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This week’s news

Dear Parents,

This was quite a week for me. I went home sick on Monday, after a visit to the doctor and the hospital emergency room, it turns out I have an infection. I am starting to feel better but I am not completely recovered. Mrs. Salmassi is doing an awesome job of keeping up with everything. I miss everyone!

This week’s work


Monday – Topic D quiz – Here is a study guide for Monday’s quiz. Here are the answers to parents to check how their students did after.

Tuesday – No school

Wednesday – Lesson 19

Thursday – Lesson 20

Friday – Lesson 21

ELA – This week we are continuing with our Animal Adaption unit. We are working on Unit 1 Week 2 Pamphlet in Benchmark. Make sure they practice their spelling words for their test on Friday.

Social Studies – We are continuing to learn about the Geography of Michigan.

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Weekly News

I hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful fall weather. Here is this week’s news:


Monday – Topic C quiz – Study Guide is due Monday morning

Tuesday Lesson 15 – Apply must do 1-3

Wednesday Lesson 16 – Apply must do 1, 3, 4

Thursday Lesson 17- Apply must do 1, 3, 4

Friday Lesson 18- Apply must do 1, 3, 4

ELA – We are beginning our 1st week of Benchmark Animal Adaptations. We will have our 1st set of spelling words and complete our Unit 1 Week 1 pamphlet. We will have a spelling test on Friday. Please practice the words at home. The spelling words can be found in the pamphlet.

Science – We are continuing to learn about the traits of animals.

Social studies – We are continuing to learn about the geography of Michigan.

Star of the Week

Star of the Week – Next week October 2nd we will begin Star of the Week – Hassan Almousawi will be our first “Star”. We will go in number order.

Every student will have their turn to be the Star of the Week.  This a week where your child will get special privilege and have the chance for us to get to know more about them and let them really “shine!”.

Star of the Week Poster – Before your week starts make a poster board filled will pictures of your child’s life.  We want to see babyhood to the present.   Show us hobbies, family, pets, etc.

Star of the Week Schedule -find your Student’s week on the calendar: The Calendar. Since we have a small class we will each get about 2 weeks.

Each day of the week will consist of an exciting event or activity to honor him or her and to help us get to know our special classmate.

Line leader – your child will lead our line where ever we travel this week.

Get to choose our GoNoodle break songs.

Monday: Sharing and Poster of pictures: Please help your child collect a few special items from home , and send it back to school with your child on Monday to share with his or her classmates. Try to encourage your child to choose items that have some sort of meaning rather than just a collection of toys. Also, please have your child decorate a poster board with pictures of him or herself from babyhood to the present. If you did a poster last year, you may use the same one, and add new pictures if you’d like. We’ll display the poster in a place of honor on our class bulletin board.

*Tuesday: Star of the Week crown – Your student will get a special crown to show they are the star this week.

*Wednesday: Parent Letter: Parents, you will write a letter to the class telling us how special your child is to you. Send the letter in a sealed envelope to school with your child, and I will read the letter to the class at class meeting. The content of the letter is up to you, but you may want to choose from one of the following ideas: describe special or funny stories about your child for the class to hear, write a silly or serious poem about your child, tell us some neat things we may not know about your child, send silly or special pictures with a letter describing the pictures, or write a short story with your child as the main character. You may also send a special video for the class to watch if you choose. (Sometimes parents have taped messages or choose to send in a funny baby video for the class to see.)

*Thursday Favorite Book: Your star student brings one of his or her favorite picture books to read to the class (or have the teacher read to the class) at our class meeting.

*Friday Star Friends Poster:  Your star student will be presented with a poster created by his or her classmates. The poster will include the Star’s picture, surrounded by compliments written by his or her classmates.

Email me if you have further questions.

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Child Care for Early Release and Study guide

Study Guide for quiz Monday – Today I sent home a study guide for our Topic C quiz on Monday. Please have students complete their study guide over the weekend. Here are the answers for the adults that are helping them. Please return the study guide on Monday.

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PTA meeting this Thursday (Today) at 6pm via Zoom

PTA meeting this Thursday at 6pm via Zoom. Here is the Zoom Link:Join Zoom Meeting ID: 818 4842 5934Passcode: 2LJ0B4Hope to see lots of parents there!

