Week of June 8 – 11

2020 Art Gallery

Week of June 1 – 5

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Hello friends,

Here is our final themed art lesson for the school year…

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ICE CREAM!!

Although this is the FINAL lesson for the school year, I will be posting a special message next week, so visit the blog next week too!

ALL art assignments are due by Thursday, June 4, so if there assignments that you missed still have a bit of time to turn them in via email.

Step one: plan your art. Look at the examples below, decide if you would like to make an ice cream cone or sundae. Will you paint, color, or make a paper collage?

Step two: or, you could draw a cartoon ice cream tower or sundae. Follow the directions from one of the videos below.

Step three: email your art to Mrs. Buenting, make sure you have your name and classroom teacher’s name in subject line or in the body of the email.

Week of May 26 – 29

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Welcome back friends,

This week theme is one of my favorite animals, cats!

Make sure you READ through all the steps first and follow them VERY closely!!

Step one: Watch the Art with Mati & Dada – Van Gogh episode.

Step two: watch Mrs. Buenting’s video, where I read, Vincent VanGogh’s Cat

Step three: visit the Van Gogh Museum website. Select a coloring page, the link is for Van Gogh’s bedroom, but there are more choices at the bottom of the linked page. Download your coloring page selection and print.


Step four: color your coloring page with colored pencils, marker or crayon.

Step five: make a cat tracer. Print one of the cat outlines from the options below and cut it out.

Step six: place your cat tracer on the BACK of your finished coloring page and trace.

Step seven: cut the cat out of your coloring. Turn both pieces over.

Step eight: glue your coloring onto another blank piece of paper, any color you have or like. Using a second blank piece of paper attach your colored cat.

Step nine: Flip both pieces over and line them up like a book. Tape the two pieces together in the middle.

Step ten: Take a photo of your work and email it to me with your name and your classroom teacher’s name in the subject line on in the body of the email.

Step One

Step Two

Step Three: Choose Coloring Page


Step Four

Step Five: Choose and Make a Cat Tracer

Mrs. Buentings cat tracer.

Step Six: Trace on the BACK of Coloring Page *Make sure the cat is facing the direction you want by holding it up to the light.

Step Seven

Step Eight

Step Nine

Step Ten

Week of 18 – 22


Hi friends!

The theme this week is crazy hair!

Step One: Watch the video of author /illustrator Barney Saltzberg read his book, Crazy Hair Day.

Step Two: Review the photo gallery below for inspiration.

Step Three: Copy the worksheet and create crazy hair on the characters. Add color when you have finished drawing. Mrs. Buenting’s quick, uncolored example is below too. Or, you may create your own character with crazy hair.

Step Four: Take a photo of your work, email it to Mrs. Buenting with your name and teacher’s name in the subject line. Have a wonderful week, be kind and creative!!

Step One: Crazy Hair Day Video

Step Two: Crazy Hair Inspiration Gallery

Step Three: Crazy Hair Worksheet

Mrs. Buenting’s uncolored examples.

Week of May 11-15

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Hi friends! The theme this week is computer art.

This week for grades K-2 we’re going to have the same assignment. But everyone’s art will be different and uniquely their own. I was hoping to do some artwork and explore outside a little this week based on the lovely blooming May flowers and budding trees, but it’s still a little chilly. I know we’ve been on our computers a lot, but let’s give this a try. It’s quick, easy, and fun.

Visit Tate Kids website. Tate Kids is a website created by the Tate, the Tate is a group of four famous museums in London, England.  The Tate Kids website has some really cool interactive painting tools. I’ve included a link below.   You can choose either the “let’s create” or the “inspire me” sections from the “Let’s Paint” area. Choose your canvas, choose different tools, have fun, explore, create some really cool stuff.

Once you have finished take a screenshot of your work and email it to Mrs. Buenting. The design I created is below, and it reminded me of the design that we made in the beginning of the school year. Remember the design we made by drawing glue lines and filling in the shapes with watercolors?

As always stay safe, be polite, help your parents, and create!

Step One: Visit the website’s Let’s Paint area.


Step Two: Choose “let’s create” or “inspire me” option

Step Three: Explore the tools and create your masterpiece.

Step Four: Take a screenshot of your work.

Step Five: Email me your artwork!

