6/8 Last week, last assignment!

Hey kids!

Here are your 2 assignments for this week!

Assignment number 1.
Do this google form! Advertising design google form.
If the videos in this form do not show for you, try to view them on another device (Try your phone, or another computer).

Assignment number 2.
Closing Email. I want you to email me TWO PARAGRAPHS (5 complete sentences each).

For the first paragraph, I want you to talk about your FAVORITE projects or assignments you did for my quarantine class work. Why did you like them? What did you learn that you really enjoyed?

For the second paragraph, what was your least favorite project/assignment? Why did you not like it? Did you learn anything off of it? What could have made it better?

Parent Survey!

6/1 work week: Video Example and Google Form Assignment

Remember, there is no class video stream session today. I will be at MBCC today, cleaning and organizing, and waiting for anyone that has left stuff in the classroom to pick up their missing materials. We will resume meeting at normal times on Thursday at noon.

Because of the lack of the class video stream today, I put together a video demonstration showing how I made my collage portrait example. Here is the one that I did…


So, as for how I did it, and what I want you guys to think about, please watch this video!


And finally, here is the google form I wanted you guys to do for the week. Please take the time to finish do this google form, and REALLY THINK about the images and text that is being presented. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe2qYyR4pEDvvpEMEv7iOCcOzNUU8Rj3mhywW4KLWnmfQU1AQ/viewform?usp=sf_link

Collage assignment (6/1)

HEY KIDS. Remember, yesterday was the last day to turn in stuff from the past 5 weeks to not get marked down for being late. So, if you haven’t done any work yet, uh oh.

Additionally, the first assignment that you have due this week is a SELF PORTRAIT collage. This is due by FRIDAY THIS WEEK.

What does this mean? Well, get a bunch of materials, cut it up, and make a self portrait. I have an example I am currently uploading to show you guys, but for now, look at these images for inspiration…

So what am I looking for?

A self-portrait collage. A picture of you. Not your cat. Not your brother. Not your grandpa. A self portrait is a picture of YOU. You are going to then take this picture of you and recreate it using FOUND OBJECTS that you have in your house. This image will be at least 9 inches by 12 inches large. You can go bigger, if you want. The larger your image, the better, as it allows you to cut more intricate details and have fun with different shapes/textures.

I want to see a collection of materials that you will use in your collage. The weirder, the better. Music sheets, magazines, old cutup t-shirts, book pages, interesting pattern fabric, cut up bottle labels, tinfoil, WHATEVER. I want to see at least 5 different materials being used in your piece. You will use these to make the image of you. Use glue to put it all together.

You can use paint and marker in areas to discolor materials for shadows or highlights. Get fun with it. Get creative. However, this does not mean that you are allowed to DRAW yourself with a pencil, and say you did the assignment. I want to see a collage.

As for the weekly google form assignment… Expect it to show up by tomorrow. I will be putting up an additional post by tomorrow with the google form assignment and a video showing an example of this assignment.

Canva Business Card Assignment

Hey guys, as of yesterday, I assigned you all with creating 2 business cards through www.canva.com. The requirements for the assignment are on the previous blog post. Make sure to look them over while making your design.

Here are 2 different business cards I created for you to see as an example.

Additionally, here is a video I created yesterday showing how to use canva. It is basically everything I went over in this weeks video session, so, check it out if you missed it.


LASTLY, don’t forget. As of June 1st (this upcoming Monday), any late work I receive will receive reduced credit. If you want full credit on those late assignments that you have just chosen to refuse to do, turn them in before that day.

Work for 5/26 to 5/29


First note…: SENIORS ARE GONE. This means that there isn’t much time left in getting your stuff complete. IN FACT, I am making it a point to say that by NEXT WEEK, MONDAY (June 1st), any late work I receive from the past 5 weeks will be only awarded PARTIAL CREDIT. So, if you’re missing any work from the past few weeks, get it done and turned in before Monday next week.

Also, don’t forget, we are doing a class video chat today here in about 20 minutes (at noon).

Now, for your assignments for this week…:

Assignment 1: Business Cards using Canva.
Make an account on that link. This is similar to Adobe Spark in what it can do, however, it has more options for creating print materials, such as business cards and brochures. I literally picked up the program this morning at 10am, and created 2 business cards, and recorded a half hour video on how to use it. If it does not work on your computer, then download the app and do it on your phone (or tablet, or whatever device you want to use).

You are creating 2 business cards for 2 different clients. They have requirements for what they want on it and how they want it to look. Make the client happy.

Business Card 1:
Logo: Using the symbol elements, create a logo that involves some mexican food as well as a culinary tools (Plate, fork, knife, etc).
Company Title: Amigos and Burritos
Title Subtext: Mexican Culinary
Catchy phrase: “Our own family recipes for you to enjoy.”
Contact Information: www.amigosandburritos.com, amigosandburritos@andb.com, and 313.555.5555.
Additional Client Notes: The client wants the business card to use White, Orange, Green, and Red. Additionally, wants it to look very festive, with the use of triangles. Use both sides of the business card, with Logo on both sides.

Business Card 2:
Logo: Using the symbol elements, create a logo that involves characters and some form of musical instrument.
Company Title: Toons & Tunes
Title Subtext: Animation Studio
Catchy phrase: “We can make your ideas sing and dance”
Contact Information: www.toonsandtunesanimation.com, toonsandtunes@tata.com, and 313.555.5555.
Additional Client Notes: The client wants the business card to use White, black, blue, and yellow. Additionally, they want it to look whimsical but professional, with the use of a cartoon face somewhere in the image. They want the company title with a full body cartoon character on the back of the card, and the logo + all the info on the front of the card.

