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Field Trip Cancelled

Dear Parents,

Mrs. Polster and I had a meeting during lunch.  Between the 2 classes we still have 10 students who have not turned in the permission slips.  Therefore we do not have enough student to meet the minimum requirement of 40 students needed for the trip.  Thank you for all the parents who volunteered to chaperone.  This would have been a really fun trip.  I will return all the money and slips today.

Katie Keebler

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Class News

Star of the Week – Jackson

STEM Skating Trip Monday 12-11 Chaperones please arrive by 10:45 – I want to give a BIG THANK YOU to all the parents who stepped up and are willing to drive on our trip!  We really appreciate you giving your time for us to have this fun and educational trip.  At last check Mrs. Polster’s class only had 3 chaperones, so in order for everyone to be able to go we will need to help driving some of her kids if she doesn’t get enough chaperone.  Mrs. Polster is our hostess since she invited us to join her class on this trip.

Gingerbread Houses  12/22 at 2 PM – It is a tradition of mine to build Gingerbread Houses each year with my students.  We will be building them out of 1/2 pint milk cartons, graham crackers, frosting and candies.  I will be asking that each person donate one of those items.  We will also bring in treats for a little party.  I will be posting a list for everyone to sign up soon.

Holiday Shop – Next week is our Holiday Shop.  This gives students a chance to buy inexpensive gifts (all gifts are $2)  for friends and family.  The flyer and envelope went out last week.  Students will preview on Monday morning and will shop on Tuesday.  There is a make-up day on Wednesday morning.

Holiday presents – speaking of holiday presents I wanted to let you know that I never expect any gifts from anyone, but everyone is always very generous around the holiday.  I need to let you know my doctor has put me on a special diet to control several health issues so please do not send any food or candy gifts this year.  I also have very sensitive skin and can’t use regular soaps and lotions.  I love to get things for the classroom like office supplies (sheet protectors, card stock, markers, paper)  or things for the kids like Legos, educational games, science goggles, or magnets.  I also enjoy gift cards to Amazon, Target, Kroger or any gas station.  Thanks for your understanding!  Again I’m not expecting anything.


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I now have 7 chaperones so it is looking a lot better for us to be able to go on the STEM Field trip on Monday.  I still have 11 students who have not return their form.  All form MUST be turned in by tomorrow.  Please return the form even if your child will not attend the trip.  Just write not attending on the paper and return it.  If everyone shows up I will still need at least one more chaperone, I currently have 4 students without a seat.  Also, I am only putting 3 children in each car.  If you have more seat belts in the back seat, NOT the front seat, please let me know so I can add more students.

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Please Read!

STEM Skating Field Trip – Please turn in your permission slips ASAP.  Our trip is Monday and I only have 2 drivers so far.  Remember to drive you must ALREADY have your chaperone paper work completed with the office.  It is too late to get approved.  If we don’t get enough chaperones we will have to cancel the trip.
FREE preschool –  Families with Preschool age children who are 4 years of age by December 1, 2017.  There is an immediate possibility of free full day preschool beginning in January 2018 in the Dearborn Public Schools (next month). The family must be eligible based on risk factors and not currently enrolled in a GSRP program.  If interested, families may pick up an application at the Cotter Early Childhood Center, 13020 Osborn or call Nadia Berry at 313-827-6150.
Please respond immediately as slots are limited.
Families must live in the city of Dearborn.
Please forward this to all Dearborn families with 4 year olds.
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Class News

Extra Recess – I had a much smaller number of students at extra recess today.  The following students had extra recess – 1, 2, 10, 12, 14, 18, 20, 22. 23.  Congratulations to those who completed all their work!

Missing Assignments – Anyone who did not have extra recess has missing work.  It is now homework and should  be completed over the weekend.  It is due on Monday morning.  If it is not turned in they will be missing recess.  Please help your child to get everything complete for Monday.  Remember most papers are available to print online.  If you have trouble finding something let me know.

STEM Field Trip with Lincoln Park Skating Center– to go along with our Force and Motion science we have planned a trip to  Lincoln Park Skating Center.  We will be going on December 11th at 11:00.  We will be driving in cars so CHAPERONES ARE NEEDED.  Please make sure you fill out all the paperwork needed to drive in the office ON MONDAY.  It takes a week or more to do the background check.  Permission slips will go home Monday.  We will be attending with Ms. Polster’s class.  Carpooling is recommended.

