Ms. Sabourin Plays Art Bingo, Day 1!

The box I chose says, ” Try making a sculpture by cutting and gluing just one sheet of paper together.” I used a sheet of printer paper, small scissors, and tape. I cut many long lines into my paper, then I bent the strips and taped or folded them together.

Fun Online Art Activities

Below is a list of art activities Ms. Sabourin recommends to try out while we are away from the art room. Just one or two activities a week will help us keep those creative juices flowing and improve our making skills! Pick the ones you like! Have fun making art!

Grade 3-5 Art Resources and Tutorials:

1. 31 Awesome Drawing Prompts – easy and creative for K-5

2. How to Make a Simple Flip Book

3. How to Draw a 3D City on a Flat Paper – One Point Perspective for Beginners

4. How to Draw an Interior Space with One Point Perspective

5. How to Draw a Layered Landscape and Make it look like Stained Glass

6. Hot to Draw a Realistic Eye

7. How to Draw an Optical Illusion – Looks like a 3D hole in your paper!

8. How to Draw and Shade 3D Geometric Forms

9. How to Create a Mini Comic Book from One Sheet of Paper

10. Artist Trading Cards Template

Folding and Creating with Paper or Cardboard:

1.How to Fold an Origami Ninja Star 

2. Paper Strip Sculpture 

3. Paper Bead Bracelets and Necklaces – can use a pencil to roll, glue OR tape, any thin string.

4. No Glue Cardboard Sculpture!

K-2 Art Resources and Tutorials:

1.31 Awesome Drawing Prompts – easy and creative for K-5

2. How to Turn the ABC’s into pictures – practice writing letter, then create picture!

Folding and Creating with Paper or Cardboard:

3. Paper Strip Sculpture 

4. How to Cut Lines and Shapes K-2

Paper, Glue, and Paint Crafts                                                                     (If you have supplies…can also be changed for what you do have!)

5. 40 Great Creative Kindergarten Activities

6. 40 Great 1st/2nd Grade Activities – Paper Wind Chimes, One Paper Sculptures, Yarn and Paper Weaving, Collage and Painting as well.

7. How to Create a Bean/Noodle/Bead Mosaic (Glue required, any kind)

Art Bingo for art prizes!

Keep your creativity flowing for the next month with Art Bingo! Each time you complete an art activity, cross off the box. When you get 5 in a row, you earn a bingo! Bring your bingo card back to school with any artwork you made to receive an art prize, one for each bingo! Have fun!

2nd Grade – Printmaking “Wild Things”