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Weekly update

Tests and study guides – Don’t forget there will be 4 tests next week.

Monday – Social studies and Math and Tuesday – Science and ELA– Below are the links to the study guides. If these links don’t work outside of Schoology. I will put this same message on the Welcome page in the Updates section in Schoology:

Math study guide – End of Module 2 Practice test – this test will give them the correct answers. Please make sure they understand the answers to they can do well on the test. MOST STUDENTS HAVE FINISHED THIS TEST ONLY Student number 3, 9, 16, and 20 still need to take the Math test.

Geography Social Studies study guide – test on Monday 11/23

Animals Through Time End of Mystery Science Study guide and Science study guide answers – test on Tuesday 11/24

ELA End of Module 2 Study Guide and answers – Test on Tuesday

Disguise a Turkey Project – the students will be disguising a turkey to share with the class. Here is a link to the project this is due Tuesday.

Author Study Project should be uploaded to their portfolio. This can be found by clicking on your picture in Schoology, click Your Profile, then your portfolios will be on the left side.

Howe School Parent MeetingTuesday, November 24th from 3:00-3:45 p.m. This is a reminder that we will hold our first Parent Meeting: Click below to find out more information about our Parent Meeting next week!  

Parent Meeting November

A zoom link will be posted on Tuesday for the Parent Meeting. We hope that you can make it and look forward to our continued partnership! Stay safe and healthy!

Don’t forget No School – Wednesday 11/25 – Friday 11/27 – Have a wonderful Thanksgiving break!!

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Parent Teacher Conferences Tonight

Last Parent/Teacher conferences are today! Please review your time and date. We will start and end on time to be respectful of everyone. If you join late then your conference will be shorter. We will discuss your child’s progress during class as well as their report cards.

Check your time here.

Log in to the meeting using this link. Or have your student log you in. It is the same Zoom meeting that they use for school everyday.

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Weekly Update

Super Student Badge – I have given the badges out to the 8 students that completed all their work last week.  To earn the badge they needed to finish these items:

Earn a Super Student Badge this week if you complete all of this work:

  1. Math – Mid-Module test score 40/50 or greater
  2. Math – Practice test
  3. ELA Google slides page 38, 54, 66, 73, 75,76
  4. Social studies Day 2 and 3
  5. Science – How to get rid of Mosquitos
  6. Spelling test M2 Week 2

Topic C quiz tomorrow – We had a practice test Friday for our Topic C quiz tomorrow.  Some still need to complete this.

Tests – This week or next we will have a test in every subject.  Please watch for the study guides in their daily folders. 

Monday 11/16 – Topic C Math quiz

Friday 11/20 – End of Module Math 2 test

Monday 11/23 – Unit 1 – Geography of Michigan Test

Monday 11/23 – ELA Unit 2 – End of Module Assessment

Curriculum update – We are finishing most of our units this week. 

In ELA we will be finishing Unit 2 and moving to Unit 3 – Government for the People.

In Math we are finishing unit 2 and moving to Unit 3 – Module 3 – Multiplication and Division with Units of 0, 1, 6–9, and Multiples of 10

In Science we are finishing studying animals and we will begin studying Plant Life Cycles and Heredity. 

In Social Studies we will be finishing studying Geography and we will begin studying the History of Michigan.

Upcoming Events – 

Tuesday 11/17 – Last Day of Parent – Teacher Conferences – I will see the parents of Abdou, Zane, Lana, Yousef, Hashim, Cece and Elena.  Please check this link for your times.

Wednesday 11/25-11/27 – No School – Thanksgiving Break

Monday 12/21 – No School – Winter Break

Monday 1/4 – School resumes

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Materials are in the back parking lot by the elementary pick up/drop off door.

All students should pick up there materials by Monday and drop off any books that have already been read.

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Picking books and pick up

I’m still in the Zoom call if you didn’t pick your books. I will keep it open until 4 pm. Then I’ll pick books for you.

I will place the box of supplies by the back door, where we do elementary pick up and drop off. I will leave it outside all weekend, please come by to get these necessary books and supplies.

Please drop off any books that kids have finished reading.

