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Parent Volunteers In School

on February 13, 2020

The message below was posted on the Howe School Blog a couple of weeks ago. It came to my attention today that some people didn’t see it. I don’t always duplicate everything posted on the Howe School Blog so it is important that you subscribe to both blogs to stay well informed. This post was from my birthday 2/3. You can also find information about the admission process for STEM on 1/24. Make sure you are subscribed. Here is the link to the school blog:

At Howe School, we value our families and appreciate involvement in our school community.  Throughout the school year, there are numerous opportunities to volunteer for school events, field trips, and classroom-based activities.  In order to ensure the safety of our school community, all volunteer opportunities should be arranged through the teacher, principal, or through the PTA.  The district has established policies for volunteers which includes signing in at the office and completing the ichat process.

In recent weeks, there have been concerns expressed by several families and staff members regarding parent visitors in the cafeteria during lunch, recess, and during after school clubs.  Please note that all visitations require an invitation or prearrangement with the teacher or principal. Drop-in visits cause unnecessary disruption and can interfere with student socialization. Please contact the office or your child’s teacher if you have questions or would like to volunteer. 

We appreciate your support and cooperation as we work together to provide a safe and efficient learning environment.



Valentine’s Day – for Valentine’s day students are allowed to bring in cards with their friends names on them and their signature saying who they are from. They may bring one piece of candy for each student if they with but this is not necessary. Please do not send in candy for me! Thanks for understanding. Elizabeth will be here if you want to give her a card.

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