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This Week’s News

Kensington Field Trip – This Friday, May 31st. 9 AM-4PM Please pack at LUNCH, wear closed toed shoes (NO SANDALS, FLIP FLOPS OR CROCS), wear a red t-shirt or a Howe School shirt. Wear long pants or use bug spray for mosquitos and ticks. I think we have enough space for parents, thanks to the parents that volunteered to drive themselves. I will be working with Mr. Zamora and Ms. Polster to create a chaperone list. If you have a chaperone preference please contact your teacher. If you are going directly to the park, please let your teacher know, we will be meeting at the Nature Center about 9:45. If you have any questions please email me at or send me a Class Dojo message. If you are chaperoning please check in with your teacher, so she knows you have arrived and wait in the cafeteria.

The grades are due by the end of the week. Please try to have any missing work in by Wednesday or Thursday at the latest to give me time to grade and record everything. We are going to concentrate on getting everything complete this week, we will get more math completed at time permits.

Math – We will be taking the topic C quiz on Tuesday, make sure that everyone is caught up with their lessons up to lesson 16.

ELA – We are on the final week of Benchmark. We will be studying Unit 10 Week 3– Spelling – Related Words, Grammar Possessives

Writing Project – We have been creating reports on Natural Disasters. The final drafts were due last Friday. Students are now using a program called Adobe Express Create to make their project digital. This should be complete by Thursday also. When the projects are complete we will be displaying on Padlet and sharing them with the parents. Ask your child how they are doing on their report.

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This week’s news

Alirida is Star of the Week

Kensington Field Trip – May 31st 9:00-4:00 – Please pack a lunch and wear your school t-shirt or red.

We only have 15 seats available on the bus for parents on the Kensington Field Trip on May 31st.  We currently have 25 chaperones.  If you prefer to drive or can carpool with another parent, please let us know as soon as possible.  If we get enough volunteers to drive then it is all set.  If not we may need to have a lottery to pick the parents on the bus. Also if you have students that you would prefer to chaperone please let me know. We will be assigning chaperones to students soon.

Missing Assingments – The marking period is ending at the end of next week. All missing work will be due by Wednesday 5/29 so that I have time to grade and record all the work before the grading period ends. I will give every child a new list of missing work next week. This can also be seen on Parent Connect.

ELA – This week we are working on Unit 10 Week 2 – Spelling – Suffixes -ing, -ness, -ment, Grammar Irregular Verbs.

Math – This week will be:

Monday – Lesson 12

Tuesday – Lesson 13

Wednesday – Lesson 14

Thursday – Lesson 15

Friday – Lesson 16

Next Tuesday will be the Topic C quiz

Science – we are working on our last unit in Balancing forces

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PTA meeting tonight on Zoom

Here is the link to tomorrows meeting! This is our final one for the year. Join us at 6PM.See you there!

Zoom info: Here is the link to the May PTA Zoom meeting: Join Zoom Meeting ( Meeting ID: 832 1946 4908 Passcode: 932003

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Thank you and this week’s news

Thank you for all the wonderful gifts, flowers, snacks, cards and gift cards!!!! You are all so wonderful and generous!! I am a very lucky teacher and I felt very appreciated this week!

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone! I hope you enjoy the cards that we made for you! Have a great weekend!

This week:

Spring Concert will be Tuesday evening at 6 PM. Mrs. Reed sent a message on Class Dojo a couple of days ago explaining everything.

Testing and Results – All but 3 students are done with iReady testing, MSTEP is also complete. You will get MSTEP results in the mail over the summer. We will send the iReady results home with the report cards.

Benchmark – We are starting our 10th and final Benchmark Magazine call Balanced Forces. Unit 10 Week 1 – Spelling – Final Syllables (-en, -on, -ain, -in), Grammar – Subordinating Conjunctions to Form Complex Sentences

Math – Mon Lesson 9, Tue L10, Wed Quiz, Thur L11, Fri L12 – We have a rehearsal for the concert that may take all of math time and push our lessons back one day.

Science – We are starting our last unit called Balancing Forces. We are also writing informational reports on Natural disasters.

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This Week’s News 5/6/24

Malak is Star of the Week

iReady testing – Monday and Wed mornings

Math this week Lesson 6-10 – do homework each night unless stated on the blog or Dojo

ELA – Unit 9 Week 3– Spelling – Prefixes pre-, re-, Grammar Coordinating and Subordinating Conjunctions

Color Run – Wednesday – 3:15-4:00 – Students must have a permission slip to participate. Wear sunglasses and black or white plain shirt you don’t mind getting colors on. This is a fundraiser, bring pledge money. Parents come and cheer on your students.

Teacher Appreciation Week – Message from PTA

Get Involved – Teacher Appreciation Week is here!


Teacher appreciation week is next week and here is what you need to know!

Tuesday – Chalk the Walk is happening Tuesday after dismissal (weather permitting). See flyer below for more information. Some chalk will be provided, all are welcome to participate!

Thursday – Sign up to help with Recess Duty Thursday. There are two shifts available to help cover duty for lower and upper classes.

Friday – Help your child handmake a gift to show their love and appreciation for their teacher. (Cards, gifts, flower, notes… big or small, let their love GrOw wild!)

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Homework and testing

No math homework this weekend. We took our Topic A quiz in math today, they tests were sent home. Most students did REALLY well.

We are taking the iReady reading test on Monday. Please practice reading comprehension quizzes on
Teacher code: kkeebler0 (that is a zero at the end)
Click on their name and the password is howe unless they chose their own with me.

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Homework and More Dates to remember

Tonight there is no new math homework. Please read and practice vocabulary for the iReady Reading test on Monday. Most students finished their iReady math test today.

