Wed 12/4-Mon 12/9

We did bellwork #18 & 19 on the new bellwork sheet.

We did a group projects where the kids cut and sorted cards to form CER’s. They then made this into a poster. Core 2A did this individually.

We finished the rest of the Lake Erie article and turned it in.

We began the very first part of the next lesson. Answering their ideas about the lesson question is about all we got to.

Yes I am behind on grading papers- I’m working on it I promise…

I will also work on updating google classroom.

Mon 12/2 & Tues 12/3

Quizzes were handed back. I posted the retake procedure below. Some other kids also need to come take the quiz during the retake time because they were absent or something like that. If their quiz score is missing in the gradebook that means they need to come Thursday or Friday when the retake kids come.

We finished part C on the lot model comparison from before Thanksgiving and handed them in along with the lot models.

I gave them an article about Lake Erie. They need to follow the directions on the front and then do only boxes 1 and 4 on the back.

Core 1B is off from the other classes because I was out for a meeting this morning. They finished the whole Lake Erie article and will finish the lot model comparison next time.


Quizzes were handed back Monday and Tuesday. The only chance for retakes before progress reports is Thursday and Friday after school. Full sentence corrections and signed quizzes with a parent note are due the day before the retake. Kids who need help on corrections can stay after school on Wednesday.

Thurs 11/21 & Fri 11/22

BW #16

We went over the forested lot model from last time and they wrote out an answer about how water gets into a stream in the forested lot model on ISN p. 18

They did the present day lot model.

They took the lesson 2 quiz.

The bellwork sheet 3 & 4 quiz is next Mon/Tues. Here is a link to quizlet word set. It’s the same one I put into Google Classroom a few days ago.

Tues 11/19 & Wed 11/20

BW #15

They worked on the forested lot model all hour. They completed and turned in their own copy and the group rubric.

Study for the quiz! I went over in class exactly what to expect. We went over and corrected ISN pages 14-17 together so kids would have the correct info to study. I put a link to a Quizlet word set ( ) into google classroom for the lesson 2 vocab. You must understand and be able to use the words correctly on the quiz.

Fri 11/15 & Mon 11/18

The conference make up day will be Monday from 4-7 for those who were not able to come to conferences on Wednesday.

We did bellwork # 14

We went over what should be on ISN pages 14-17.

We did a partner writing assignment that summarizes and reviews how water goes into streams.

The lesson 2 quiz next week (Thurs/Fri) will have

  • What we learned in each of the labs (ISN p. 14-17)
  • The vocab from the lesson (I collected the vocab sheet but the reading and vocab sheet are in google classroom.)
  • There will also be a part that asks about how water moves when it hits different types of surfaces (concrete, grass, forest soil, gravel)
  • The kids will need to write out an answer to the lesson question about how water moves into streams.


In order to avoid giving a giant quiz or two quizzes in one day, I will separate out the quizzes for lesson 2 and for the BW sheets.

Thurs 11/21 & Fri 11/22 will be the lesson 2 quiz

Mon 11/25 & Tues 11/26 will be the quiz on bellwork sheets 3 & 4