Many kids have used up their materials from the beginning of the year.  Many kids have no glue sticks, lined, paper, pencils, etc.  Notebooks do not need replacing but a few kids have folders that are falling apart as well.

Thank you!

(Yes, I told them about the lunar eclipse happening Sunday night well after bedtime.)

Team B only

We glued graph sorting cards into notebook pages 38-39.

They worked on a graphing worksheet.  The graph WS is homework if not finished.

They turned in the study guide, notebooks, and late work before taking the mid-term exam.

After the midterm we came up with four new words from the cell reading that they did word wall vocab boxes for.  These need to be finished for homework if not finished in class.

Groups then began planning how they can design an investigation proving whether or not lentils are alive.

Core 3B did Frayer boxes instead of word wall boxes and did not begin the investigation.


Fri 1/18: half day and the last day of marking period # 2 (Report cards will not be sent home until later.)

Mon 1/21: no school (MLK Jr. day)

Tues 1/22: half day  (Middle school core classes do not change like high school.)

Wed 1/ 23: half day

Thurs 1/24 and Fri 1/25 are Science NWEA testing.

The kids who were done with the study guide went over the study guide in a group with me and then reviewed.  The kids who needed more time to finish were allowed more time in class.  Be sure to study for the midterm!

I then gave them another cell reading.  (Read, box and summarize, talk to the text and answer the questions on the back.)

I handed out study guides to both teams today so kids could work on the study guide and study for the midterm over the weekend  The study guide is also in google classroom along with a copy that says which notebook page to look at for the answers.  We will correct the study guide next week Mon/Tues.  The exam is Wed/Thurs.

Anyone who wants to retake the body systems quiz was told to see me after school today.

Team A only:  We glued graph sorting cards into notebook pages 38-39.  They worked on a graphing worksheet.  I then handed out the study guide and gave them time to work on the study guide.

I just found out that all subjects are required to give mid-term summative assessments this week and next week.  This test will be on everything since the beginning of the year.  We will review Mon/Tues and the test will be Wed/Thurs.  Everything we have done is still in google classroom and should be in the notebooks as well.

  • BW: p 34- What do cells need to be able to do.
  • I showed a few video clips.  The links are in google classroom.
  • Read the amoeba reading (B/S, T2T), label diagram.
  • Amoeba NB p. 35.  Draw amoeba, label parts, tell what each part does.
  • Cell reading (B/S, T2T), answer questions.
  • Plant and animal cell NB p. 36-37.  Draw plant cell, label parts, tell what each part does.  Same on p. 37 for animal cell.

I originally said no retakes on the body systems quiz since it was an open notebook quiz.   I have changed my mind since I was not clear with the kids before the quiz that there were no retakes and I am not sure they understood that fact.  The retake will be next week after school.


NWEA Language testing so there was no homework.

Remember there was homework before break so be sure to finish that work (story board for the pain article.)

Extra Credit is due Wednesday.

This assignment was also posted in Google Classroom.  Click to open the pdf below which explains everything.

Scientist Extra Credit Assignment

Wed/ Thurs

BW- NB p 31 How do memories formed by the nervous system help animals survive.  (See Google CR for exact question.)

Read #2 on pain article.  Highlight anything that will help you complete the story board explained at the end.

Story board (plan, then do final copy neatly using words and pictures.) This is homework if not finished in class.

  • box 1 is the injury, box 2 is is the nerves sensing the injury——->box 7 is the body reacting.  The kids need to use the article (and videos we have watched) to figure out what should go in the other boxes.


Field trip for most of the day!

KIDS GOING ON THE FIELD TRIP NEED TO BRING A PACKED LUNCH CLEARLY LABELED IN PERMANENT MARKER.  Students will NOT be allowed to call home for their lunch, money, or anything else on the day of the trip.  Also, please do not plan on dropping their lunch off in the office for them.  The cafeteria will make any student who says they have no lunch something to bring for lunch so they will not go hungry.



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