our 3 test next Monday. This will be Language.

Late Start – On Wednesday, 9/21/22 arrive at 9:55.

Computers – All district computers (Chromebooks) have been disconnected from the school internet. They all need to be returned to the school. If you still need it we can reconnect it to the internet and send it back. If you no longer need it please let us know and we will not return it.

PTA Membership drive – Thanks to all that have joined PTA! They are a great help to our school. There is a contest going and the class with the most PTA members will get Cider and Donuts!

We’ve had many pta forms come in to the office! Let’s keep it up!! I have also attached to this email the PTA membership form in a PDF format.  That might be easier to post electronically to parents, and for ease of printing.  
Here’s the numbers for this week! (This is a grand total, so last week plus this week) PK- 2 (13%)K-10 (67%)1- 12 (52%)2- 11 (50%)3- 8 (53%)4- 6 (26%)5- 9 (47%)

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PTA Meeting

September PTA meeting is this Thursday, 9/15/22, via zoom, at 6:00pm.

Topic: PTA Meeting September

Time: Sep 15, 2022 06:00 PM

Join Zoom Meeting ID: 859 692 1162One tap mobile+13126266799,,8596921162# US (Chicago)

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Weekly News

Tomorrow we will begin NWEA testing. This test is given in the fall, winter and spring. We use these scores to help guide our instruction. Please make sure that your child has a good night’s sleep and eats a good breakfast of protein (not sugar). Encourage your child to do their best, but not be stressed about it. We will have 3 days of testing.

School papers – I highly encourage you to find a special spot to keep classroom papers until the end of the Marking Period. Occasionally, I will record a bunch of scores in the gradebook and go back and they are gone. Sometimes students think they turned things in but they didn’t and took it home instead. If you keep the papers and you have them at home then you can just send them in again rather than have a student redo them. If students get a score lower that they like then they are allowed to redo the assignment to get part of the points back. If there is no mark from me on the paper you know that I have never seen it.

Decoding Mrs. Keebler’s marks papers sent home –

  • A check in the upper right hand corner means I have added it to the gradebook.
  • A check in the upper left hand corner means I have seen it and it is ready to go home but is not gradebook assignment
  • A number in a circle is the grade for the paper 1=100%-95%, 2=94%-80%, 3=79%-60%, 4=59%-0%.
  • A fraction equals the number correct over the total number of points.
  • A minus sign and a number equals the number wrong.

Math homework – We will try to find time each day to have the students self correct their homework must do problems. These will be sent home the same day usually, so that students can have feedback on their work.

Reminders –

1/2 day on Friday, September 16th dismissal at 12:05

Late start on Wednesday, September 21st arrive at 9:55

Flower orders due this week- by Tuesday (I think)

Don’t forget to join the PTA – they support our students in many ways – Book Fair, Assemblies, Kona Ice truck at events, books and much more! All these things take money which is raised with membership, donations and fundraisers. ALL of the MONEY goes to the students of our school! They are running a contest now, the class with the highest percentage of PTA members will get Cider and Donuts. I sent a form home last week to fill out to join. If you need a new one, please send a note or an email.

Bilal is Star of the Week next week starting on 9/19- he will prepare a poster board about his life, bring in share, his favorite book and letter from his parents telling us why they think Bilal is so special. The parent letter is a wonderful gift to give to your child, it is so nice for them to hear what you like and appreciate about them and to emphasis their talents and tell what makes them special to you. It is wonderful to hear about a child from the eyes of a parent who loves them unconditionally. Children can cherish a letter like this for the rest of their lives!!

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Weekly News

Open House – It was wonderful to see most of the class at Open House. I hope the students enjoyed the scavenger hunt, prizes, book fair, bake sale and Kona Ice. Thank you to PTA for helping run the activities. If you were not able to make it here are a few things you need to remember:

  1. Sign up for a Parent /Teacher conference – Here is a link to choose a date and time – I still need number 1, 4, 9, &13 to sign up. You do not need to include your personal information on the form.
  2. IChat form – make sure that you fill out an IChat form if you would like to attend a field trip or volunteer in the classroom.

Book Fair – Thank you to all the families that donated money for us to buy books at the Scholastic Book Fair for the class. I attached a picture of all the book we got with the donations on Class Dojo.

Class Dojo – I posted pictures today of some outside play at recess. Hopefully all families get to see them. I have contacted Class Dojo about the parents who tried to connect and their student wasn’t on the list. They said they will be fixing the problem soon.

PTA sale – Mum sale forms are due by September 13th.

Field Trips – We have 2 field trips planned so far. These can be found on our Calendar on the blog.

October 20th – Fire Safety Trip – we will visit the Dearborn Smokehouse and learn what to do if there is a fire. This is an important safety trip that is attended by all Dearborn 3rd graders. This is a small location. If you would like to chaperone please let me know. We will be going by bus at 12:30 and return between 1:30-2:00 This trip is free.

