September 1

Schoology Update

4th and 5th graders — You have your first assignment posted in my course on Schoology. It is a short activity and is due Thursday. Please let me know if you have any trouble accessing it. I am learning how to use Schoology, too! 😉

August 28

Welcome Back!

Hello, art students, and welcome to another school year! It may look different this year, but our goal is the same: to make art and have fun!

Until everything is running smoothly with Schoology, I will be communicating through my blog. Once Schoology is set, however, that will be the place to go for your lessons.

One big thing I would like to remind you of is YES, YOU ARE GRADED IN ART. Participation in my class is not optional, but required. If at any time you have questions about assignments, it is your job to ask. I am here for you!

Let’s make this the best weird year we can!

April 19

Found Object Color Wheels – Elementary

Our first remote learning assignment for elementary students was the found object color wheel. A found object is something that doesn’t normally have an artistic purpose and, most of the time, isn’t something that you need to buy. Students used things from around their homes to create their own color wheels.

Anhar, 5th grade

Ayman, 5th grade, and Marwan, 4th grade

Bayan, 4th grade

Laila, 4th grade

Riyad, 4th grade

March 27

Google Classroom Codes – Elementary

Elementary students, if you have not joined my Google Classroom, PLEASE DO IT. Your classroom teacher has already shared the code with you.

4th Grade

Ms. A – zx3xnj5
Ramouni – rw5d4lb
Elward – ehpzhwr
Haidarah – klt252y

5th Grade

Dexter – 3dvekwq
Musleh – 7pgutpu
Ali – 7yjurvn
Abdullah – azc7mns

February 27

Tales of a 4th Grade Donut

4th graders are busy working on paper mache donuts.  We created an armature, or the skeleton of a sculpture, using rolled up newspaper.  Then layers of paper and paper mache paste were added to build up the donut.  The last layer is construction paper.  It’s not only easier than painting the donut, but it also adds another layer of strength and will contrast well with our glossy donut “frosting” later on.

Getting some more sweet tea, I mean, paste.

Helping each other make sure everything is nice and smooth.

Working hard to get that chocolate donut just right!

These ladies finished a little early, so they did some building activities.

Almost done! Can you spot the Gucci donut?

February 11


Congratulations go out to 8th grader, Noora A., whose art was selected to represent Salina Intermediate in the board room at the administrative service center.  Each school in the district has  a frame that displays a student with their art work along with brief description of their art.  Noora created an autobiographical map of her interests and personality.  It is done with marker, colored pencil, and paint.  The picture of Noora and her art will be up for one year.