Popcorn Friday – May 3rd

Teacher Appreciation Week – May 6th – 10th

Early Release Tuesday- May 7th

Color Run- May 8th, 3:15 pm

SCI/SXI Programs Mother’s Day Tea- May 13 – 2:00 pm

Last Day to Enroll in the Howe Summer Discovery Program– May 14th

Early Release Tuesday- May 14th

Spring Concert May 14th, 6PM

Howe PTA meeting – May 16th, 6PM on Zoom

Early Release Tuesday- May 21st

Hands-on STEM Assembly- May 22

K-2 – Field Trip Real Life Farms – May 23rd

No School – May 27th

Early Release Tuesday- May 28th

Sky Dome Assembly- May 30

Kensington Field trip – May 31st –All day

We are looking forward to a fun month!

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Homework and testing.

Homework tonight – Unit 5 Lesson 4 math. Tomorrow we will begin the iReady math assessment. The iReady reading test will be Monday.

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Input needed

We are reaching out with an ask regarding  our MLUP process.  We need help spreading the word about the available survey- that we need everyone in Dearborn’s to provide their input. !

We are writing to share 3 updates on the City’s Master Land Use Plan project: 

1. The survey has been extended to May 5. We currently have over 450 responses and would love to reach closer to 1,000.
     Please continue to encourage your peers, friends, neighbors, and kids to take it at You could just forward this email, or share the flyer attached. 

2. We are also hosting listening events on April 29 and May 2 at a variety of places in Dearborn: Fordson High School, O.L. Smith Middle School, Salina Elementary School, Centennial Library, and the Arab American National Museum.
    These will be focused on neighborhoods, and help inform future land use in Dearborn. Please see the flyer below with complete details and specific event dates/times. There is a virtual option for folks unable to attend on those dates.
    No need to RSVP, and people can show up anytime during the events !   

3. We extend our thanks to everyone who has participated in the process so far! We’re very grateful for your ideas, time, and passion for Dearborn. It shows in the survey responses and feedback to date. 

The City of Dearborn is undertaking a Master Land Use Plan Update and we need your help getting the word out to the community to complete the survey and to attend the community meetings to have their voices heard and get more information.   

Here is the link to take the Survey:  Dearborn MLUP Survey          We need more feedback from all of you.  See the flyers attached for locations to attend ! 

What is the MLUP? A Master Land Use Plan helps guide city leaders as they chart out the city’s future, developing land use, transportation, economic development, parks and recreation, housing, and environmental sustainability goals and objectives.

Who’s involved?
Everyone In Dearborn!    Stakeholders of Dearborn such as Residents, Business Owners, Employees, City Staff, Associations, Boards/Nonprofits, Elected Officials and leaders like you!

How can I be heard?Please fill out the community driven (flier attached) and attend one of the upcoming community meetings (flier attached). 

How do I learn more? Visit the website Plan Dearborn!

The consultant will be hosting several location Community Meet-ups  where you can get more information and provide your feedback. 

Your Help Is Much Appreciated  ! 

On Behalf of the City of Dearborn, Economic Development Department and our Consultant Host  Beckett&Raeder, Inc.

Thank you,
Laura Gonzales

Assistant to Director Jordan Twardy 
Economic Development | City of Dearborn 16901 Michigan Ave,  Ste. # 7,    Dearborn, MI 48126

Phone: |

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Class News 4/29

Batoul Star of the Week she will makes a  poster about  herself,  her parents will write a letter about what makes her special to them, bring sharing to the class,  she brings her favorite book,  she gets to be line leader. Next week Malak will be Star of the Week.

The Character Trait for May is Friendship.

MSTEP continues this week for 3rd grade – please make sure they have eaten a good breakfast (protein not sugar), have a healthy snack and have gotten enough sleep. Please continue to practice iReady pathways, this will help students improve their scores for both the iReady test next week and the MSTEP tests this week. We will do MSTEP Math on Monday and Wednesday morning at 9 am. Please arrive on time.

Academics – We will try to continue to do some of our regular work during testing if we have time. This may change during the week if testing takes longer than planned.

Academics this week:

We only got through lesson 3 in math last week due to testing.


Monday Unit 5 Lesson 4 must do all

Tuesday Unit 5 Lesson 5 must do all

Wednesday Unit 5 Topic A quiz – no homework

Thursday Unit 5 Lesson 6 must do all

Friday Unit 5 Lesson 7 must do all

ELA –Unit 9 Week 2 – Spelling – Prefixes dis-, un-, Grammar Forming and Using Irregular Verbs

We will probably not have time for science and social studies during that testing days. We will try to squeeze it in if we have time. If time Science is weather and climate, social studies is economics.

PTA Dates and meeting notes:

  • Anyone interested in purchasing a popcorn machine? Reach out to Rami
  • Teacher Appreciation week: May 6-10 2024 Theme: “Thanks for Helping Us Grow”
  • Color Run: May 8 th at 3:20pm. Will be a Pledge fundraiser again this year to boost PTA funds. Rain out Date is May 9. NEEDED: parent volunteers. Sign up genius. Parents needed for cutting popsicles,
    corralling kids.

Dates to remember:

Popcorn Friday May 3

Star of the week – Malak – May 6

Color Run May 8 – Be sure to return your permission slip, pledge form and money for the PTA fundraiser. All money goes to help our students. Permission slips and pledge forms were sent home last week.

I-Ready Testing May 6, 8, 13, 15

Spring Concert – May 14 6 PM

Star of the week – Alirida – May 20

No School – May 27 Memorial day

Kensington Field Trip – May 31

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