February 11

Welcome baby Nadia!

It’s been a little quiet on the blog, but for good reason… My sweet Nadia was born on November 17, 2018!  I was at home with her for 8 weeks, so guest teacher, Ms. O’Brien, was in charge of our art room.  Nadia is now 3 months old!  Check out that hair!  Hopefully she will like art as much as her mama.

November 3

Empty Bowls 2017

As we get ready to celebrate Thanksgiving and being thankful for the things we have, we must also remember those who are in need.  Empty Bowls helps raise money to help fight hunger for many families in our area.  Please join the Art department on Monday, November 20th at Park Place!

November 1

Thank You, Mr. Shashko!

Recently, the art department at Salina was gifted an amazing donation by Wildcat alumnus, Mr. Alexander Shashko.  The money will be used to purchase consumable art supplies (like watercolor paint, tempera cakes, oil pastels) as well as non-consumable supplies that can be used year after year.  We appreciate your continued support for Salina and the arts, Mr. Shashko!

September 11

Reminder to all classes!

4th, 5th, and middle school art students need to bring a composition notebook (see below) to use in Art class.  These notebooks will be used as an art journal for sketching, bell work, notes, and reflections.  They will also help the student keep track of what art center they visit during each class.  Thank you to the students who have already brought their notebook to class!

September 1

Welcome Back!

Hello everyone!  I am happy to announce that I will be at Salina Intermediate FULL TIME this year.  As a result, our 7th and 8th grade students will once again have art!  This year, our art room will run a little differently.  My goal is to help our students become creative and independent thinkers – qualities that will serve them no matter what path they later take.  To help me achieve this, I have decided to start a TAB classroom.  TAB is short for Teaching Artistic Behavior.  It gives students choice in their art experience.  You can read more about TAB by clicking HERE.

Check back for updates on our new journey!

May 2

A friendly reminder…

Please DO NOT wear your nicest clothes to Art.  PLEASE.  Students, you know which days you have Art each week.  It is not a surprise.  If you must look fly each and every day, bring one of your dad’s/grandpa’s/uncle’s old button down shirts to use when you are painting.  You remember to bring gym shoes, so you can remember this as well 😉

Parents, if your child comes home with paint on their clothes, that means they had a great time in Art that day.  Here is a helpful stain remover tip:

Blot away excess paint from the garment if it is still damp. If the paint has dried, scrape away any excess before beginning stain removal. Apply a heavy duty liquid laundry detergent directly to the stain so that it is completely saturated. Allow it to set for at least 1 hour before rinsing out.

If the stain does not come out the first time, wash the item again.  Heat from the dryer will set the stain, so keep washing until it fades.