March 23-27

March 23-27

Good morning Haigh artists!

Just a reminder K-2 remote learning activities can be found on this blog, simply click on the grade level tabs above. Grades 3-5 are able to access their activities through google classroom. The individual codes for each class are listed in the previous post.

I am also looking into a way we can store and share our artwork electronically, in addition to the portfolios I have asked all grade levels to create. Remember student portfolios can be a folder, a box, a paper bag.

Also, variety of materials can be used to create, if the assignment calls for marker you can substitute crayon, pencil, paint, play dough, beans. Be creatively unique! 🙂

Feel free to ask questions, share images, and comment on this blog. I am also available via email during regular school hours: 8:35 AM-3:35 PM Monday thru Friday, I will respond to your questions as quickly as possible.

Artistically yours, Mrs. Buenting 🙂

Google Classroom for Specials

Google Classroom for Specials

Hello third, fourth and fifth graders. I just wanted to give everyone a heads up about google classroom. You will notice that the classes are labeled with your teachers name and it says specials. EXAMPLE: Joachim Specials 19-20.

In this class you will receive assignments for ART and MUSIC. So, if you go in you may already see a comment from Mrs. Conrad. That’s okay you are in the correct location for ART too.

Below is the schedule of when ART assignments will be added for each grade level. However, if you have further questions email me at:


Third Grade – Wednesday

Fourth Grade – Tuesday & Thursday

Fifth Grade – Tuesday & Thursday

Google Classroom Codes

Google Classroom Codes

Hello again!

Parents of Young 5s and Kinder level students will be able to access activities once a week through the Kindergarten tab above. The activities will be available starting Monday March 16. First graders will also have activities available starting Monday. Second graders will have activities posted to their tab each Wednesday.

Listed below are the individual class codes for grades 3, 4, and 5, so each student can access remote learning activities via google classroom.

Google Classroom Codes for Art and Music

Third Grade

Halimi:  sqeor4z

Joachim: kzqgipe

Lozon: lfjxwrn

Sellers: qokhu2g

Fourth Grade

Cronin: ecstw2g

Greco: q2i7swt

Vuichard: vzfxmhk

Fifth Grade

Lahooti: 7kl4zro

Rachwal: 3bswqfl

Shupe: o54n5jf

Wilson: o6wmapc

Hi Everyone!

Hope everyone is staying healthy. Later today I am going to put your google classroom codes on this blog, so you can access remote learning activities for art.

Starting on Monday March 16, I will post the first activity. Continue to check this blog as well.