Last chance to improve grades!

This weekend is the last chance for students to improve their grades. All late work is due by Monday, June 8th.

I have graded and entered all late work turned in by about 11 am Friday. Some students turned assignments back in without completing or fixing them. That will not earn them any more points.

Here is what was in an email I sent out this morning to students who still have to fix and complete assignments over the weekend:

Hi, you have one more weekend to work really hard and bring up your grade in science class.  You need to look at student connect for assignments you received a low grade on and go into google classroom to see why you received that grade.  

See if you need to fix the google doc answer sheet and turn it back in.  (I probably left you a comment about what was wrong.) See if you forgot part of the assignment such as the google forms assignments.  Turning work in that you did not complete or fix will not magically earn you more points.

All of the video lessons are still available in the slides posted with assignments each week.  Watch the video lessons so you know what to do to fix or complete the assignments.

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