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on January 26, 2020

Math Homework tonight – anyone who has not finished the Module 2 test will begin having math homework again. Everyone should be finished with Module 2 in Zearn. We will be using the math book to work on Module 2 with those not done with this test.

Multiplication/Division fact practice – Fact fluency is an important part of student doing well in math. Students should practice their math facts each day. We will do a fact fluency test each Friday. Student need to have these memorized to 3rd grade. They can practice with flash cards or MobyMax.

Writing Homework – we will begin doing our writing homework again this week. I will be posting the writing assignment tonight on Google Classroom. It will be due by Wednesday. If you would prefer to write the assignment on paper instead of typing it on the computer, that is fine also. Just remember all the parts must be included in the typed or handwritten version.

Behavior– I had substitute this afternoon because I had an appointment. Many students were uncooperative and not following directions. This is an ongoing problem with this class. Please talk to your students about the importance of cooperating in school in order to to have an environment conducive for learning. If your student was clipped down on Class Dojo today or any day, please follow through at home with a talk or consequence for their behavior. Thank you for your support.

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