Week of Feb 10-15 (Oops!)

This week we finished and turned in:

  • The Rainmaker sheet (The lab with the bowls)-Mon/Tues
  • The water cycle bellwork sheet.-Wed/Thurs
  • The cloud article- Wed/Thurs
  • The cloud close and critical reading sheet- Wed/Thurs

We worked on a lesson 4-5 organizer (matter chart) and they took it to study for their lesson 4 matter quiz Wed/Thurs.

We worked on a “comic strip/ graphic novel” version of the melting ice cube (An Ice Cube’s Adventure) but I have not collected these yet.- Wed/Thurs/Fri

On Friday my B-day students also worked on a partner project about phase change but this was not homework.

I will update grades some time during break next week.

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Thurs 2/6 & Fri 2/7

  • BW # 5
  • We went over the cloud article from last time.
  • We discussed the differences between what happens with evaporation v. boiling.
  • We did a rainmaker demonstration and talked about it. The kids should have finished the front in class and need to do the paragraph on the back but not the bowl in the freezer part.
  • The quiz next week will only have lesson 4 on it. I don’t feel like the students are quite ready for the lesson 5 quiz yet.
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Tues 2/4

BW day 4

We did the lesson 5 matter simulation together and turned it in.

I gave them a reading about clouds. They need to talk to the text and answer the questions that are mixed in with the text.

The quiz on lessons 4 & 5 will be next week. (States of matter and change in state.) The kids need to know the information we have been talking about in class about the particles, particle motion, and relative spacing.

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Fri 1/31 & Mon 2/3

The bellwork was day # 3 on the BW sheet.

I had kids fill out a self evaluation and set goals based on this self eval.

We went back over the lesson 4 question since many of us needed to revisit the idea. (ISN p. 29)

I did a demonstration of ice in a pan to begin lesson 5. (ISN p. 30)

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Wed 1/29- Thurs 1/30

  • Day 2 on the BW sheet.
  • We updated the lot models for lessons 3-4.
  • Groups presented the vocab words so kids could check their answers on ISN p. 27-28.
  • Kids did word wall vocab boxes and turned them in.
  • We finished up a few other details for lesson 4 such as answering the lesson question as an exit ticket. (ISN p. 26)
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Mon 1/27-Tues 1/28

New bellwork sheet- do day 1

We talked about the need to have the correct answers on assignments and on the ISN so that kids have correct answers to study for tests and quizzes. For this reason we went over the matter simulation answers once again so kids could fix their answers.

I explained the grading on the quizzes and returned them to kids. The score will not match the one in the computer because the quiz was graded on a rubric not points like normal.

Classes that hadn’t done the matter chart finished that and turned it in. Core 2B also did a matter reading that should have been finished in class. There were 7 matter vocab words they put into their ISN (p. 27-28.) Most classes have plenty of time to finish this in class but a few classes had less time and might need to finish for homework.

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Friday 1/24

Friday is the last day to turn in permission slips, waivers, and money!

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Thurs 1/23 & Fri 1/24

  • Bw # 28 do then turn in BW sheet #6.
  • Groups prepare and present models showing what they learned about solids, liquids, and gases from the simulation.
  • We filled out the lesson 4-5 organizer (matter chart paper)
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Thurs 1/16-Wed 1/22

  • BW # 27 & 28
  • Matter chart- done in pairs
  • States of Matter PhET simulation investigation.
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Link to PhET Matter Simulation


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