November 21st – Lansing Trip – We will be taking a bus to Lansing to visit the State Capital and Historical Museum. We will be going with the 3rd, 4th and 5th graders. More details to come on cost and number of chaperones needed.

Bilal Star of the Week – Starting on September 18th we will begin the Star of the Week. Every student will get a turn to be the star. They need to create a poster board about their life. (Please use the thin poster board like mine that was posted outside the classroom, the thick ones are hard to hang up). The Star will lead us in the pledges and songs, be the line leader, share a favorite item from home, share your favorite book and other special things. We will begin with Bilal and go in alphabetical order. I will be posted on the class calendar. I will try to remind you when your week is coming, but sometimes I forget things. Please try to remember to check the calendar. Sometimes we will have to move the dates around if someone was sick during their week or other reasons.

Math Facts Ice Cream – Hopefully, your kids showed you their Ice Cream sundae at open house. Each day, we will be taking a short quiz on the addition facts for 1s, 2s, 3s, etc. and they will earn a scoop if they get them all right. After everyone earns all their scoops we will have an ice cream party!! We will do the same for subtraction, multiplication and division. Having your math facts memorized is crucial for doing well in math.

Homework – Several parents were asking about homework at the Open House. I forgot to mention we would be using Google Classroom. I haven’t used this in a few years since we have been using Schoology. There is a Work Plan that tell what lesson we will be doing in class each day. Every night they will have math homework with the same lesson that was completed at school, they will have must do problems that will be the same as the class lesson. Students should also be reading 20 minutes each night and practicing their math facts for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. These should be memorized up to 12 by the end of the year. If your student leaves their work at school there is a copy of the math book on my blog.

Dates to remember:

9/16 – 1/2 day dismissal at 12:05

9/21 – Late start arrive at 9:55

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Open House and Book Fair

Reminder that tomorrow night- Wednesday, September 7th is Howe Montessori’s Open House from 6-7:30 pm. Please come join us to see your child’s school! The students can go to their classrooms and show you around. After- we will have a scavenger hunt to work on. A prize will be given out by PTA for those who complete it. PTA has also paid for the Kona ice truck to be here! You will get to visit the book fair. (Volunteers still need) We are looking forward to seeing you and your family at this event. 

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Happy Labor Day

I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend. I am excited to be starting week 2 of school. We have a lot of fun things planned for this week.

Open House – is this Wednesday from night- Wednesday, September 7th is Howe Montessori’s Open House from 6-7:30 pm. Please come join us to see your child’s school! The students can go to their classrooms and show you around. After- we will have a scavenger hunt to work on. A prize will be given out by PTA for those who complete it. PTA has also paid for the Kona ice truck to be here! We are looking forward to seeing you and your family at this event. 

Curriculum – We are starting to get in to our routines and curriculum. In ELA we are reviewing and establishing routines. In Science we are learning about animal life cycles. Students got to release our Monarch butterfly that hatched out of its chrysalis last week. In math we are starting to learn about multiplication arrays. Students will be doing a Kandinsky art project allow with the math.

Schoolwide Birthday Guidelines – were sent out on Thursday. I have added them to my blog under the Class Information tab if you didn’t see them. Here is a link to the Birthday Guidelines

Field Trip – Our first field trip is scheduled for October 20th. This is an important safety trip that all Dearborn 3rd graders attend. They will learn all about what to do if there is a fire. It is a very small location, so I usually only take a few chaperones. Since this is a very small class we might have room for more people. If you wish to chaperone please let me know by email. –

Parents make sure you:

  1. Subscribed to the blog – there is a box in the lower right corner where you add you email address

2. Join Class Dojo – click this link to join – Your student will get a prize when at least one parent has joined.

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Class Dojo

Hi Everyone,

We will also be using Class Dojo this year for communication, to share pictures, announcements and events going on in class. I would like all parents to join to enjoy the wonderful happenings in 3rd grade! Here is the link to connect to Class Dojo . Also your student will get a PRIZE when at least one parent is connected!! If you have already had a student in my class before and been on Class Dojo you just click the link to add your new student.

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Some students seemed eager to start on Zearn. If they want to join Zearn today, the class code is: ZN6C8Z. We will join in class tomorrow if they don’t join tonight.

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Book Fair Next Week – Volunteers Needed

We have a book fair scheduled for Next week!!

Aw Yeah! Preview day is: the 7th, and will be open for sales starting at our Open House that evening! Shopping day: 8th (all day) Make up Day: 9th. (morning only) 

We need parent volunteers to help run it! 
Please end this link out on your blogs to your parents for them to sign up!

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Lunch change

1st choice is Halal Popcorn Chicken

2nd choice Sunbutter & Jelly Sandwich ( because that we didn’t get Mac & Cheese delivered to us )

I’m out sick today and the substitute might not have this information, so please tell your child.

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