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Weekly news

Tree Dedication –Thank you for everyone who showed up for the tree dedication. The 4-5th graders did a great job with the Green Team presentation, orchestra and band concert. It was fun to meet the mayor and see the superintendent and the board members. Watch for pictures on Class Dojo.

Science – If your student was absent or went home early today they missed this science lesson. Please complete it at home and turn in the paper on Monday.

No School – May 27-30 – Next week is a short week of school with no school on Friday or the Memorial day.

NWEA testing – We will finish up NWEA math on Thursday. Please have them practice on MobyMax.

MobyMax Contest – Ends on June 4th

Summer birthday party – we will be having a party for the summer birthday during the last week of school.

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This Week’s News

Parents are welcome to join us for the dedication of our new tree “The Howe Tree of Knowledge”. Please bring a lawn chair or towel, please send a towel with your child.

NWEA testing – we will continue our NWEA testing this week again on Thursday in the AM. Please remember to have your student get a good night’s rest and eat a good breakfast of protein not sugar.

MobyMax Practice – Students should continue to practice for the NWEA with MobyMax. We have another contest where students will earn prizes for the time spent practicing.

Zearn – Students who have not been keeping up on their Zearn in class need to finish it at home. Students should be up to lesson 19. Students number 1, 2, 3, 8, 10,16, need to catch up at home.

Science Test tomorrow – We did a review in class on Friday and the review was sent home over the weekend for the science test on Monday. Here is a copy of the review if your student didn’t show it to you.

Ice Cream Party – We only have one student left on addition facts so we should be having an ice cream addition fact party this week. Please vote for your ice cream choice here.

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5/12 – Tomorrow (Thursday) is our Color Run Fundraiser beginning at 3:15! Permission slips are required because students get messy!

5/15 Summer Program Enrollment Deadline-

We are excited to announce that we will, once again, be offering the Howe School Summer Academic and Enrichment Program for all our students in Kindergarten-4th grades. The program will run from 9 am-2:20 pm on Mondays-Thursdays beginning June 27-July 28. (There will be no school on July 4 for the holiday). Students will have daily opportunities for fun while engaging in special classes, STEM, Math, and Reading. Whole school activities will be planned weekly to round out the program. The program is free of charge and will include free breakfast and lunch. Please use this link to enroll your child in the summer program. It is important to register now! The enrollment deadline is Sunday, May 15 for guaranteed admission. Classes and groupings will be determined based on enrollment numbers. Exiting 5th-grade students should use the enrollment link but will attend in their future middle school placements.

5/20 Howe Tree Dedication- 11 AM – Parents are welcome, we will have a short instrumental concert, Green Team presentation and the mayor will do a ribbon cutting and speech.



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Reminder – Tomorrow is Color Run

*The Color Run fundraiser is tomorrow at 3:10.


*Student who do not have permission slips will be watching instead.

*Students should have collected sponsors or just make a donation, rather than paying a fee like in previous years to cover the cost of the colors.

*Students should wear clothing that it is okay to get colors on. White shirts work well. Wear sunglasses to protect their eyes and a mask to protect their nose and mouth is desired.

*Parents are invited to watch.

*Students will going home after the race and will NOT be allowed back in the building.

*Please make sure to bring a towel or sheet to protect your car from the colors.

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Weekly Update

Welcome Back – I hope everyone enjoyed their 4 day weekend. I hope everyone who celebrated Eid had a wonderful holiday. I was very lucky to be able to go down to Florida, go to Disney and celebrate and early Mother’s day with my daughter Elizabeth.

Thank you for the flowers – Thank you to the students who brought me flowers for Teacher appreciation week! I LOVE flowers!!! I really appreciate all the colors and wonderful smells. You all should have gotten the flyer from your student last week that talks about each activity for the week.

Color Run Fundraiser May 12th 3 PM – You will be getting a paper today for the fundraiser. Student should return the permission slip by May 10th. The should turn in their pledge forms and money by May 12th.

M-STEP Testing continues tomorrow, Thursday, May 5th with Math test. We will continue next Thursday with M-STEP math and then start our NWEA testing the following week. Continue to practice your skills by doing MobyMax. Students will also earn prices for participating in the Moby Max contest.

Second Step Program – we will begin a program called Second Step with the Ms. Mallory next Wednesday. We will be learning about empathy, emotion management, problems solving and skills for learning. There is a letter coming home today explaining everything.

Late Start – May 11th

Tree Dedication and concert – May 20th 11 AM – The mayor of Dearborn will be coming to dedicate our new tree. Parents invited.

No School – May 27-30 – Memorial day holiday weekend

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Chaperone Shortage

The office just informed me that 4 of our chaperones for tomorrow did not complete the iChat form and will not be able to supervise children. I am not short on chaperones. Is there anyone who knows they have completed the iChat form and would be able to chaperone on the trip tomorrow? Please email me right away. Thanks!!

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Weekly Update

Cranbrook Field Trip – Wednesday, April 27th 9:15-2:30 There should be room for all parents to ride the bus, this is preferable so that we can all arrive at the same time. We will be leaving the school between 9:15 and 9:30. Please check in with the office, let me know that you have arrived and then wait in the cafeteria. It would be helpful for 2 parents to watch the front and back doors so that we know when the bus arrives and can start getting lined up.

Chaperones – Please make sure you have all necessary paperwork completed with the office no later than Monday. I will introduce you to your group before we leave the school. We should be back at the school by about 2:15 or 2:30. Most of the time we will be together as a group. But sometimes you will be exploring the museum in your small groups. Please remember to keep a close eye on the students you are watching.

Please remember to pack a lunch for you and your student. Masks are REQUIRED in the museum.

M-STEP testing will continue on Thursday, 4/28 – please make sure your child is well rested and eats a good breakfast including protein not sugar.

Care to the Core day is Thursday – we will be learning about acceptance by reading books, singing songs and talking about it.

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PTA meeting tonight

PTA meeting on Tonight at 6pm. 
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 926 2330 9468Passcode: 782224

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Weekly Updates

Kiley is the Star of the Week

M-Step starts this week– We will begin M-Step testing this week on Thursday 4/21. We will begin with the ELA test. Please make sure your child is well rested and eats a good breakfast with protein not sugar. Practice for the M-STEP by working in MobyMax or use the state M-STEP practice by clicking this link. We will continue testing next week.

Cranbrook field trip next week on 4/27. Please make sure your permission slip is returned ASAP. This is an educational trip that is part of our curriculum and I would like 100% attendance. It will also be a lot of fun! Please make sure that you have contacted the office about your iChat form if you are planning on chaperoning. More chaperones are needed so we can keep the groups small.

Academics – We continue to learn about Force and Motion in science, History in Social studies and Fractions in math. We are on Unit 10 week 3 in Benchmark ELA Forces and Interactions. Are spelling words this week are Words that are related.

Coming up next month-

The city will be donating a tree to our school and our Green Team with be working with the Mayor of Dearborn to dedicate our tree on May 20th. Parents will be invited to attend. More information to follow.

No School – May 2nd and 3rd

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Today, (Wed. 4/13) is a district-wide Late Start. All programs will begin 1 hour later.

Parent-Teacher Conferences are scheduled for today (Wed. 4/13) from 4-7. By invitation.

There is NO SCHOOL on Friday, 4/15.

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