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Author Storytelling

Today we had an author visit our classroom.  Author Dee De Long read her story titled:  Why? A Story about the Silk Road and the many Routes it took.  This delightful, historical journey, told in rhyme, that describes the many twists and turns of events that spurred how America came to be. The class was very excited to meet a real author and seemed inspired to be authors themselves. I have included the Amazon link in case anyone is looking for a holiday present for their student. I would be happy to have the author autograph any books that are purchased, she is a friend and fellow teacher.

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Directions for finding your child’s report card from Computer Services:

Our office has finished late this afternoon populating ParentConnect with all elementary report cards in preparation for Conferences on Thursday 11/5/2020, and parents will see the following link (sample below) effective Thursday 11/5/2020 early morning in the Marks Tab in ParentConnect. 


When parents click on the link, it will open or download a pdf copy of the report card.

In addition, we have started printing the paper copy of the report cards but we have not been able to finish them all so we will be finishing them tomorrow morning. I will put these in the material pick up bags, I am preparing tomorrow afternoon. Unless, the school has other plans.

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Parent-Teacher Conferences

Please make sure you sign up for conferences – Here is the link

Conference are from 4:15-6:20. November 5th is full, there is one slot on November 10th and November 17th has plenty of space. If you can’t make it during those times, please email me at so that we can find a different time. I need to see all parent at this conference and I will only see 1/3 in the spring.

PTA Meeting RESCHEDULED for Next Th., Nov. 12by howeschoolptaDue to a conflict with conferences, the PTA meeting originally scheduled for this Thursday is rescheduled for next Thurs., November 12 at 4 p.m. via Zoom (Meeting ID: 983 1546 5268). Apologies for any confusion the change may cause.All families are welcome to attend!
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Schoology is down

Here is a link in case you can’t get in with Schoology.

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Weekly Updates

Halloween Activities – The kids seem to enjoy our Halloween activities that Elizabeth and I planned. I hope you all enjoyed your Halloween, and that you had fun and stayed safe.

No School – Tuesday – Election day – don’t forget to vote – Professional Development for Teachers.

Math – It would be helpful this week if student could you a kitchen food scale if you have one.  If not, that’s ok too.

Spelling test on Monday 11/2 – since we are had a fun morning on Friday, we voted to move the spelling test on Monday.  The Unit 2 Week 1 words can be found in the spelling folder on the ELA page of Schoology.

Study Guide for Monday Language test – Our new Language curriculum is very rigorous and students struggles with the last set of tests given at the end of each week. For this unit I have created a study guide to help us prepare. I’m sorry that it is coming on a Sunday but with report cards and the amount of materials I need to create for class each week this is the soonest I could get it to you. Here is the link to the study guide. I am not sure if Schoology links work outside of Schoology. So if it doesn’t work it can be found on the Upcoming list on the ELA course. We will discuss the answers in class before the test.

Parent-Teacher Conferences are on November 5th, 10th and 17th.  Thank you to the 4 parents who have already signed up. Please use the link attached to choose a time and add any questions you would like to address in the form, so that I can gather any information need to to answer the question before we meet. Parent – Teacher Conferences. I need ALL PARENTS to sign up for conferences in the fall, I will only week with about a 1/3 in the spring.

Communication – Most of our communication will now be in Schoology. All parents should now have their own Schoology account that allows you to see all of your students in one place, you can check, missing work, grades, upcoming assignments and see the weekly newsletters. If for some reason your Schoology account is not working, please contact the school 313-827-7000.

Here is an update on what we will be learning this week:

ELA – Our new unit is called Ways Characters Shape Stories – students will read a range of famous poems, folktales and myths with well-known, archetypical characters.

Math – We are continuing our Unit on Measurement. We are moving from time and focusing measuring weight this week.

Science – We are continuing our unit on Animal Heredity and Survival. This week’s lessons will be discussing:

Mystery 7 – Environmental Change and Engineering

Mystery 8 – Traits and Environmental Variation

Social Studies – We will continue to discuss Geography of Michigan, this weeks lessons will be :

Section 5 – Why are the Great Lakes so Great

Section 6 – Michigan’s Human Characteristics

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