Zero Session

ALL missing assignments on Student Connect are due Monday, February 24th. If you fail to turn in all your missing work by February 24th, you will have to attend a Zero Session (after school detention) the week we get back from mid-winter break.

Bellwork: M-STEP Prep

In order to prepare for the M-STEP Test in April, we are working on a M-STEP Prep Packet during Bellwork instead of completing ixl skills. Every Friday there will be a quiz on the topics we covered in the M-STEP Prep Packet. You can use your M-STEP Prep Packet during the quiz. Quiz #1 M-STEP Prep is on Friday, February 7th.

I will continue to accept completed ixl skills until Friday, February 14th. If you have no missing Bellwork ixl assignments then the completed skills will count as extra credit (0.5 point for each completed skill).