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Please remember that I have posted multiple times that grading will be a bit different during the period of schools being shut down. The grade book reflects the standard grading scale that we use nomally. An adjusted grade scale will be used for marking period 4 final grades. I will make the ajustment when I enter grades for report cards.

All late work turned in has been entered into student connect. I did go through and enter half points for any scores below 50% on assignments # 7-13. These were the required assignments and will count against a student’s grade if they are missing. (Assignments #1-5 and #14 do not count against students if they are missing so I did not enter half credit.)

Thank you to the families that provided so much support for their kids during the last 3 months of learning from home. Over half of my students currently have A’s and B’s which shows how much hard work you all did at home!

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Important parent survey from Dearborn Schools

We are asking for your input. Please take a few moments to take this important survey.

School ReOpen Committee Parent Survey #1

Arabic Version School Reopen Committee Dearborn Public Schools  Parent Survey:
استطلاع رأي أولياء أمور مدارس ديربورن الرسمية الخاص بلجنة إعادة فتح المدارس 1 حزيران \يونيو 2020بدأت الولاية و قطاعنا التعليمي المناقشة المعقدة والمفصلة حول إمكانية إعادة فتح المدارس للسنة الدراسية 2020-2021. يجري هذه المناقشات خبراء في التعليم والعمليات والصحة العامة والنقل والخدمات الغذائية والرياضة والعديد من المجالات الأخرى التي تعد جزءًا من عمل أيرقطاع مدرسي. يرجى العلم أن أي خطط وضعتها / تضعها مدارس ديربورن الرسمية ستحتاج إلى الالتزام بالتوجيهات والأوامر التنفيذية الصادرة عن الحاكمة.

لتبني هذه الخطط على مستوى القطاع نحن بحاجة إلى أرائكم القيمة. يرجى الرد على الاستطلاع بحلول 7 حزيران/ يونيو 2020.استطلاع أولياء الأمور الخاص بلجنة إعادة فتح المدارس 2020 

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Last chance to improve grades!

This weekend is the last chance for students to improve their grades. All late work is due by Monday, June 8th.

I have graded and entered all late work turned in by about 11 am Friday. Some students turned assignments back in without completing or fixing them. That will not earn them any more points.

Here is what was in an email I sent out this morning to students who still have to fix and complete assignments over the weekend:

Hi, you have one more weekend to work really hard and bring up your grade in science class.  You need to look at student connect for assignments you received a low grade on and go into google classroom to see why you received that grade.  

See if you need to fix the google doc answer sheet and turn it back in.  (I probably left you a comment about what was wrong.) See if you forgot part of the assignment such as the google forms assignments.  Turning work in that you did not complete or fix will not magically earn you more points.

All of the video lessons are still available in the slides posted with assignments each week.  Watch the video lessons so you know what to do to fix or complete the assignments.

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This week: Late work and Assignment #14

The main task this week is for kids who are behind to fix, complete, and turn in assignments they lost most of the points on. Comments have been left as I have been grading so kids who only received half credit know what to fix before turning completed assignments back in. All late work is due by Monday, June 8th.

Because assignment # 1-5 were from the period of enrichment work they do not count against kids who missed them. To avoid confusion about which assignments really count, I deleted assignments #1-5 from google classroom. You should be focusing on assignments # 6-13 at this point. Assignments #6-13 are from the required new learning period of work so will count against your grade if not completed.

Several students have everything turned in and have received most of their points. Others might only have one assignment to fix. For this reason, an optional assignment about cell organelles was posted in google classroom for this week. Assignment #14 is not required and will count as extra credit.

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Important note from Ms. Hassan’s Blog

Students need to follow the posted schedule next week to come and pick up their belongings from their locker. Please open the document in this post and read it. Students must come at assigned times with a parent. Everybody needs to stay in their car and parents will need to show ID to get the belongings. Students and parents will not be entering the building. We have already bagged up and labeled the contents of all the lockers.
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Assignment #13

This week’s work was posted on Tuesday morning and is due Friday.

All the directions, links, and video lessons are in the slides. The work goes in the google doc and google forms link.

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Important post from Ms. Hassan

This is a link to an important post on the school blog

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Assignment #12

Oops! Assignment #12 was posted last Sunday and is due today (Thursday.) The kids have to get into the videos through their school account. The video lessons will not play from a non DPS account. The one I posted on the blog had different settings. Our science program is copyrighted material so I can not make the video lessons public.

No school Friday and Monday so enjoy the long weekend.

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Assignment #11

I posted this week’s work on Sunday again to give the fasting kids who are working in the middle of the night 5 full nights to complete the work.

All the directions and links to the video lessons are in the slides posted with the lesson. I also posted a video giving kids an overview of the whole week because some have been missing parts of the work the last few weeks.

  • Monday: Study for quiz
  • Tuesday: quiz
  • Wed: Thurs: article
  • Fri: questions about article

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First, thank you to all of you who are helping to make sure your children are completing their online learning. This situation is hard for all of us and learning alone at home is very challenging for kids. Please know that teachers are not assigning work without and explanation for kids on what to do. Many students are skipping the directions and recorded lessons we are posting and then struggling to complete the work.

For science we have been putting the directions and links to all the recorded lessons, videos, google forms, and such for the week into google slides we post with each assignment. This puts everything in one place for students so they don’t have to wonder where the links and such are. (I cannot tell you how many times a day I have to ask a student if they watched the video lesson or to look in the slides.) The kids should not expect to be able to complete the work without going through the slides for that day and watching the recorded lesson.

If you didn’t see before I posted a video for parents showing you how to check up on your children in google classroom.

We will continue to make weekly phone calls on Monday and Tuesday to check in on students who didn’t do their work for the past week. If there is a family situation such as illness, hospitalization, broken computers, etc. that means your child needs more time to complete the work please feel free to let the teachers know so we do not all call you on Monday. You can email or text the google voice number I have been calling everybody from. (Email me if you need my google voice phone number from me.)

Thank you to the PTA for the wonderful teacher’s appreciation video they made and sent to us! It was so nice to see.

Thank you, stay healthy!

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