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The last art lesson for the year is below. If there are any lessons your child is missing, please email me or comment below and I will send the information. I will continue to accept work until Tuesday, 6/9. All students in Y5-5th grade will receive a participation grade for the fourth quarter in all specials.

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A couple things:
I extended the due date for this lesson due to Memorial Weekend and Eid al Fitr. So your assignment will be due TUESDAY, JUNE 2nd. This will be the LAST lesson I will grade for the fourth quarter.

If you don’t see a video, well, I’m rocking some pretty crazy corona hair and it’s humid right now (Sunday). I plan on submitting a video Tuesday, May 26th-ish, though if you follow the Slide presentation, you should be fine.

My letter P made out of paper below:

Once finished, please send your picture to:


  1. Jennifer Awazem says:

    Hi this is Zakariyya Awazems mom Jen. I was curious if you wanted him to turn in his chameleon drawing in or are you waiting til after the background is done next week? Thank you 😊

  2. Hamedah says:

    Hello, this is Jayzon Mosed’s mom. He has been doing the art assignments from week 1-2 and we sent pictures to Mr. Massey to forward to you. I have tried to use link for google slides and it’s stating I need access and currently denied??

    1. Sorry about that. You should be able to access the Slide now.

  3. Janeen Elhady kindergarten ms. Fleming’s class says:

    I am not sure how to navigate and find all the assignments or how to check what we’ve missed and what’s been accepted. Can you please help?

    1. Is Janeen in my Google Classroom? I ask because all of my lessons are on GC. You would need to sign in using her district id. If you email me,, I can give you her id and send an invite to the page. I don’t want to give you that info here because this blog is public. She is only missing two projects, btw.

      I delete old work on this page because it doesn’t leave a time stamp and it gets cluttered.

  4. Sandy Carter says:

    I do not know how to access the information for Terrance to complete the assignments.

    1. I only have the last project on the blog right now because it tends to get cluttered and difficult to navigate if I post too many pictures, videos, links, etc. I will email you the materials for each project tomorrow morning (is this the email address I should forward them to? You can also email me at Terrance does not need to complete everything in one sitting or afternoon. I will continue to accept work through Monday evening.

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