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Spring Break Next Week

on April 3, 2020

Google Meet – It was great to see everyone today at our Google Video chat. I was so happy to have 21 students show up! I was only missing 4, 21, 23, and 25. I have made videos to explain what you missed. Please watch the videos and let me know if you have questions:

Where to do I find the new list of work for home?

How do we find the websites we use video

How do I add my new iLearn classes?

Star of the Week – I would like to start up Star of the Week again to finish up the kids who did not get a chance yet. I believe it is Siham’s turn. Instead of making a poster of pictures about your life, please make us a Google slide presentation that I can share with the class. Insead of bringing in show and tell, please make us a video to share of your show and tell. You can also make a video to share your favorite book. Please have your parents write us a letter telling us what makes you so wonderful and special to them.

Next week is spring break – starting at the end of the day we are on break. You do not need to do any online school if you don’t want. If you want to go online I suggest you go to fun website like BrainPop, Encyclopedia Britannica, or GoNoodle. Get outside and take a walk, play in your yard, just remember about social distancing.

Social Studies Class – I am in the process of creating the new social studies class. IT IS NOT READY TO USE. Do not do any work in it yet. I just wanted you to know how to find it when it was ready. I will be hiding it this week so that I can continue to work on it. You may add it now, or after spring break when we start using it.

Have a GREAT break! Have fun and stay safe and healthy!!

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