It has been an interesting end to the school year, to say the least. I hope everyone stays safe and healthy during this much deserved break!

Dear Snow Families,

On behalf of the Snow Team, we would like to wish every Snow family and safe and relaxing summer break.  We are so proud of how the whole Snow community came together during this difficult period to support our students. Each child is precious to us and we miss them dearly. 

To help our students continue to make progress throughout the summer break, we will be posting suggested summer work. 

Thursday, June 11 is the last ½ day of school for students.  The Snow staff would like to say goodbye to students for summer time by standing along Culver Street at  11:00am on June 11.  Staff will be waving goodbye and sending their best wishes to all Snow students.  We are asking any family that chooses to participate to drive south down Culver at this time and wave to staff and honk their horns! 

As we receive information regarding the 2020-2021 school year, we will be sure to communicate through the district website and our Snow blog.  Have a wonderful break!

The SnowTeamThank you,

Amal Alcodray
PrincipalSnow School

Third grader Estaban’s letter E:

Fifth grader Johnny W.’s Environmental Art project:

The last day to turn in artwork will be Monday, June 8.

These are the assignments for Y5 – K:
1) Letter Art
2) Toy Photography
3) Origami House
4) Not A Stick
5) Chameleon Drawing

These are the assignments for grades 2 and 3:
1) Letter Art
2) Toy Photography
3) Origami Cat or Dog
4) Not A Stick
5) Giraffe Drawing

These are the assignments for grades 4 and 5:
1) Letter Art
2) Toy Photography
3) Line, Shape, and Color
4) Environmental Art
5) 3D Drawing

The grading scale for the fourth quarter looks like this:

regularly submitted work and attended check-ins, high participation

submitted most assignments and attended some of the check-ins

Limited Participation:
Rarely or did not submit work
Rarely attended check-in sessions
Family hardship during the time of instruction

You can send pictures to me via Dojo, email, or my preferred method, Google Classroom 🙂

First grader Reem A.’s delicious letter C:

Third grader John B.’s F for Flowers:

The letter “C” filled with items that start with the letter C by second grader Helmy E.

Khristos’ K.’s tropical letter L:

Dear Snow Families, 

We hope you are all safe and well!  Teachers have collected and placed all student school belongings in a labeled bag.  Please come to the Snow parking lot at your scheduled time on Tuesday, June 2 to pick up your child’s belongings.  If you have any medication for your child at Snow, our school nurse will be outside to distribute as needed.

We will also have drop boxes for you to return items that belong to Snow such as books, safety patrol belts, instruments…. 

Here is the schedule:

  • Distribution Plan
    • Last Name beginning with A:  12:00pm-1:00pm
    • Last Name beginning with B-M:  1:00pm-2:00pm
    • Last Name beginning with N-Z:  2:00pm-3:00pm

Tables will be placed outside in the Snow parking lot.  Please adhere to the schedule pick up times as we have over 400 supply bags to set up!

Thank you!

Snow Team