Week of May 4-8

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Hi Friends,

I just wanted to let you know your superhero collages are amazing!!

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This week’s theme is… Space

Step One: Watch the video “Astronaut Storytime”. Astronauts from the International Space Station read stories about space and share what life is like on the station.

Step Two: Select a craft or two, or three from the options below.

Step Three: Create your selection (s).

Step Four: Take a photo of your space themed craft(s) and email it to Mrs Buenting. buentir@dearbornschools.org Make sure your name and classroom teacher’s name is in the subject line or body of the email.

Have fun, be kind, and help your parents. I miss you!!

Step One: Video Stories

Step Two: Select Craft(s)

A video spiral galaxy chalk art tutorial for all ages. Space art with just black construction paper and chalk pastels - because you ARE an artist!

Spiral Galaxy:

If you have chalk, see video tutorial below.

Week of April 27 – May 1

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Hi Friends,

The theme this week is SUPERHEROS!

We are ALL Superheros in someway. By Identifying with a superhero children become empowered, learning compassion, the difference between right and wrong, and making healthy life choices. Help build your child’s self esteem and empower their superhero traits with this superhero art lesson.

This lesson was created by another teacher named Katie, from Hollywood Kindergarten. I have placed all the directions on a Slides Presentation, which can be accessed only through your child’s student account using the following link.


The presentation is long, therefore I suggest you read through everything first. Work on this assignment throughout the week, completing 1-2 steps per session. Remember to send me a photo of your completed superhero AND the writing portion.

Stay safe, help your parents and be kind my friends.

April 20-24


Hi Friends,

The theme this week is color!

We talk A LOT about color in art! Why? Because color is all around us and is quickly identified by our SUPER COMPUTER BRAINS!

In art, color allows us to create our own individuality and flare. Interior decorators, graphic designers, advertisers and artists all use color to enhance our environments. Color can evoke a certain mood, deliver a message, or create a sharp response in the viewer.

For example, color can tell you a lot about a work of art. Bright colors can make you feel happy while darker colors can make you feel gloomy. There are also specific colors that remind us of different emotions. The color blue can make us feel calm, red makes us feel angry, and yellow makes us feel happy.

So, using certain colors can create a different mood for an artwork. Mood means the feeling we get when we look at a work of art. We can create the mood by selecting warm or cool colors that remind us of emotions that we want in our artwork.

This week I would like you to create a work that COMBINES warm and cool colors. The steps are listed below.

Remember to email me a photo of you work when you have finished. Make sure your name and teacher’s name is in the subject line.


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Have a good week, help your parents, be polite and kind!

Step One: Watch the two video to learn about more about specific warm and cool colors.

Step Two: Review the examples below.

Step Three: Create your own picture that DIVIDES the artwork in half. One half warm and the other cool. Or, you can print and color the coloring page at the very end of the post.

Step Four: Email me a photo of your warm/cool creation.

Step One: Videos


All lighter versions of primary (red, yellow and blue) and secondary (purple, orange and green) colors can also be grouped into warm or cool families. These lighter versions are called TINTS.

Warm Tints: Pink, Peach, Straw

Cool Tints: Lavender, Sky Blue, Mint

Step Two: Review Examples

The 3 Tricks of Complementary Colours you can Learn from Van Gogh ...
Best Drawing Cool Perspective 67+ Ideas #drawingSun and Moon in warm and cool colorsWarm & Cool Colors – Ms. Kobeissi's Art Room!63 Best Warm and cool colors images | Warm, cool colors ...Village in warm & cool colorsLively Leaf Watercolors | crayola.com

Step Three: Create

*You do not have to use the ideas below, you can create your own!! But, if you like the sun and moon idea the steps are below. Or, you can use the coloring page further down.

  • Sun and Moon: place the paper horizontally and draw a big circle (younger kids can trace a paper plate)
plate copy
  • draw a separating line in the middle of the circle (you may add nose if you wish)
nose copy
  • draw two half faces: one for moon and one for sun. Let kids be creative: they may draw happy or sad expressions, add hair, hats, glasses or even hands

April 13-17

Hello friends!

