Collage assignment (6/1)

HEY KIDS. Remember, yesterday was the last day to turn in stuff from the past 5 weeks to not get marked down for being late. So, if you haven’t done any work yet, uh oh.

Additionally, the first assignment that you have due this week is a SELF PORTRAIT collage. This is due by FRIDAY THIS WEEK.

What does this mean? Well, get a bunch of materials, cut it up, and make a self portrait. I have an example I am currently uploading to show you guys, but for now, look at these images for inspiration…

So what am I looking for?

A self-portrait collage. A picture of you. Not your cat. Not your brother. Not your grandpa. A self portrait is a picture of YOU. You are going to then take this picture of you and recreate it using FOUND OBJECTS that you have in your house. This image will be at least 9 inches by 12 inches large. You can go bigger, if you want. The larger your image, the better, as it allows you to cut more intricate details and have fun with different shapes/textures.

I want to see a collection of materials that you will use in your collage. The weirder, the better. Music sheets, magazines, old cutup t-shirts, book pages, interesting pattern fabric, cut up bottle labels, tinfoil, WHATEVER. I want to see at least 5 different materials being used in your piece. You will use these to make the image of you. Use glue to put it all together.

You can use paint and marker in areas to discolor materials for shadows or highlights. Get fun with it. Get creative. However, this does not mean that you are allowed to DRAW yourself with a pencil, and say you did the assignment. I want to see a collage.

As for the weekly google form assignment… Expect it to show up by tomorrow. I will be putting up an additional post by tomorrow with the google form assignment and a video showing an example of this assignment.

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