March 24

No Zoom for Global Studies Today, March 24

Good afternoon everyone, 

There is no Zoom for global studies today! Instead of going onto Zoom, please go onto Schoology and finish the assignment from yesterday:

  • “Place- Virtual Vacation” (week 9 folder)

Complete the last video/characteristics and answer the exit ticket question on the last slide. Your exit ticket answer should be written in complete sentences please! You do not need to answer the bellwork question on slide 7, you can leave that slide blank or delete it. Once you’re done then you can submit your assignment. See you tomorrow!

This banana gif is for Core 2D… 😉

See the source image
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February 1

No Zoom Class Today, Feb. 1

Hi everyone, 


However, you do have an assignment to complete today: “CNN 10- HEI ACTIVITY (FEB. 1)”, it’s in the folder for WEEK 2. For today’s assignment you will watch a SPECIAL EPISODE of CNN 10 news that examines human-environment interaction (HEI) and “The Plastic Island”. After you watch the video you will answer some questions about it. Follow the directions on the assignment and turn it in when you’re done. 

See you tomorrow!

🙂 Ms. Thomas

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November 6

Parent Teacher Conferences

We are having parent teacher conferences next week on Monday 11/9 and Wednesday 11/11 from 3:20-7:00 pm. Conferences are being held virtually using ZOOM (a link will be provided). If you would like to join me for a conference, please click on the link below and sign up for the time slot that works best for you. Because there are so many students and a limited amount of time, please sign-up for only ONE 5 minute time slot.


I look forward to speaking with you next week! If you have any questions please let me know– my contact info is in the upper right corner.


Meeting ID: 829 6766 3382
Passcode: 975342

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September 23


I want to take a minute to remind everyone that all students should be attending Zoom classes in the mornings and then doing independent work on Schoology in the afternoon. Each student should’ve have received a copy of their schedule from their advisory teacher, along with an A day/B day calendar for September. If you can’t find your copy in your school Google Drive account, then please email your advisory teacher about it or ask for help during your next A2 class.

PARENTS: You can use “Parent Connect” to monitor your child’s grades this school year. If you do not know your login information, then simply follow the prompts on the website to set that up or call the technology department at (313) 827-3003 for assistance.
Here is that LINK:

Students can also pull up their current grades on “Student Connect” (all students know how to login and check their grades) and you can view their “TO DO” list on Schoology to see their missing assignments as well. I encourage every parent to check on their child’s progress so that together we can help them succeed!!

As always, please contact me if you ever need anything!!

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September 11

Zoom & Schoology

Students can access Zoom and Schoology through the Student Portal page on the district’s website.

We will be using Zoom every morning until lunch time to hold class meetings. Zoom meeting links are posted on your Schoology course pages and it will be the same link for each class for the whole year. Simply click the link and enter the meeting ID that goes along with it to join. Don’t forget that you MUST be logged into your school account in order for the links to work. If you have trouble connecting or miss a meeting altogether, email your teacher so they know and then check your Schoology course in the afternoon for anything you may have missed and to see if there is an assignment for you to complete.

Students will use Schoology in the afternoon to complete their class work. This is independent work time, there will be no live meetings during this time. To login to Schoology, use your school ID and password (the same info that you use to check your email). Every class on your schedule has a course in Schoology to go with it. That is where your teacher will post updates, resources, and assignments for you to do. It is extremely important that you check Schoology every afternoon for the courses that you have been scheduled that day.

Students received a daily schedule from their advisory teacher at the beginning of the school year. Please use your individual schedule along with the September calendar to keep track of which day you need to follow. Let your advisory teacher know if you have any questions about your schedule!

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September 3

Important Reminders & Links

Hello students and parents!

We made it through our first week of school and what a crazy week it was!! There were some glitches along the way for many students and teachers, but together we’re getting through it and I must say, you’re all doing a wonderful job thus far! I wanted to remind everyone that there is NO SCHOOL FRIDAY 9/4 and MONDAY 9/7. School will continue on Tuesday, Sept. 8th, and it will be a full day from 8:15 am – 3:10 pm. All 6th grade team C and team D students will be following their schedule for an A1 day on Tuesday. Please refer to the 6th grade teams 6C & 6D daily schedule below, along with the A day/B day calendar for September.

Here are some links that may be useful to you:

6th Grade- Teams 6C & 6D Remote Learning DAILY Schedule:

September A day/B day Calendar:


Zoom for students:

Student Connect:

PARENTS: You can use “Parent Connect” to monitor your child’s grades this school year. If you do not know your login information, then simply follow the prompts on the website to set that up or call the technology department at (313) 827-3003 for assistance.

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August 28

Welcome to Global Studies :)

Welcome to Ms. Thomas’s 6th grade global studies class! This year we will be learning about geography and everything that goes with it, like maps, landforms and people. As we go through the school year I will use this blog to post important resources and assignments that we do in class.

This year we will be holding classes virtually using ZOOM. Students will be expected to attend a video chat session for every class during that subject’s scheduled time. Basically, instead of going to class and then switching rooms for each subject (like we do in middle school), students will join a ZOOM session and then switch to a new session when it’s time to switch classes. Attendance will be taking at the beginning of each session and those who are late will be marked tardy (you don’t want tardies to add up), so it’s important to keep yourself organized and ask your A2 teacher whenever you have a question.

In addition to using ZOOM to video chat, we will also be using a website called SCHOOLOGY to complete activities, assignments, projects, quizzes and tests. Each class will have its own SCHOOLOGY site (similar to Google Classroom) and all of the content will be viewed and submitted through that. I know it sound like a lot, but don’t worry, you’ll get the hang of it in no time!

Our first ADVISORY video chat session will be on MONDAY, AUGUST 31st from 8:15-8:40 am using ZOOM.
**Please check your school email before Monday to get the link and login information for our session**
See you then!

Contact the technology department: (313) 827-3003

I encourage all parents/students to sign up for a free app called REMIND. I use this app frequently to notify/remind parents and students of important events coming up in class, such as a quiz or a test. This app can also be used to send me a message if you ever have any questions. It is very easy to use (similar to texting) and can be downloaded for free in the app store on your phone. Once you download the app you will need to enter the code for our class in order to receive any messages. Our class code is: b2afh3d.

Parents are also able to monitor student grades using PARENT CONNECT. I recommend that parents check grades at least once a week to make sure their student isn’t falling behind. For help logging onto parent connect, please call the technology department.

Within this post I have attached some resources that will be useful in our class throughout the school year (I’ll be updating these as we go). I look forward to having a fun year together!

Class Syllabus: coming soon

Schoology class website: link coming soon

My email address: