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Birthday Guidelines

Howe Montessori Birthday Guidelines

Hello Parents!

We would like to stay consistent with birthday celebrations across grade levels. Below are some ideas and recommendations from the teachers.

*Make sure to notify teachers 24 hours before your plans.

*Store bought food items with labels so we can identify any allergies.

*Bring individual treats like cupcakes or cookies for the class.  

*Make sure to pay attention to any allergies in your child’s classroom (some rooms are peanut/tree nut free). 

*Your child’s class will sing happy birthday to them if they would like. 

* Your teacher can send a picture of your child celebrating with their friends, upon request. 

Not allowed anymore: cakes, candles, pizza, juice, balloons, goody bags.

Thank you for understanding. We want to celebrate your child, but also do not want to distract the classroom environment from learning that day. 


Howe Montessori Staff

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