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This week’s news

Mariam is the Star of the Week

Spirit Week – We will be having a spirit week the week of Halloween. Monday 28th- Inside Out Day
Tuesday 29th – Spooky Hair
Weds 30th – Sports Day
Thursday 31st- Dress in Orange/Black/Fall colors – Halloween party – bring treats to share with the class. Volunteers needed for party in the gym. Friday (Nov 1 ½ day)- Book Character (costumes) Staff dress up as well

Late Start Wednesday 10/16 – please arrive at 9:35

Marquis Theater trip is canceled. We were unable to get a bus that day. There will be more trips planned for the future.

Fire Safety trip – we will still be going to the Fire Safety Smoke House on November 4th at 9:30 AM. This is a very small locations so only a few chaperones are needed. The permission slip will go home this week. There will be a firefighter coming next week for our pre-visit talk. If you are interested in chaperoning please be sure you have completed your paper work with the office, it takes a couple of weeks to process.

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Fact fluency – memorization and speed of knowing your math facts is a crucial part of doing well in math. If you need to count on your fingers or spend a lot of time on the basic facts it makes applying these facts to more advanced concept much more difficult. Students in 3rd grade NEED to have all of their math facts memorized up to 10s. This means all the multiplication and division facts 0 to 10. They should have memorized the addition and subtraction facts before 3rd grade and should be able to quickly give answers up to 20 without counting. If they are unable to do this they should be practicing daily until they reach these goals. Flash cards, math programs like MobyMax or just quizzing them as you ride in the car are all beneficial. You can see their fluency score on MobyMax. Your student will know how to find it.

Zearn – Your student should be up to lesson 14 in Zearn as of today. Zearn is a wonderful program that is part of the Eureka math program. It matches exactly with the lessons in our book. It has a video tutorial (Math Chat) for each lesson with step by step directions on how to do the lesson with lots of practice. The students that are keeping up to date are doing wonderful on the tests. Please make sure that your student keeps up to date on their Zearn lessons. If they did not complete them in class they should work on them at home. This will be very beneficial for understanding all the concepts they need to for the tests.

Chaperone/Volunteer paperwork – Please remember to complete your chaperone/volunteer paperwork in the office. We have a two field trips coming up in November (see calendar) and it takes a couple of weeks to complete the paperwork. You must also have the paperwork to volunteer for extra recess.

Don’t Forget – 1/2 day Friday – dismissal at 11:45

Reward Recess – I still have no helper for our reward recess tomorrow. Since it is a 1/2 day it would be from 9:15-9:45, please let me know if you can help.

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More news

Emergency Cards – these went home today. Please check the front to make sure all information is up to date. Please sign the back and answer all the questions (circle YES or NO) and initial the areas that need initials. Please return ASAP, no later than Friday.

Hearing Screening paper went home also – Please fill this out if your student has had a hearing problem. They will get a screening either way.

Library checkout tomorrow – remind your student to bring their books back.

1/2 day Friday – Dismissal at 11:45

Student of the Month – Congratulations to Ava. She is the student of the month for September.

New Study Guide for Math – The 2nd study guide went home today for Topic D quiz tomorrow. Please make sure your student completed it. We will correct them tomorrow and take the quiz.

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This Week’s news

Star of the Week – Mohammed B. –  He will make a poster board (NOT foam board) – Monday, bring his favorite on Tuesday, bring sharing on Wednesday, and invite a guest to lunch on Thursday. The days maybe switched around except the poster board. Only one thing per day.

Math Quiz Monday on M1 Topic C – A study guide should be sent home today. Please return it on Monday we will review the answers and take the quiz. If your student didn’t bring home the study guide you can find it on the Eureka Math tab under study guides. This is a short topic and we are taking the Topic C quiz a little late so there will be a Topic D study guide going home this week also.

Recess Helpers – Attached is a link to volunteer for recess helper on Friday afternoons for 2:45-3:15. Just sign your name next to the dates that work best for you. I will post the rest of the year dates as we get closer. We had to skip it this week because we did not have a volunteer in time. Each Friday if your students complete all their work they will get the extra recess reward. Recess Sign- up list

Parent Survey – There are still a few parents that have not taken the parent survey. Please take this brief survey to help me get to know your child better. This will help me know best how to teach your child. Thanks in advance for your help. Parent Survey

PTA meeting – the PTA had there October meeting yesterday. I encourage you to participate in PTA and/or become a member. They do many things for our school. They have a Halloween party planned for October 25th from 6-8 PM. There will be a sign up Genius made for volunteers. More information to follow.

October Book it Calendar – October calendar will be going home on Monday to start recording reading each month. Students will be rewarded at the end of the month with a coupon for free pizza. Book – it is changing things this year so the coupon maybe electronic. I’m not positive yet. If you would like to print your calendar sooner there is a link on the blog under the Homework tab.

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This Week’s News

Star of the WeekNatalie – She will make a poster board (not foam board) – Monday, bring her favorite on Tuesday, bring sharing on Wednesday, and invite a guest to lunch on Thursday. The days maybe switched around except the poster board. Only one thing per day.

Howe PTA meeting – Thursday October 3rd 3:45 in the cafeteria. Our first official PTA meeting of the year will be next week Thursday, October 3rd @ 3:45 pm in the cafeteria.  If you’ve been looking for ways to be involved at the school and help out with the PTA, please attend the meeting and find out more about what we do!

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This Week’s News

Star of the Week – Mohammed A2 – He will make a poster, be our line leader, bring sharing, share his favorite book and invite a special adult to lunch on any day at 12:20

Math Quiz – Topic B tomorrow– Friday the topic B study guide went home. Students should have completed this and reviewed it with their parents. Please return it on Monday we will go over the answers and take that Topic B quiz. Here is a link to the study guide if they forgot to bring it home. Study guides are always on my blog under the Eureka math tab. If you don’t have a printer just have them write the answers on a piece of paper.

