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The Importance of Reading

Reading Increases Vocabulary

The importance of summer learning-

Many students spend their summer playing video games or sitting around watching TV.  It is important that students continue to learn over the summer or we will see a significant loss in their reading abilities and cognitive stills.  Please watch this short 2 minute visual of what can happen if students do continue to learn.


More toys, less screen time –

As I teacher, I am seeing an increasing number of children with poor handwriting skills.  With more electronic devices the need to learn to type increases.  More and more your students are being tested on the computer, so typing skills are a must.  However, writing is still our main form of communication in school and some studies have shown that children that can write faster and neater get better grades.  If your child has poor handwriting they may need to be playing with toys more.  Here is an interesting article that explains why:

10 Ways to Improve a Child’s Handwriting

How to make mornings less stressful

Back to School Routines


The Dangers of Food Dye

Why Food Companies Should Stop Using Tongue Staining dye


FYI. Danger in the grocery store!

From The New York Times: More Emergency Visits Linked to Energy Drinks

The number of annual hospital visits related to energy drinks doubled from 2007 to 2011, with patients from 18 to 25 accounting for the largest group by age, a federal report found.


English Language Learners – This website offers: Games, Learning Worksheets, Listen and Reading Comprehension, Learn to Draw Letters and Number, Arts and Crafts and Tales.

Writing –

Our school has adopted the 6+1 Traits for teaching our students writing.  Below are websites that give more information and help students work with the traits.  All students could benefit from these sites.

This one is to help explain the 6+1 Traits to parents:

School Library



Don’t Laugh at Me Video by Peter, Paul and Mary

Stop Bullying Website

Kids Against Bullying Website


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