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Class News

on February 2, 2020

Movie Night – It was great seeing so many of you at movie night. I enjoyed seeing everyone.

Bad Language – there have been several complaints of swear words being said during school. Please talk to your children and make sure that understand that these kind of words are not appropriate for school. Please review what they are watching and playing on the internet and games to make sure they are not exposed to inappropriate things for their age. If your students report any bad language to you please let me know and I will address it at school.

WIDA Testing starts next week – This is the language test given to all students who speak another language at home. Please make sure that your student get plenty of rest and eat a good breakfast.

NWEA testing reports will go home next week.

March is Reading Month – volunteers needed. We will be having a door decorating contest and we are asking for volunteers to decorate the classroom door on the theme of a book that will represent our class. If your are interested in helping with this please let me know.

2 Responses to “Class News”

  1. Fred Nelson (Collins) says:

    Happy to read a book Merlin picks. It will be definitely on something to do with animals or science. I will get him to start thinking about this now. Meantime, any Monday or Thursday is best.

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