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Blog corrections

No School – October 3rd Professional Development

Early Release days – Don’t forget our first early release day is coming up on October 10th. The pick up time will be at 2:25 every Tuesday, starting on October 10th. Please make any necessary preparations for pick up.

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This Week’s News

iReady testing – we are almost done with iReady testing. There are only a few kids that are going to finish up this week. I believe that the student scores are available online, by going to the DPS website, Clever, iReady and login with your students credentials. This is a new program for all of us so we are still learning how everything works.


Math Homework – This week we will be completing:

Monday – Lesson 10 must dos 1-5 in Apply Book

Tuesday – Lesson 11 must dos odd numbered problems in Apply Book

Wednesday – Lesson 12 must dos even numbered problems in Apply Book

Thursday – Lesson 13 must dos Apply must do problems 1, 2-4, 8-11 in Apply Book

Friday – Lesson 14 must dos problems 1 and 2 in Apply Book

ELA – We are continuing to do review and routines. We are completing the Week 3 pamphlet. Next week we will begin our magazines and spelling tests each week.

Science – We are continuing to learn about the traits of animals.

Social studies – We are continuing to learn about the geography of Michigan.

No School – October 3rd Professional Development

Early Release days – Don’t forget our first early release day is coming up on October 10th. The pick up time will be at 2:25 every Tuesday, starting on October 3rd. Please make any necessary preparations for pick up.

Popcorn Fridays will begin again the 1st Fridays of most months. The first one will be October 6th. Please send $1 if your child wants to buy popcorn. Proceeds go to PTA, they use all the money to plan and pay for wonderful events for our students.

Important pick up information from the principal:

Thank you for always keeping the safety of our students as the priority at drop-off and pick-up times. This year, we were able to make some adjustments to the schedule to help relieve some of the congestion with the preschool program in the Ann Arbor Trail lot which has helped. There are a couple of important reminders that will help everyone to be safe and improve efficiency in the parking lot.

Please be sure to allow access to our handicapped parking spaces in both parking lots.

Do not block the driveway entrances- Please use a parking spot if exiting the car to sign students in or out.

Please use a parking space if you plan to linger or talk with other parents or teachers. Drop-off and pick-up lanes cannot move or create dangerous situations when cars are left unattended in the lane.

Please use caution and follow the one-way traffic patterns.

We appreciate your support and cooperation in keeping our arrivals and dismissals orderly and safe!

Book Sale info from the library: 

AAUW Used Book Sale (70th annual) Oct. 5,6,7 at Dearborn Ice Skating Center (DISC)

If you are looking for some good quality used books for your classroom or home, this is a gigantic used book sale, where the prices are as follows:

Hardcovers $3

Paperbacks $1

Saturday only fill a “blue bag” for $10 with whatever you can stuff into the bag. 🤗

The times are:

TH Oct. 5 Noon – 6pm

FR Oct. 6 9AM – 8pm

SAT Oct 7 9AM – 6pm 

Early Entry 9-12 noon Thursday for $20

Profits fund Educational outreach and leadership programs and scholarships

Non-profit American Association of University Women

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This Week’s News

i-Ready Testing – We will begin our fall standardized assessment, hopefully early this week, I have not been told the exact days yet. We are using a new program this year called i-Ready. This will replace the NWEA testing. From what I have heard this should be a great change. This program will give us new information and should be more kid-friendly! Here is a short video that explains i-Ready. To prepare for testing please make sure that your child is well rested each day (kids this age need 9-11 hours of sleep), eats a good protein breakfast and arrives on time to school.

Plans may change – due to the time needed for testing and the Book Fair it is very likely that the plans will change since we won’t have enough time for everything.

Book fair – On Friday we sent home the Scholastic Book Fair Flyer. We will be going shopping on 9/12, to preview what books are available. it is helpful if your child knows approximate amount they are allowed to spend, they will bring home a “wish list” of items they are interested in on Tuesday and you will send back enough money (don’t forget tax) for the books you will allow them to get. Please put the money in a sealed ziploc bag or envelope with their name on it. We will make purchases on Wednesday. There will be a make up day Thursday if anyone misses shopping on Wednesday. Volunteers are still needed to help at the book fair:

Please sign up below to be a volunteer with this SignUp Genius!

Smoke house trip – Our class will be going to the Dearborn Fire Smoke House on October 30th. This is a very small location and I will only need 1 or 2 chaperones. This trip is a safety trip to explain to your child what they need to do in a real fire. It is an important trip for your child to attend. We will have a fire fighter come to the school before the trip to discuss safety also. They usually get to try on the firefighter’s hat too, which is lots of fun for the kids.