Writing homework-was posted in Google Classroom on Friday, students should be working on the brainstorming page first. then write their draft, copy their draft on the revise and edit pages and make all the corrections. Post their final draft on the last page. Here is the link Google Classroom. Students will log in with their student and their password is their birthday (MMDDYYYY)

1/2 Day Friday – Professional development day – students dismiss at 11:45

Recess Helpers – Students missed one of the lunch recesses last week because we didn’t have enough staff that day to take them outside. It would be wonderful to have a parent volunteers as an extra set of eyes at lunch recess or to help at recess if staff is out sick this would be each day from 12:35-1:00. If you every have time and you have your volunteer form filled out, please stop by and tell the office you are there to help with lunch recess.

Friday reward recess – I still need volunteers for our Friday reward recess. This Friday is a 1/2 day so we would have the reward recess from 9:15-9:45. Here is the link to sign up if you can help. Thanks in advance to all my helpers and thank you to Ava’s dad for helping last week.

Week 2 Spelling words are on iLearn – there is a link to iLearn on the Homework tab of the blog

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Parent Survey and Quiz

Please take this brief survey to help me get to know your child better. This will help me know best how to teach your child. Thanks in advance for your help. Parent Survey

Topic B Math Study Guide – will go home tomorrow for a quiz on Monday. Please review your student’s study guide at home and RETURN the study guide on Monday. We will review the answers before taking the quiz. Here is a link to the study guide that can always be found on the blog. M1 Topic B Study Guide

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Updated Homework tab with links

I have updated the homework tab on my blog to include all the links to everything you need to complete homework. Hopefully all the links are working properly, I see different things as a teacher than students. If you have any questions please let me know. Here is a link to the tab.

Technology Help – I will be at schools most afternoons, with the exception of meeting days . Anyone that would like to come in after school for help logging in to Parent Connect, Google Classroom or any other program please send me an email or text on Class Dojo to make sure that I stay to help or I don’t have a meeting.

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Writing Homework due tomorrow

Writing Homework – students should be working on revising their rough draft tonight. The final draft is due by tomorrow night at 7 PM.

Spelling Homework – Students should be studying the words at home. They should have completed ABC order and Vocabulary Match at school on iLearn. If they did not they need to complete it at home. You can sign on to iLearn from my blog on the homework tab. Spelling test on Friday.

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Math quiz Monday

Math quiz – a study guide went home Friday for a Topic A in math. Please check over your student’s work and make sure they understand everything and return it to school on Monday. We will review the answers and take the quiz on Monday. If your student forgot to bring home the quiz, you may print it at home it is under the Eureka Math tab here on the blog.

Star of the Week – This week it is Mohamad A – 1. Each Star of the Week will make a poster board all about themselves (please just use thin poster board not foam board otherwise we can’t hang it on the door, do sharing, favorite book, line leader, lead the pledges, and they can invite a special person to eat lunch with them (usually a family member). For lunch you may bring lunch for you and your child, please do not bring lunch for anyone else, this makes the other kids who don’t get lunch sad. Lunch is at 12:20.

Parent Connect – Please make sure you are signed up for Parent Connect. This is where you will see your student’s missing work and grades. Any missing work becomes their homework and should be completed at home. Most papers are available on the blog. All the math papers are on the Eureka math page, I will try to link the rest of the papers to the assignment in Parent Connect.

How do you sign up for Parent Connect? – Go to the Parent Connect link on my blog or the Dearborn schools website. Click the link, then click the “Forgot my information” link below the sign in, type your email and they will send your information to you. Please write the username and password on a paper and put it in your student’s red folder so they can use it both at school and home to check when they have missing work. Thanks!!

Spelling Homework – Students should start practicing their Week 1 spelling words these are on the blog under the homework tab, spelling, then scroll down. Students will be working in class on their spelling activities in iLearn. There is a link to iLearn in the spelling tab. If students do not get their work finished during class then it is their homework.

Writing Homework – the writing homework was posted on Friday. Students should log in to Google with their student id and their birthday (MMDDYYYY format) , then click on 9 dots in the upper right corner, then click on Google Classroom, then click on the writing assignment. Then click on your work with your name. Start typing in the first box that says type here. The first day is just brainstorming your ideas you will use to write about.

PTA – membership and blog – Last week you got a form to join the PTA, it is only $10 and the PTA does many things to help the students and staff of our school. Their first event is a skating party, see below. I encourage everyone to join the Howe PTA blog. It is a great way for everyone to stay informed about what’s going on at Howe.

Ice Cream Social Skating Party papers went home on Friday – Please watch for a bright green flyer. Here is the information:

Rollerskating and Ice Cream Party

September 26, 2019 
6:00 – 8:00 p.m.
Lincoln Park Skating Center
1419 Southfield Rd.
Lincoln Park, MI 48146

$7.00 admission (to be paid at the door) includes skate rental

Reading Log Ice Cream Social will be this Friday. Make sure your student has turned in their summer reading log to get an invitation.

Recess Helpers – Attached is a link to volunteer for recess helper on Friday afternoons for 2:45-3:15. Just sign your name next to the dates that work best for you. I will post the rest of the year dates as we get closer. Thanks to Layla’s mom for helping out last week and to Ava’s dad for volunteering for next Friday. Each Friday if your students complete all their work they will get the extra recess reward. Recess Sign- up list

Parent Teacher Conferences – I have 17 of the 24 parents signed up for conferences. Please make sure you go to the blog and click on the sign up button on the blog from September 2nd. Please remember on the sign up and any correspondence with me please put your child’s name, especially if your child’s last name is different from yours.

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