Progress Reports


Updated science progress reports were sent home with students! Mrs. McKeon’s team received theirs Wednesday 10/9 and Mr. Prater’s students will receive theirs Thursday 10/10. If your child loses their progress report you can see the current grade by having them log into student connect or logging into parent connect yourself.

Some students did not follow through on retaking the quiz so have not improved their grade. The retake assignment and directions were stapled to their original quiz.

Wed10/9 & Thurs 10/10


Students wrote out bellwork #4 and turned in bellwork sheet #1 with BW #1-4.

The read, annotated, and filled out the details for the unit challenge scenario. The rest of this is homework for anyone who didn’t finish (including the back.)



For some reason grades were not showing correctly. They should now be showing correctly. I will send out updated progress reports next week.

Thurs 10/3 & Fri 10/4


Bellwork was to write about human development of the land in our area.

Groups finished and presented their answer about water in our community.

Kids then added to ISN page 10 details from the presentations.

Tues 10/1 & Wed 10/2

  • We started a new bellwork sheet and wrote for BW.
  • We began the new unit and they wrote out a paragraph on ISN p. 10
  • I handed back quizzes.

Some kids have a retake note stapled to their quiz with a note written by their name that they need to retake the quiz. I will post the sign up sheet to sign up for a retake time. I am only taking 10 kids per day for retakes. Dates offered are Friday 10/ 4 after school, Tues 10/8 after school, Wed 10/9 after school, or Fri 10/ 11 before school.

Here is what the note says:

Systems Quiz Retake

You must complete this review to be able to do a retake quiz.  You also must have a signed note from your parents on the back or your original quiz stating they know you are retaking the quiz.  Retakes are a different version of the quiz and will only be given after school.  You must sign up ahead of time to take a retake quiz and may not just show up the day of the retake.  Retakes are only for D or E grades.

Draw a picture of a system that we have not yet done in class.  Explain the following about the system.

  1. Define a system.
  2. Label the parts of the system. 
  3. Label and explain the inputs for this system.
  4. Label and explain the outputs for this system.
  5. How do the parts of the system work together to convert the inputs into outputs?
  6. Draw in and label the system boundary. 
  7. Is there anything shown that is not part of the system?
  8. How does matter flow through the system?
  9. How does energy flow through the system?
  10. How do we know the part of the game we are looking at is a subsystem of a larger system?  (How do we know something is a subsystem not just part of a system?)

Fri 9/27 & Mon 9/30

  • The kids filled out a self assessment on how they are doing so far in science.
  • I had kids fix their words from the word boxes.
  • We took the (very long) pretest for the water unit.
  • Graded notebooks were handed back but quizzes have not been handed back yet.

Mon 9/23 & Tues 9/24


The kids reviewed the vocab and then did a vocab box for one of the words.

I showed them another system and groups drew and described the system on ISN p. 7 with small groups. We then discussed as a class.

They did the end of lesson reflection questions on ISN p. 8

The Systems and System Models quiz is Wed/ Thurs this week. I will be collecting ISNs to grade that day as well. Students need to make sure their notebooks are all caught up before I grade them! See google classroom for what goes in the ISN and to study.

Planners were finally handed out today! Students should begin filling their planners out in every class.