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Parent Volunteers In School

The message below was posted on the Howe School Blog a couple of weeks ago. It came to my attention today that some people didn’t see it. I don’t always duplicate everything posted on the Howe School Blog so it is important that you subscribe to both blogs to stay well informed. This post was from my birthday 2/3. You can also find information about the admission process for STEM on 1/24. Make sure you are subscribed. Here is the link to the school blog:

At Howe School, we value our families and appreciate involvement in our school community.  Throughout the school year, there are numerous opportunities to volunteer for school events, field trips, and classroom-based activities.  In order to ensure the safety of our school community, all volunteer opportunities should be arranged through the teacher, principal, or through the PTA.  The district has established policies for volunteers which includes signing in at the office and completing the ichat process.

In recent weeks, there have been concerns expressed by several families and staff members regarding parent visitors in the cafeteria during lunch, recess, and during after school clubs.  Please note that all visitations require an invitation or prearrangement with the teacher or principal. Drop-in visits cause unnecessary disruption and can interfere with student socialization. Please contact the office or your child’s teacher if you have questions or would like to volunteer. 

We appreciate your support and cooperation as we work together to provide a safe and efficient learning environment.



Valentine’s Day – for Valentine’s day students are allowed to bring in cards with their friends names on them and their signature saying who they are from. They may bring one piece of candy for each student if they with but this is not necessary. Please do not send in candy for me! Thanks for understanding. Elizabeth will be here if you want to give her a card.

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Ned Assembly and Sale

We had a wonderful, inspirational assembly today on kindness. Children saw magic tricks, heard songs, learned to speak in Swahili and learned about kindness. We took an imaginary trip to Kenya, Africa and learned about a village of people that make special treasures. These can be purchased to help remind students to be kind. All proceed from the gifts purchased will go to pay it forward and give this wonderful assembly to another school. The proceeds also will pay for drinking wells to provide clean water to people in Kenya that don’t have clean water.

Order forms were sent home last week but if you need a new one you can print it here: Order form

The sale will be after school in the cafeteria if you would like to come in and purchase any of the African handmade treasure.

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NED Show tomorrow 9 am – If students want to purchase items make sure money is labeled with their name.

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This Week’s News

This week’s Star of the Week –  Hassan M.  He will make a poster board (NOT foam board) for Monday, bring a favorite book on Tuesday, bring sharing on Wednesday, and Friday have the star’s parent writes a letter about why they are so special to them. The days maybe switched around except the poster board. Only one thing per day.  After break the Star of the Week will be Yassen.

Valentine’s Day – students may bring cards to share with friends on Friday, 2/14. Please find a list of names in last weeks post and have students write their friend’s names on each card and sign their names. I am trying to watch my weight. Please do not give me any candy. Thank you for understanding.

Mid-Winter Break – 2/15-2/23 – No school

WIDA testing – for 3rd grade will continue on 2/10, 2/13, 2/26. Please be sure if your student is testing they have a good, high protein breakfast and are well rested.

Parent Helper Needed – we will be having a door decorating contest for March is Reading month. We have been asked to find a parent helper to create the door decorations based on the classroom book and theme. If you are able to help please let me know right away. We will be decorating the door as soon as we return from break, so it is ready before March 1st. Thanks!

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Class News

This week’s Star of the Week – Batoul M She will make a poster board (NOT foam board) for Monday, bring a favorite book on Tuesday, bring sharing on Wednesday, and invite a guest to lunch on Thursday. Friday have the star’s parent writes a letter about why they are so special to them. The days maybe switched around except the poster board. Only one thing per day.  Next week’s Star of the Week will be Hassan M.

Congratulation to Maha she was awarded the January Student of the Month !– Congratulations Maha for having excellent behavior, being a great student and a wonderful friend!

Read by Third Grade Law informational meeting – This Thursday, February 6th, Art Room (Ms. Dudek’s room) 3PM.

NWEA Test results went home today – if you have any questions, please let me know.

MSTEP Testing begins -April 20th

Spring NWEA testing begins May 18th

WIDA language testing begins on Wednesday – please make sure students are well rested and eat a high protein (non sugar) breakfast.

