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News this week

on March 29, 2020

Join BrainPop – this is a website with fun videos for students to learn about science and other fun topics.

The Class Code is trail7003 Share the code with any students you want to add to the class and have them:

  1. Go to BrainPOP Jr..
  2. Click Enter Code at the top.
  3. Enter your class code.
  4. Create new account
  5. Explore!

Spelling Test and Writing Homework were due Friday. I see several students didn’t finish. Please make sure to do them if you have not finished.

Spring Break – We will be having our regular Spring Break April 6th-10th. You will not have to do school work that week unless you want to. There will be no new assignments.

Weekly Reading Check-in – I have added a new reading check-in to Class Dojo under portfolio. You make a video of yourself telling me about what you have been reading this week. I have really been enjoying hearing about what you have read!! Keep the videos coming! They are GREAT!

Research, research, research! – When you have finished your regular classwork you should learn more about something you are interested in. Read or watch videos about animals, different countries, poetry, outer space, science experiments, rocks and minerals or anything else. You can make a Google slides presentation showing me what you learned. You can add new colors, fonts, backgrounds, learn how to use the tools in Google Slides. Have fun with it. Share your creation with me. I look forward to seeing what you create! If you have questions about how to do something, send me a message an I can help or set up a Google Hangout with a friend and work on it together.

Report cards – They will not be printed this time, they will be sent to your Parent Connect. They should be coming out sometime next week. I will let you know the date when I have it.

Morning Meeting – I would like to check in with everyone tomorrow morning. Elizabeth and I have something cool to show you! Please join our morning meeting on Google Hangouts. There are some new rules to use the hangout.

  1. We need to have only one person speak at a time.
  2. You must keep your microphone off when you are not speaking.
  3. You need to raise your hand when you want to speak and I will call on one at a time.

Here is the schedule of how we will meet:

9:00-9:20 – Students 1-6

9:20-9:40 Students 7-12

9:40-10:00 Students 13-18

10:00-10:20 Students 19-25

Here is the link to join:

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