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Weekly News

Parent-Teacher Conferences – I have only 10 of my 21 students signed up for Parent – Teacher Conferences on in November. I would like to see all parents for these conferences. Please add your name to one of the 3 days on this conference sign up sheet.

Gym on Thursdays – be sure to wear gym shoes

Library checkout on Wednesday – please return books on Tuesdays, so they are ready to return on Wednesdays.

NWEA testing – we will be doing our NWEA testing for Reading on Wednesday 9/22 and math on Thursday 9/23. Please make sure your student has a good night’s rest and a healthy protein breakfast (no sugar at breakfast).

Star of the Week – This week we are beginning Star of the Week. Each student will get a chance to be Stor of the Week, we will go in alphabetical order starting with Ali A. Each student will make a poster board telling about their life and interests with pictures and words. They will get to be line leader, bring in show and tell and have a few other special privileges.

Academics– We have released all of our butterflies and toads. The students really enjoyed watching the life cycle of both animals. This was a wonderful segway to our animal unit that starts next week in Language Arts and Science. In math we will continue to study the properties of multiplication and division. We will continue to study geography in social studies.

Upcoming dates to remember

NWEA Testing 9/22, 9/23

Late Start 10/13

End of 1st marking period – 10/29

No School Professional Development – 11/2

Parent Teacher conferences 11/4, 11/9, 11/11 – make sure you are signed up above

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Late Start Tomorrow

Don’t forget we have our first late start tomorrow. School begins 1 hour later at 9:55

1/2 day on Friday – school dismisses at 12:05 on Friday for professional development

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Weekly News

Open House – Thank you for Everyone that Joined Howe for our Open House! The Kona Ice Truck was a huge hit! We hope you enjoyed seeing your teachers and your friends too!

PTA – Thank you to everyone that stopped by the PTA table. Additional Membership forms will be sent home with the students. Please consider joining the PTA to help support the students, staff, and all the fun activities we do all year long! Send the Membership form, along with the $10 dues, back to your child’s teacher. We’d Love to increase our members this year, as we’re back in person, movin’ and groovin’!

Our First PTA meeting will be held via zoom, on September 16th at 6:00pm. Link Below:

Zoom Information:

Meeting ID: 993 6460 5641
Passcode: 025330

Parent – Teacher Conferences – We did sign ups for Parent teacher conferences at the Open house this week. If you weren’t able to make it or forgot to sign up please sign up here. I would like to see everyone in the class for the 1st set of conferences. – Please be sure to choose if you would like virtual or in-person conference.

1/2 day – Friday will be a 1/2 day for professional development. Dismissal is at 12:05

Late start – We will have our 1st late start on Wednesday – Children will arrive 1 hour later at 9:55.

Book order due Monday- Our first book order went out this week. You can order books online with the code or send back the form and CASH ONLY for the books you would like to order. Please make sure you include your child’s name and ALWAYS ATTACH ANY CASH TO THE FORM WITH YOUR CHILD’s NAME. NEVER SEND LOOSE CASH WITH NO NAME TO SCHOOL WITH YOUR CHILD.

Yoyos – if you child still wants to purchase a yoyo. The sale continues next week during school:

Mon (9/13)- morning 9-1130 Tues (9/14)- morning 9-1130 Weds (9/15)-  morning 9-1130

Math Mid-module study guide and test – This we will have our first study guide and test in math. The study guide will go out Thursday for a test on Friday. Or if you would like longer to study here it is now. Study guide

Math Homework – We have had math homework each night. I have given the students time to complete it in school. However, I have asked the to bring it home for you to look at and return it the next day. Each day they have about 3 must do problems and the rest are optional, extra practice.

Blog, parent survey and Class Dojo – Make sure you are signed up for the blog and Class Dojo so that you are getting all of the updates. Please find the links to all of these in previous blog posts.

If you have any questions about anything please email me at

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Weekly News

School resumes tomorrow – Tuesday, September 7, 2021 – I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend. We had a great first week of school! This is a wonderful class and I look forward to getting to know everyone better.

Meet the Teacher Night – Wednesday, September 8, 2021. Please join us in the back parking lot to meet the teachers and enjoy some free Kona Ice. We will be there from 6-7:30 and Kona Ice will be there from 6-7. You will have a chance to ask questions about class and sign up for Parent-Teacher conferences in November.

Getting to Know your child – Students have completed an All About Me form at school, if any papers came home please have them complete and return them to school. Parent should have completed Help Me Get to know your Child form online. Here is the link if you haven’t completed it yet. I have had 13 families reply and I need everyone to complete this form. It should only take a few minutes.

Class Dojo – I will be using Class Dojo to share information, pictures and for behavior this year please make sure you have sign up for this free app. There are pictures up now of the students and a video of the toad release from this weekend. Here is the link.

Blog – I will use my blog each week to update you on what has been going on in the classroom and upcoming events. We will also be using Schoology once it up and running. Please make sure you subscribe to the blog, I will usually send an update on Sunday night. You can subscribe in the bottom right corner of this page, just add your email.

