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Progress reports were handed out last hour Friday 5/17 to be taken home to parents.  They are on salmon (peach) paper and look sort of like the report cards.

Some students did not receive any progress reports because they are not failing any classes.  A few students received one that only says their grade in one class with no other comments.

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Thurs 5/16 & Fri 5/17

BW: went on NB p. 60

They matched cards and used that to check the front of the reading from last time.  They finished the back of the air pressure reading.

We discussed air masses and fronts and then the kids did a foldable about cold and warm fronts.  I did not send the foldable home for B-day classes but A-day classes should finish in class.

Since we needed to shift the NWEA testing by a few days we can now have the quiz Monday and Tuesday.  Since the quiz is on a few different units spread out a bit due to testing I gave the kids a list of exactly what to study.  They were given time at the end to write it down.  Study the following topics:

Thermal Energy

Thermal energy moves from areas of ____________ temperature to areas of __________ temperature.

How do insulators and conductors relate to thermal energy.

 Water Cycle

Questions from NB p. 59


How do clouds form?

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Tues 5/14 & Wed 5/15

BW: Explain the density column I showed (NB p. 60)

I had them fix their experiment procedures from last time and limited down their materials available since we needed to test in class.  Most groups finished, tested out their procedures and finished the back.  Any group that played around and did not bring me corrected procedure did not get to test their experiment out.  These kids can test at home since we were only using very basic materials available at home. (Any bottle will work if you don’t have a pop bottle.)

I then handed out a sheet about air pressure.  The front only is homework for B-day classes.

Monday and Tuesday I handed out a sheet to each kid who had any missing scores so they can handle the problem. 

I need to give another quiz but with NWEA testing the scheduling is an issue.

I did tell the kids I would hold another retake day Friday after school.  Corrections and parent notes are due by Thursday.

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Fri 5/10 & Mon 5/13

BW: (p. 58) How is thermal energy related to the water cycle?

I gave them another 15 minutes to check that they had everything they needed from the water cycle cubes on their group’s model.

They had a short reading and questions about condensation and cloud formation.  This was done, checked, and turned in during class.

They then discussed how to get condensation to form on the inside of a 2 liter bottle and planned their procedure out.  This was turned in at the end of class so I can look them over.

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Wed 5/8 & Thurs 5/9

We took the quiz on the tier 2 words.

The kids answered questions about the water cycle on NB p. 59.

1A, 2A, and all three B-day classes worked on a water cycle model in groups.  This was not homework.

Core 3A had an article about the water cycle to read and annotate.  They then marked details and annotated the details on a picture I gave them.  This is homework for anyone who did not finish in class.

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Mon 5/6 & Tues 5/7

BW: NB p. 58 they filled in the words for changing state on a diagram with ice, liquid, gas (freezing, melting, evaporation, condensation)

The kids did an activity where they took a trip through the water cycle and filled out the front of a paper with their trip.

On the back they did either a flow chart or comic where they explained the trip they took through the water cycle as a molecule of water.


The tier 2 vocab quiz is Wed/Thurs.  I handed back the vocab sheets, the sheet is also in google classroom.  I also put links to two Quizlet word sets on the blog last week to use to study.

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Thurs 5/2 & Fri 5/3

We spent a long two days testing!  No homework.

Here are two links to the tier 2 words they need to study for the quiz next Wednesday and Thursday.

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Wed 5/1

M-STEP testing tomorrow and Friday for the 6th grade.  Please be sure to be well rested and eat a good breakfast.  Also, be on time for school since we are testing.

A-Day only

The kids created a model of a thermal energy situation and shared with a group.

There was also a reading about energy.  Read, talk to the text, and answer the questions.

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Mon 4/29 & Tues 2/30

We will be taking the M-STEP on Thursday and Friday this week.

Bellwork was about conduction and went on NB p. 56

We did a short investigation which went on NB p. 57

They recorded data from a simulation and graphed the data.  The graphs should be three different color line graphs on the same graph.  Some classes took the graph home for homework.  Here is the link to the simulation website.


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Fri 4/26

B-Day only

Today was another M-STEP prep day.  They wrote a short piece using the text structures we have been learning about and then shared with a group.

They then worked in groups to annotate the text features of a science article and explain the author’s purpose for each feature.  Groups should have finished in class.  Some kids in core 3 did this individually.

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