Stronger Than a Bully Assembly – next Friday 12-8

Math Test will be next week – here is the Study Guide Grade+3+PRE+Test+Unit+3 

Please send it on Monday with your student.  I will print it on Monday for anyone who it unable to print.

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More pictures

Yesterday we had an awesome in-class science workshop called Up, Up and Away about Force and Motion from the High Tech, High Touch company.  The kids had lots of fun!

Here are the pictures:

Science – Up, Up and Away

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Class News

Science Card Stock Needed – for science this week we are in need of card stock.  I am not sure the office has enough for the whole class.  Would there be anyone who was willing to donate some card stock?  We need at least 25 pieces.  We need it by Tuesday.  THANKS!

High Tech – High Touch – this is a hands on science workshop that is coming to our classrooms this week.  We will be doing: Up, Up and Away – learning more about Force and Motion.  We have had them in the past and they are very fun!

Star of the Week – Sven

Disguised Gingerbread Boy – due by Friday, December 1

Picture retakes – Friday 12/1 – if you would like to have your student’s pictures retaken please return the originals on Friday or before.

Science Leaders Meeting – Mrs. Keebler will be at the Science Leader meeting on Wednesday morning.  I will be back for the PM

Photos– Class Dojo only lets me post one picture at a time.  So here are some of the pictures from this year that you may or may not have seen:

Science – Magnet Discovery

Howe Halloween Party

Fire House Visit

Science-The Great Slide Challenge

Fire fighter Jen’s visit

Science- Paper Bridge Engineering


Which Superhero are You Videos

Science – Hopper Poppers

First day of School Photos



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Class News

Next week is a short week – No school Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 11-22 thru 11-25.  Have a Happy Thanksgiving break.

We will extend everything for Week 11 to the following week.  Spelling test for week 11 – Friday, December 1st

Star of the Week – Sven

Yearbook Candid pictures and Group shots – Tomorrow 11-20

Disguise a Gingerbread Boy activity will go home this week.  Please disguise your gingerbread boy so he won’t get eaten and return him by December 1st.  We will also be writing a story about what he will do to escape.  Please discuss some ideas at home so they are ready to write.


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Reading Log Change – Please Read

1st Reading Projects due Tuesday 11-21

Dear Parents,

I have had many requests for a change in the reading log.  Attach is the first page of suggestions on what you can do instead of the reading log.  You may still do the reading log if you wish, but I will no longer print them.  I am going to put the full project list on my blog under the Homework Tab and Book bag/reading log.  I will not print this each week.  The projects will be due every Wednesday.  Students should still read every day.  I am going to leave the amount of projects done up to the parent and child. Your child might do one project or five projects each week. Whatever you feel is an appropriate amount of projects for your child is what they need to do.

The projects/reading logs will be due on Tuesday next week since we have no school on Wednesday.

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Class News

MAP Skills practice test– We are starting to pilot a program for the district where students will be able to practice the skills they will be tested on for the NWEA.  They will be given the NWEA again in January and June.  We will work on the some in class and students can also work on them at home.  A letter was sent home with the login information on Thursday.  I have also placed a link to the website on the top of the Links and Website page of my blog.  I will be posting more “missions” this weekend.

Conferences  – We will have more conferences on Wednesday and Thursday this week. Please check the previous blog post for your time.  I have signed up all the parents who didn’t sign up at open house.  If you have a problem with your time please let me know and we can make other arrangements.

Crazy Crayons sale – the Green Team will be selling Crazy Crayons after school and during conferences on Thursday.  These are made of recycled crayons.  Please help support Green Team and save the earth by buying recycled crayons.  We will also have an order sheet if you would like to order some for gifts. Thanks for your support.  Watch our video explaining Crazy Crayons:

Crazy Crayon video


Late start – this Wednesday 11- 15 please arrive at 9:35.

Thanksgiving break – There will be no school Wednesday 11-22 thru Friday 11-24.  Enjoy your time with your family!!

Missing assignments – We started a new marking period this week.  It is a fresh start.  There are a few students who already have missing assignments.  Please check parent connect and help them to get them completed this weekend.  Thank you for your support!


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