ELA – We will continue to work on our review and routines, we are completing the Week 2 Pamphlet in class.

Math – We have finished Topic A Conceptual Understanding of Multiplication, we took our topic A quiz and everyone did great! They were graded and sent home on Friday. We have started TOPIC B Conceptual Understanding of Division. We will be taking the Topic B quiz on Thursday.

This week homework will be:

Monday – Module 1 (M1) Lesson 7 – Must dos problems 1 and 2 in Apply book.

Tuesday – M1 Lesson 8 – Must dos problems 1 and 2 in Apply book.

Wednesday – M1 Lesson 9 – Must dos problems 1 and 2 in Apply book.

Thursday – Topic B quiz – no homework

Friday – M1 Lesson 10- Must dos problems 1-5 in Apply book.

Science – We will continue to learn about the traits of animals.

Social studies – We will continue to learn about the geography of Michigan.

Forgot your math homework at school? No worries! You have the math books online! Follow the directions below to get on:

We are now using the Eureka2 curriculum.  Students and parents can log into their website by:

  • going to Clever, from the DPS website
  • using their district login
  • go to resources (3rd icon down)
  • You have your classwork and homework always with you in case you forget at school

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Book Fair Next Week! September 11-15, 2023

Having trouble getting blog post? – I talked to the help desk about some problems parents were having with seeing the blog post. Here are the suggestions: Please check your spam folder and make sure it is not there. Add the email that blog post comes from to your contacts. If you are having trouble seeing the blog on the phone switch your web browser to desktop view. If you need help let me know the type of phone.


The Fall Book Fair is NEXT WEEK!  yay! 

Flyer information to be sent home will arrive tomorrow.

Please sign up below to be a volunteer with this SignUp Genius!

PTA Membership Drive

Welcome back to school! The PTA is excited to have another great school year! 

We’re going to kick it off with a PTA membership drive! 

PTA forms and a half sheet about the Drive were sent home yesterday. Please sign up for PTA they do many things to help our students and teachers.

When sheets and money are turned in, please make sure that I can read the name of the student and grade, and put them in the PTA mailbox.  I will keep track of how many students per class have joined! Each week I will send an email with an status update! The class with the most percentage will win a Cider and Donut party! 

Only for the month of September! Winner will be announced the first week of October! 

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Social Studies

I will be using an online game called Blooket to help us study our vocabulary and other curriculum we are learning throughout the year. Here is a Geography Blooket #1 for the 1st section in our online social studies book. Students can play this as part of their homework this week. Last year my class LOVED it!!

To play Blooket in class click HERE.

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Weekly News

From now on I will be posted the homework for the week instead of each day. Please check back to this blog post if you don’t remember. I will only post a message if there is a change in the posted work.

On Thursday we completed lesson 3 in math and students need to complete the lesson 3 homework to turn in on Tuesday.


This week will continue to work on Unit 1 Multiplication and Division. We will also be having our first Topic quiz. The best way to prepare it to complete the homework every night and make sure your student understands it.

Tuesday – we will work on Lesson 4 and homework will be lesson 4 must dos are problems 2-3. On problem #3 they should subtract using compensation. Below is a video in case they forget how.

HM How to subtract using compensation

Wednesday – Lesson 5 Apply for Homework must do 1-2

Thursday is our Topic A quiz – will be taken in class. Study by doing all the homework.

Friday – Lesson 6 Homework must dos #2-3


This week in language we will be continuing to establish routines and review from last year. We will be talking about Author’s Purpose, Long Vowels, persuasive writing and respectful conversations.


In Science we are learning about Inheritance and Traits of animals and plants.

Social Studies

In Social studies we are learning about Geography.

Healthy Snack –

Students should bring in a healthy snack if they think they will need one during the day. We have a lot of material to cover in 3rd grade and so this year we will try letting student choose to eat snack when they are hungry. They will also get credit toward extra recess if they bring fruits/veggies for snack. They should not be bringing cookies, candy, soda, or chips unless it is a special occasion like a birthday.

Questions –

If you have any questions about anything, please send me a message on Class Dojo or email me at:

I hope you enjoy the rest of your long weekend!!

Mrs. Keebler

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