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Dearborn Public Schools

School Supplies List

Suggested School Supplies

(Please write your child’s name on these items)

A backpack with your child’s name on it

4 Composition Books with a sewn seam 

If the cost is too large please donate what is works for your family.  Your generosity is appreciated!  A pencil box will be supplied for each child by the school – DO NOT buy a pencil box

48 – Pack of #2 PRE-SHARPENED pencils

1 hand pencil sharpener with cover to catch pencil shavings

1 package of pink erasers                    

1 package of colored pencils           

1 package of markers                              

1 package of highlighters

1 package of dry erase markers          

2 boxes of tissues     

4 glue sticks                                             

1 pack of printer paper

1 pair of scissors

1 container of wet wipes-boys only

1 roll of scotch tape-girls only


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