October 7

About Mrs. Kushnir

Mrs. Kushnir has a Bachelors of Art in Visual Arts Education from Wayne State University.

Her favorite foods are macaroni and cheese, pizza, kanafa, Polish and Korean food.

Her favorite color is green.  She even lives in a green house.

Her second favorite subject is History.

Her favorite thing to do in art class is draw with pencil.

She is married to Mr. Ian and has one daughter, Nadia.

She has 2 dogs, Wonton and Yaki, along with outside fish, a bird, and a turtle.

Besides art, Mrs. Kushnir enjoys playing video games, eating, going to museums, spending time with her friends and family,  and reenacting the U.S. Civil War.

If Mrs. Kushnir wasn’t an art teacher, she would be a social studies teacher or a meteorologist.