NED Show – The students will have a Virtual Assembly this Wednesday at 10 AM. The focus will be ‘Growth Mindset Mission’ and we will be having a yoyo sale after. The yoyo sale pays for other schools to have the assembly for free just like us!  A form went home last week for the fundraiser to order the yoyos and other things from NED. To see a sneak peek and access resources go to this website.

Academics – In Language Arts we are doing the Review and Routines Unit, we are reviewing phonics and ideas learned last year and establishing our 3rd grade routines, in math we are working on Multiplication and Division arrays. Students had homework in math on Wednesday and Thursday. They will have math homework most days. There will usually be 3 must do problems and the rest are optional. In social studies we are learning about Geography, we are focusing this week on what is geography, and relative versus absolute location. In science we will begin to learn about Animal Adaptations, in preparation for our animal unit we have Monarch and Swallowtail caterpillars and toad tadpoles in the classroom. There is a video on Class Dojo of the first release of toads this weekend.

If you have any question please contact me at I look forward to seeing everyone on Wednesday at 6 PM.

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Popsicles on the playground rescheduled!

Howe Montessori is confirmed for the Kona Ice Truck on Wednesday, September 8 @ 6p-7p. This is FREE for Howe students and families. I look forward to seeing everyone!

Class Dojo – I will be using Class Dojo for my behavior program this year. Students earn points for following the school rules and get prizes at the end of each week. You will need to sign up to see their behavior with this link. I also use Class Dojo to share pictures from class activities and school events on Class Dojo. Please join today! Here is the LINK TO JOIN. The student avatars start in eggs this year and the student will need to login to “hatch” their avatar (monster). If it does not let them log in after you have joined then we will login at school tomorrow and “hatch” them at school.

Help me get to know your student:

As your child’s teacher, I’d like this school year to be the best your child has ever had. That’s why I’m asking for your help. I’ve found that the more I know about my students, the easier it is for me to help meet their needs. Thanks for taking a few minutes to help me and thanks in advance for the helpful information! Please use this link to answer the survey.

Subscribe to the Blog – Please subscribe to my blog by adding your email in the lower right corner of my blog where it says subscriptions. This will allow you to get an email every time I send a newsletter or message. I will also send messages in Schoology soon.

Dates to remember:

No School for Labor Day – Friday, 9/3/21- Monday 9/6/21

Open House – Wednesday, September 8th 6:00-7:30

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School Supplies List

Suggested School Supplies

(Please write your child’s name on these items)

A backpack with your child’s name on it

Composition Books with a sewn seam 

If the cost is too large please donate what is works for your family.  Your generosity is appreciated!  A pencil box will be supplied for each child by the school – DO NOT buy a pencil box

48 – Pack of #2 PRE-SHARPENED pencils

1 hand pencil sharpener with cover to catch pencil shavings

1 package of pink erasers                    

1 package of colored pencils           

1 package of markers                              

1 package of highlighters

1 package of dry erase markers          

2 boxes of tissues     

4 glue sticks                                             

1 pack of printer paper

1 pair of scissors

1 container of wet wipes-boys only – Not Clorox Wipes – these are hard of children’s skin.

1 roll of scotch tape-girls only

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Popsicles on the Playground is cancelled!

Due to the thunderstorms, we will not be having the Kona Ice Truck. See you Monday at 8:55. Free breakfast is served at 8:40 each day. Students should be in their seats at 9 AM and will be marked tardy be 9:05. Monday is a 1/2 day and dismissal is at 12:05.

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Missing work

Final Notice – There are still many missing assignment.  Please check the Schoology Gradebook under each subject and have your student complete all work by Wednesday, 6/16 at the latest.  I have added the zeros to show the scores they will get on their report card if the missing work is not completed.

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This weekend is a long week end. There will be no school tomorrow (Friday) or Monday. We will return to school on Tuesday. ENJOY your long weekend! If you have extra time please check the Schoology grade book for missing work. Please make sure you have completed your Weather and Climate magazine, Pink packet from Weather and Climate unit and the Weather Research report.

Summer program – We have a fun summer program planned for this summer with theme weeks! If you are still interested in joining us please complete your application so that we can have enough staff for the amount of kids. We already have a LOT of kids interested!

Spirit Days

June 7-8 Inside/Out day or Backwards Day-Wear your clothes inside/out or backwards

June 10-11 – Crazy Hair or Hat day

June 14-15 Luau/Beach/Picnic Day-Colorful shirt, shorts, sunglasses,sunhat and a towel.  Be sure to bring a towel because we will eat our lunches outside with Mrs. Keebler, (sorry no parents are allowed this year)

June 16th-(Virtual) Breakfast with the teacher (bring breakfast to Zoom and chat)  Virtual Field trip 

June 17-18 PJ day-wear your favorite pajamas to school.

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Spring Portrait Gallery

Here is the link to the online Gallery for anyone who did not purchase, but may still want to

PASSWORD: howe21

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