Let’s try some origami this week. Remember origami is the Japanese art of paper folding. This year in class we learned how to fold a cicada bug. Below is a video on how to make a samurai hat, I just LOVE the little rock friends!!! (When Mrs. Buenting was your age we had Pet Rocks! LOL)

You may use lined paper or plain copy paper or construction paper (this will be harder because the paper is thicker) to make your hat. The paper will need to be a square, directions for this are below.

You may even decorate your hat with crayon or marker, after it’s been folded. Be sure to email me a picture of your rock friends wearing their samurai hats. Please put your name in the subject line with your class code!


Have a good week, help your parents and be sure to be polite and kind!

March 30-April 3

Hi Friends!

I’ve really enjoyed seeing your photos of Tetris and Silly Faces, continue being creative!! Also, remember to email me photos of your work, be sure to have your name and class code in the subject line!

For this week visit Red Ted Art, and choose TWO toilet paper roll crafts. I’m attaching the link below. But, first here are two of my favs:

TP Roll Superheroes
Loo Roll Crafts for Kids - you can never have too many TP Roll Binoculars as a kid!


March 23-27

Hello second graders!

Have you ever looked at the clouds and found one that looked like an elephant, a sailboat or a face? Have you ever been surprised to find a face in an unexpected place? I once found a smiley face in my salad, I wish I still had the picture!!! 🙂

This week I would like for you to focus on making portraits (funny faces) with objects you find around your home. The objects used to create the faces may be small toys, kitchen items, office supplies, and more, simple explore! Found object art can be created with anything. Make one each day of the week, see how creative you can be. Below are several pictures to inspire you. Some examples are easier and some are more difficult, challenge yourself and have fun!!

After you have made your portrait(s) be sure to do two things:

  1. Take a photo and email it to me with your name and class code in the subject line. buentir@dearbornschools.org
  2. Return objects to where they belong. If you make a face that you’ve glued together be sure to save it in your portfolio for me to see later!

Faces Made on Dinner Plates

Image result for smiley face made with a salad

Faces Made with Leaves

40+ Aktivitäten mit Kindern im Sommer – Ideen für eine spannende Zeit im Freien #leipzig #lifestyle #outdoor #familie #ferien #basteln

Faces Made with Magazines Features

Atividades de recorte e colagem para fazer com as crianças. As crianças, em geral, adoram atividades de artes com colagem, já que tem o recortar e o colar como ações para o criar. Aliás, essa é uma atividade que potencia a imaginação e a criatividade dos pequenos,
Make these crazy faces with some loose parts and our free printable facial features!

Faces made with Caps, Yarn and Scrapes, Oh My!

Image result for found object faces
école élémentaire d'Eschau: février 2011
Funk recycled jug masks you could definitely make with the kids.  #recycle #art
Picasso Pop Can Portraits: Free Lesson Plan Download | The Art of Ed

Faces Made with Egg Cartons

egg carton heads
French for Toddlers: Le corps week 3 - egg carton faces

March 16-20

Hi everyone!

I would like to recommend a blog for you that has THREE great printable activities for home. The blog is named One Mamas Daily Drama by Keri Houchin. The first link below will take you to her page that has printable tangram puzzle patterns. Also, below I have shared a video showing how to create 18 different tangram cats. I love cats!

The Tangram was created in China long ago. It’s name may come from combining “Tang” for Tang Dynasty and “gram” which means a figure or drawing. A tangram is a puzzle made up of 7 pieces: a parallelogram (rhomboid), a square, and 5 triangles. The objective of this game is to create images using the 7 pieces. The pieces must touch but not overlap.


The second printable activity is for a lego challenge card game and it’s great if you have legos at home. Legos are awesome, I remember getting my first set when I was 7 and staying up past my bedtime to build stuff.


The last activity is based on one of the most popular video games created in the 1980s, TETRIS. This is one of my favorite video games, have you played Tetris? Well, if you haven’t now you can in a paper version!


All of this games will help enhance spatial skills. spatial reasoning is important for everyday life, the more you practice the better you will be at cutting a pie into equal slices, reading a map, assembling IKEA furniture or packing the car or suitcase for a road trip. spatial skills are very important too if you’re interested in working in engineering, science or technology.

Have fun with these games boys and girls, and I’ll share another post on Wednesday, March 25.

Hello Second Graders

Starting on Monday March 16, Mrs. Buenting will share a fun activity that you will be able to do at home.

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