Mon 3/25 & Tues 3/26

We reviewed the vocab for genetics using an example Punnett square from last week for bellwork.

We then did 8 examples just like the bellwork in groups to review the vocab.

I put the link to the video that explains everything, a sheet with an explained example, and today’s examples into google classroom.  If anyone was absent or is still confused after doing 9 examples today, rewatch the video and look over the example page.  The quiz Wed/Thurs is just like what we have been going over the past few days.


Remember that all late work is due Wednesday 3/27!

The last chance for retakes is Thursday.  Everything is due by Tuesday.

Henry Ford College Environmental Science Camp Full Scholarship Application

Henry Ford College Camp Henry

Environmental Science Camp Full Scholarship Application

July 8th-9th, 2019 (Tuesday-Wednesday), 9:00 am-3:00 pm


Location: HFC’s Main Campus, 5101 Evergreen Road, Dearborn


Camp Eligibility: entering 7th, and 8th and 9th grade in Fall 2019 and attending school within the Dearborn Public Schools district.


Instructors: Mary Parekunnel, Ph.D., Environmental Science Coordinator, HFC

Zac Polzin, B.S., Biology Lab Associate, HFC


Camp Description

Campers will experience two days of adventures into the science involved in the natural world around us. Students will get an opportunity to explore rain and roof gardens, survey a forest, identify aquatic organisms, and discuss issues of environmental concern. There will be a special focus on environmental sustainability and how students can impact the future of our world, using the principles presented during the camp. Campers should leave camp with a greater appreciation and understanding of the natural world around them.


Click below to open the scholarship application or see me for a copy.

Environmental Science Summer Camp Scholarship Application

Wed 3/20 & Thurs 3/21

I handed out slips of paper with missing work over the last few days.  Way to many kids are not keeping up with getting things turned in.  Please continue to check parent connect regularly.  If your parent connect is having issues the kids can all see their grades using student connect (they know how.)

We discussed the stations activity from last time for bellwork.

I showed a movie introducing the vocab for genetics and the kids took notes.

The notes were then used to match the vocab sorting cards and glue them into the notebook on pages 52-53.

There will be a quiz on the vocab next week Wednesday and Thursday.  Here is a link to a quizlet word set:

Please check missing assignments!

All assignments that have been turned in are now in the computer.  The B-day kids have not turned in the rock paper scissors graph yet.

The end of the marking period is next Friday (2/29) so all late work is due next Wednesday.

Grades will change once this week’s quiz gets entered.

MOn 3/18 & Tues 3/19

The kids took the quiz and then did a stations activity about genetics in class.  The activity and exit ticket were classwork.

Wed 3/13 & Thurs 3/14

BW:  They did two vocab boxes from the list I gave last time to know from the quiz on NB p. 29

We discussed the Mendel reading from last time.  The quiz next Mon/Tues will be just like the reading so we went over it in detail so the kids know the steps to come up with the main idea.

We discussed more evidence relating to the mouse question last time and eliminated a few more wrong answers.

The kids collected data while playing rock paper scissors in pairs.  We gathered the whole class data and the kids graphed the data.  Anyone who didn’t finish the graph needs to finish for homework.

Remember to study for the quiz next week.  The kids marked the vocab words last time and the rest is like the Mendal reading.

Mon 3/11 & Tues 3/12

For bellwork they reviewed the 10 words I pulled from the cold article vocab to put on a quiz next week.  Kids were told to mark which words to study from the list they wrote out before.  The quiz will also have the first two M-STEP topics about text features and main idea.

They had a group discussion about fur color in a group of mice.  Their answer was written on NB p. 48.  Some classes discussed this as a group discussion and others wrote a CER.

I handed out a short reading about genetics.  The directions are written on the reading.

Fri 3/8 & Fri 3/15

The kids did a text mapping activity in pairs and then created the text structure for piece of text I gave them.  This should have been finished in class because I gave them enough class time to finish.

Wed 3/6 & Thurs 3/7

We worked on using context clues for bellwork.

We collected the class data for the how many people live in your house graph.  They worked to organize and then graph the data.  Most classes finished and turned this in during class.  A few kids in one class took it home for homework.

We finished the final copy of their dogs from last time.  We discussed the variation from only 8 genes and that real dogs and humans have closer to 20, 000 genes.

The cell quiz retake is next Wednesday.  There is an assignment that needs to be completed along with corrections and signatures.  The assignment is in google classroom but anyone without a printer can see me for a copy.  The assignment, corrections, and parent note are due no later than Tuesday.

Mon 3/4 & Tues 3/5

The cell quiz retake is scheduled for Thursday but I think I need to postpone it until next week.  In order to retake the quiz this time the kids need to complete a retake study guide in addition to corrections and a note from a parent.  The study guide is in google classroom.  Anyone without a printer can see me after school for a copy.  (With the crazy testing schedule last week some classes still haven’t gotten their quizzes back.)

The bellwork was to read a passage about a liger and tell the main idea and supporting details. (NB p. 46)

The kids then worked in pairs to do a DNA for a dog activity.  This was classwork and will be finished next time.

What we did at the end of the hour varied by class.