Friday, April 3rd

We are officially off for spring break next week so there will be no new assignments posted next week. Online/remote learning will continue after break due to the governor’s order to close school buildings. Please be aware that this order closes down buildings but does not end “school” early. Teachers and students will continue to work from home like we have been doing for the past few weeks. I will not know the answer about changes, work, grades, etc until the superintendent and Ms. Hassan let teachers know what their plan is for continuing online learning.

The engineering projects I have seen so far look pretty good. Be sure you test them. You are supposed to turn them in to google classroom. I will grade and share some in the next week or two.

Kids, if you have questions and answer choices for the next survey share your ideas with me. You can type them in a google doc and share it with me. Typing it up and posting a survey in Google forms is easy, it’s coming up with questions and choices that is hard.

Stay healthy and enjoy your week off!

If you didn’t see the video of the teachers telling students we miss you all then go to the Woodworth blog or student council Instagram page and watch it. (My son is in the picture with me.)


Marking period 3 grades are based on what we did before schools closed. Within the next few days you should be able to look up the grades under marks in parent connect.

All online work for science has been entered as “not graded” for marking period 4. This is to allow parents to keep track of whether or not their children are doing the online work I am posting. Counting this as graded work is unfair at this point to those kids who have no access to technology at home or who need help doing the work and do not have help available at home. We are not sure what is happening with the rest of the school year. We expect a decision from the government within the next week or so. If we are told the online work is for a grade I will mark it graded at that point.

Assignment #5

This week’s work is a little different. Instead of Moby Max and a reading assignment I gave you an engineering challenge. The directions for the challenge as well as daily tasks and reflection questions are all together in a document I am assigning in google classroom. You are only using materials found easily at home since we are all under order of the governor to stay at home. The entire project is due by Saturday.

This week is virtual spirit week!

I will put the flier into google classroom since we aren’t supposed to put pdf files on our blogs. Be sure to look for it- today is pajamas at school day. Ms. Charara wants pictures!

Graded Assignments

Also, after I have graded online work there is no reason for me to go back in and check that assignment over again. Google will alert me if you turn it in late in GCR but Moby Max will not. You will need to email me to let me know to go back in and check. I am posting your scores in GCR so you can see that I have graded it. If you see student connect says you are missing work that you did in fact already do then (politely) email me. You might have done it after I went through and graded.

If I have you missing Moby work that you have actually already done I think you can also send me a screen shot of your scores on the lessons I have assigned. Grading work in Moby Max is not an easy process and the program is telling me some of you have done nothing even though you say you have finished. Sending a screen shot of scores will let me give you a grade on it.

Moby Max

I graded the Moby Max work this afternoon. If you finish any of the past due Moby lessons you need to email me and let me know. I will not go back in to look at your scores until I grade next week’s work.

I posted several suggestions for kids to try who are having trouble logging into Moby Max.

  1. You must be logged into your school Google account BUT ALSO logged out of all other google accounts.
  2. Go into Moby Max through clever on the student portal of the Dearborn School website.
  3. My screen looks completely different than yours but your assignments should show up on the assignments tab. I have assigned them to each of you. If the assignments do not show up you should be able to get to the lessons through what Moby calls the library.
  4. Look at the help sheet I posted in Google Classroom to see what to click on.
  5. Parents, I am putting the online work in for marking period 4 so you can have your child log into Moby Max and GCR to check their progress. This will enable you to have them get caught up still.

Google classroom will alert me if you turn something in late there.

Assignment # 4- Body Systems reading

I posted a new assignment in google classroom.

Parents, if you want to keep track of whether or not your children are doing their online work you can have them log into Google Classroom and Moby Max and show you their progress. I am going to count the online work on the next marking period for a few different reasons. This means you can still make them do the work they haven’t completed.

Today is the last day to turn in the quiz retake. (In Google Classroom)

All late work from before schools shut down is due by Friday 3/27 because Friday is the last day of the term. If kids don’t have their folders everything is in Google Classroom.

I posted a Moby Max help sheet in Google Classroom that might help kids who are having trouble.


Kids, if you are bored look up Ted Ed Riddles on YouTube. Stop the video after it gives the riddle and try to figure it out with your family before you keep playing and hear the answer. You might want to preview them first so you don’t play something like the zombie riddle that might scare little ones.

Free meals continue

Just to let you know, schools will still be handing out free meals (breakfast and lunch) to students even with the Governor’s shelter at home order going into effect. I believe Zaman International will also be at school one day this week handing out food and such to families in need. Drive or walk to the staff parking lot by the cafeteria.

Help Please

Do any students want to make a screencast showing others how to log into Moby Max and get to your assignments? I was thinking this might help kids who are struggling still. I can’t see what you kids see so I can’t do it from my account. If one of you makes one I will post it in Google classroom for everyone. Explain what you are doing for the audio while you click on your screen.