Work 5/18 to 5/22

This is the last week for seniors, so they better get cracking on finishing whatever they are missing. If you are not a senior, realize that you have some more time to work… but not much. SO, DO NOT HESITATE TO FINISH YOUR ASSIGNMENTS.

Project 1 for the week!
Make a commercial with Adobe Spark! https://spark.adobe.com/

Yes, yes, I know, we already used Adobe Spark, and I know most of you did very well with utilizing it to create a social media post. However, this assignment is going to be a little intricate…

You are to create a commercial video that meets the following requirements…:
1) At least 25 seconds long.
2) Use at least 4 video clips.
3) Music and a theme that fits the commercial.
4) A beginning eye catching statement, and an ending shot that wraps up the product.
5) Words that are “advertising” something.
6) All original content… Meaning that all photos and video clips in your commercial must be taken by you and your phone.
7) As professional as you can make it.

Here is an example I made today for a fake restaurant… https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MjPrLzmaNCp55O0NDsZPtksXT18_NEhz/view?usp=sharing

All the clips I recorded on my 3 year old phone. I used my kitchen for the entire project. Between shooting the content and making the video, it took me a little over an hour to do.

If you guys are absolutely stumped on what to do, here are some ideas for a commercial video…:
1) Set up a board game and show all the pieces.
2) Advertising food for fake restaurant.
3) Advertising a service from a lawn care company (or mechanic, or computer repair, or something).
4) Showing a step-by-step for creating a craft that you do.

Here is a google form.


Get it done!

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