Art Department

Dearborn MI Public Schools

Our Mission


Art is an integral and unique part of a child’s core education, developing curiosity, creativity, critical thinking and problem solving skills through study, creation and reflection.


Our mission is to prepare students to be appreciators and supporters of the arts as they become contributing citizens of the community. Students will be able to express ideas creatively using basic skills and knowledge at levels of expertise appropriate to their interest and development.


Art is an essential part of the education process. Knowledge about art, skills in creating art, and supportive attitudes toward the arts are necessary components for any civilization that wishes to raise itself above simple existence. Experience in the arts develops perception, critical analysis, creativity, process skills, and aesthetic awareness and appreciation. Art offers a student the opportunity to express his/her unique visions of the world, to discover divergent solutions to problems, and reflect upon the differences and similarities among people in positive ways.


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