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on September 16, 2022

Math Study Guide – Today the Unit 1 Mid-Module Review is going home today. Please complete it over the weekend as homework, please RETURN it on Monday. We will review the answer and take the test on Monday. Here is a link to the review in case your child misplaced it.

Bilal Star of the Week – Starting Monday 9/19 Bilal is Star of the Week, he will make a poster all about his life staring with baby pictures all the way to 3rd grade. He will have his parents write a letter about how wonderful he is. Tuesday he may bring sharing/show and tell. Wednesday he can bring his favorite book, Thursday bring the letter from your parents.

NWEA testing – We have completed 2 of the 3 NWEA tests for fall. We will finish our 3 test next Monday. This will be Language.

Late Start – On Wednesday, 9/21/22 arrive at 9:55.

Computers – All district computers (Chromebooks) have been disconnected from the school internet. They all need to be returned to the school. If you still need it we can reconnect it to the internet and send it back. If you no longer need it please let us know and we will not return it.

PTA Membership drive – Thanks to all that have joined PTA! They are a great help to our school. There is a contest going and the class with the most PTA members will get Cider and Donuts!

We’ve had many pta forms come in to the office! Let’s keep it up!! I have also attached to this email the PTA membership form in a PDF format.  That might be easier to post electronically to parents, and for ease of printing.  
Here’s the numbers for this week! (This is a grand total, so last week plus this week) PK- 2 (13%)K-10 (67%)1- 12 (52%)2- 11 (50%)3- 8 (53%)4- 6 (26%)5- 9 (47%)

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