I will be posting examples and a video demo in a post that I will be putting up later today.

Assignment 2: Do this google form…. This is based off a personal favorite artist of mine, Roy Lichtenstein. There are 3 questions that require you to write FULL SENTENCES!

Work 5/18 to 5/22

This is the last week for seniors, so they better get cracking on finishing whatever they are missing. If you are not a senior, realize that you have some more time to work… but not much. SO, DO NOT HESITATE TO FINISH YOUR ASSIGNMENTS.

Project 1 for the week!
Make a commercial with Adobe Spark! https://spark.adobe.com/

Yes, yes, I know, we already used Adobe Spark, and I know most of you did very well with utilizing it to create a social media post. However, this assignment is going to be a little intricate…

You are to create a commercial video that meets the following requirements…:
1) At least 25 seconds long.
2) Use at least 4 video clips.
3) Music and a theme that fits the commercial.
4) A beginning eye catching statement, and an ending shot that wraps up the product.
5) Words that are “advertising” something.
6) All original content… Meaning that all photos and video clips in your commercial must be taken by you and your phone.
7) As professional as you can make it.

Here is an example I made today for a fake restaurant… https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MjPrLzmaNCp55O0NDsZPtksXT18_NEhz/view?usp=sharing

All the clips I recorded on my 3 year old phone. I used my kitchen for the entire project. Between shooting the content and making the video, it took me a little over an hour to do.

If you guys are absolutely stumped on what to do, here are some ideas for a commercial video…:
1) Set up a board game and show all the pieces.
2) Advertising food for fake restaurant.
3) Advertising a service from a lawn care company (or mechanic, or computer repair, or something).
4) Showing a step-by-step for creating a craft that you do.

Here is a google form.


Get it done!

Art Movement Presentation

I woke up today and found a few students had already done the assignments this week. That is awesome, and I greatly appreciate the promptness on getting the assignments completed so quickly, ESPECIALLY because most of these assignments are pretty chill and easy to complete. So, if you are one of those people, good on you.

Additionally, here is an example slide presentation I put together this morning in about 1 hour…


This is basically what I am looking for, so if you are unsure as to what I mean by “slide show presentation” or if you are confused by any of the required slides I am asking for, please look at how I put mine together for inspiration.

Work 5/11 – 5/15

Directly from Wikipedia….: “An art movement is a tendency or style in art with a specific common philosophy or goal, followed by a group of artists during a specific period of time, (usually a few months, years or decades) or, at least, with the heyday of the movement defined within a number of years.”

What does that mean? Basically, a group of artists around the same time all did art with similar styles, techniques, and ideas. Some groups of artists loved using lots of colors to show emotion in their art, while others were more in love with painting realistic images of people in different scenes. These groups of artists would have been following different “art movements”. There were many art movements in history, each one with a unique style and story.

Choose one of the following art movements…
Renaissance Art
Pop Art
Art Nouveau

Your first assignment for the week will be to create a google presentation (slide show) presenting the art movement you selected.

The slide show will require…:
1) One Title Slide with the art movement name and one art piece showing the style of the movement.
2) One information slide that will use bullet points to explain and describe what the art movement looks like. Use an art piece example in the slide for the viewer to reference while reading your explaination.
(example: Describe what does an “Expressionism” painting look like?)
3) Three slides presenting 3 artists from the art movement. Each artist will have their own slide showing 2 of their art pieces FROM THE ART MOVEMENT. Write a paragraph explaining why they are part of the art movement (what colors do they use in their art that is similar to the art movement? What subject matter do they draw that is part of the art movement? Explain why).
4) One opinion slide with a 5 sentence paragraph explaining what you like/dislike about the art movement style.

Additionally, the presentation requires the following rules…:
Easy to read – Dark font on light background, Easy to read font, background is a basic picture
Good quality pictures – Make sure all your pictures are large and crisp, with no image being smaller than 600×600 pixels. If your image is blurry, stretched, or pixelated, it will not be accepted.
A minimum of 6 slides total.
Your goal is that you are creating a GOOD LOOKING PRESENTATION that is informative and easy to read. When you are done, you will share the presentation to my email.

Your second assignment is another visual thinking strategy, but this time with movie clips. Please go to the link listed below… Watch each clip, and write your response…


Video Chat, 5/7

Don’t forget, today at noon will be our secondly weekly video chat session. Again, we will be using the Big Blue Button on the iLearn page for our 2020 design class.

I did want to add…. Tuesday was, in my opinion, a very successful experience. As you all have heard me talk about it before, I try to incorporate work based learning assignments into the class so you can all hear from working professionals. So, on Tuesday, our video chat consisted of watching a professional graphic designer work on a commission piece, while explaining her process. To summarize it, she worked on a piece for a client (character sketch work), while also showing some process work for previous files and illustrations that she had worked on. She explained her process from researching reference, sketching positions, doing color compositions, and then the final finished piece.

My goal is to have her come in again next week (maybe even today, if I can get a hold of her), and explain her graphic design work that she does for the company she works for. You guys can feel free to ask questions as she is working or navigating her files. Even if you are not interested in graphic design or illustration, I hope you take the opportunity to learn something from her presentation.

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