Late Start Wednesday 2/5 – classes begin at 9:35.

Mid-Winter Break – No School 2/15-2/23

Valentine’s day – students are allowed to bring valentine’s cards to pass to their friends on Friday, 2/14. Please have them write who that card is to and who it is from. Here is a list of the class names. We have 25 students.

Mohamad A1
Mohammed A2
Mohammed B5
Mahdi C.
Batoul C.
Mahdi K
Batoul M
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Class News

Movie Night – It was great seeing so many of you at movie night. I enjoyed seeing everyone.

Bad Language – there have been several complaints of swear words being said during school. Please talk to your children and make sure that understand that these kind of words are not appropriate for school. Please review what they are watching and playing on the internet and games to make sure they are not exposed to inappropriate things for their age. If your students report any bad language to you please let me know and I will address it at school.

WIDA Testing starts next week – This is the language test given to all students who speak another language at home. Please make sure that your student get plenty of rest and eat a good breakfast.

NWEA testing reports will go home next week.

March is Reading Month – volunteers needed. We will be having a door decorating contest and we are asking for volunteers to decorate the classroom door on the theme of a book that will represent our class. If your are interested in helping with this please let me know.


Movie Night

Reminder – this Friday, January 31st is our movie night! We’re watching Trolls in the gym starting promptly at 6:00pm. Don’t forget to send in your RSVP, and bring a donation item for the local animal shelter. Can you bring an item with you for our concession table? Use the link below so we can have enough food for everyone!
We need volunteers and donations! Please click below:
Movie Night!!
Movie Night!!Join us at our 4th annual Movie Night @ Howe! On Friday January 31st, we will be watching the movie Trolls star…

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Math Homework tonight – anyone who has not finished the Module 2 test will begin having math homework again. Everyone should be finished with Module 2 in Zearn. We will be using the math book to work on Module 2 with those not done with this test.

Multiplication/Division fact practice – Fact fluency is an important part of student doing well in math. Students should practice their math facts each day. We will do a fact fluency test each Friday. Student need to have these memorized to 3rd grade. They can practice with flash cards or MobyMax.

Writing Homework – we will begin doing our writing homework again this week. I will be posting the writing assignment tonight on Google Classroom. It will be due by Wednesday. If you would prefer to write the assignment on paper instead of typing it on the computer, that is fine also. Just remember all the parts must be included in the typed or handwritten version.

Behavior– I had substitute this afternoon because I had an appointment. Many students were uncooperative and not following directions. This is an ongoing problem with this class. Please talk to your students about the importance of cooperating in school in order to to have an environment conducive for learning. If your student was clipped down on Class Dojo today or any day, please follow through at home with a talk or consequence for their behavior. Thank you for your support.

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NWEA testing

We will continue with the NWEA reading test tomorrow for those who did not finish. Please make sure that your student has plenty of rest, a good breakfast and a healthy snack.

Science test tomorrow – we review for our test today, if you would like to review again here is a study guide.

Vote for our garden name – here is the link. Students may also vote.

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IXL Challenge Party

IXL Challenge Party – we are almost done with our IXL challenge and we are getting ready for the party. The following students have completed at least 30 skills in the last 30 days and are invited to the party: 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 10, 12, 13, 15, 19, 21, 23, 24, 25. If your student’s number is not on the list they need to complete there 30 skills by Thursday. If anyone is willing to donate any food items for our party please let me know. Our party will be Thursday afternoon at 2:30. Please remember if they have complete the 30 skills they should still be practicing IXL to increase the skill for NWEA. We will also be giving prizes to the top winners. If you are willing to donate prizes that would be great also.

1/2 day Friday – end of marking period. All assignments are due.

No school – Monday 1/20 Martin Luther King Day.

1/2 Day Tuesday 1/21 – Teacher in-service day

NWEA testing begins next week – 1/21 – Please practice IXL skills to do better on the test.

Our Movie Night is Friday January 31st @ 6:00pm in the gym!  Fliers will be coming home this week!  We will be watching the movie Trolls.  If you can bring an item for the concession stand, please use the link below to sign up!  All purchases will be reimbursed by the PTA with receipt.

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