Week Three Assignments

Hi hornets!

Your assignments for this week are posted on google classroom. For this week, you’ll read two informational texts and decide what the text structure is for each (kind of like the mini ones you did last week)

If you did not do last week’s assignments, please start there. You’ll need the notes to help you decide which text structures apply.

You can find this week’s instructions video here.

Grades were posted for Q3 on Friday. Any missing work you sent in was graded, however I did not “regrade” anything returned in on google classroom. Those assignments were not missing, they already had a grade. At this time, the gradebook is closed. The grades on your report card will ONLY reflect the work you did before school was closed.

Week 2 Assignments

Hi everyone! I miss you guys so much! I hope that you’re all well, and that you’re using this time off to enjoy your families. I’ve been using this time to clean, get Piper’s room ready, and crochet a teddy bear! (This week I’m going to make socks though 🙂 )

For this week’s assignments, Ms. Skrbina made some helpful videos.

Text Structure Slides Video #1-  https://drive.google.com/file/d/11FNS6eUDfgUFibN0GP1aiWxRmcpWf5QG/view
Slides Video #2-  https://drive.google.com/file/d/1oZ0CQmNbrHXUPy8BAHt9dzenWv1l3_bQ/view
Directions for Structure Sort-  https://drive.google.com/file/d/1kwqldhZRgGaNgIkUulH3DqMSDaTkWO_K/view
Directions for Structure CERs-  https://drive.google.com/file/d/1oMSEZlPRo7FdU0_gQX07mvFvnNnkvQUt/view

There are two assignments: Text Structure Sort and Text Structure CER. You will need to complete both by Sunday night.

If you are bored or lonely, please email me! I’d love to see pictures and videos of what you guys have been up to. Send me the silly tik toks you’ve made! I’ll post another chapter of our book tonight.

I love you, be good!

CER/Figurative Language Review – Not an Assignment

Mr. Prater created a quick CER review! Take a look here: CER Video

Figurative Language in Music will give you the four definitions and song examples. Start here if you are struggling

Figurative Language Music Review – this video will review the four main types of figurative language as well as give you examples from some recent pop songs.

I also posted the next chapter of our read aloud on google classroom!

This post is not an assignment :)

Hello! I’m going a little stir crazy here at the McKeon house. Today I started putting Piper’s clothes away in her nursery closet and decided I needed a reading break! If you’d like to read with me, I’m reading the book Enchanted Ivy by Sarah Beth Durst. I posted a read-aloud on google classroom.

This is not an assignment, just an opportunity to listen to a story! What books are you reading??

McKeon’s Virtual Classroom

Update: You smarty-pants have gotten so much done already! Go back and check for comments if you don’t have a grade yet. I left some corrections so you can all get as many points as possible.

Hi Hornets! We’re about to start our first day of virtual school, and it is EXCITING and SCARY, huh? Here’s the thing– everything is going to be pretty normal except for the way you’re completing your work. The added bonus is that you don’t have to listen to me talk… unless that’s your favorite, and then I have a surprise for YOU.

Lesson Video: Click here to get instructions on how to complete your lessons for the week! Yes, it’s my face.

If that makes you unhappy, here are your written instructions. On google classroom there are two (2) assignments posted for the whole entire week. Yes, just two. Yes, you need to do them both. Yes, they are both due on Sunday. Thanks for asking.

Nadia the Willful Theme CER

Figurative Language in Nadia the Willful

If that sounds confusing, watch the video, I actually walk you through how to complete them.

This is how our class is going to run for the next three weeks, guys! Assignments on google classroom, lesson and explanation here on the blog. Please, please tell your friends and classmates incase they missed the memo. I love you, be good to your families!

From the district:

Starting tomorrow, Dearborn Public Schools will offer free pickup breakfast and lunch to all of our students at any of six school locations.  The grab-and-go meals will be available from 10 a.m. to noon at Fordson, Dearborn, and Edsel Ford high schools, McCollough/Unis, Salina Intermediate and Woodworth.Any child age 18 or younger is invited to receive a meal.

Hi Hornets!

Here’s a quick update, more to come: All our instruction is going to be on google classroom. You can check here on the blog to see what the latest assignments are. As of today we are pressing pause on the compare and contrast essay. We’ll finish it in April.

You can expect a minimum of 2 assignments per week starting on Monday the 16th. You’ll have the week to turn everything in (posted Monday, due Sunday).

Here is some information on free wifi if your family is in need. Please share this information with any classmate that might need it.


NOTE 3/12: Please continue to check our blog! If you are going to be absent from school, that is completely up to your family, but I will make sure everything you need is posted here!

Thanks for the great sub note, everyone! You know that I hate leaving you. <3

Here is some information Woodworth shared this week about Coronavirus.

Notes for this week: Half Day Friday

Notes for next week: Late Start Wednesday


Happy March!

Reminders for next week:

  • Field trip MONDAY!
  • Mrs. McKeon will be absent TUESDAY
  • Half Day FRIDAY

Hey Hornets! WIDA testing is this week! Testing will be Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 8:20-9:55am. Normal classes will start at 10:00am each day, with a shortened schedule. Room assignments are on Mrs. McKeon’s door.

Learning Targets:

  • I can find the central idea and supporting details in informational texts.
  • I can summarize without personal opinion.
  • I can cite text evidence to support inferences about the text.
  • I can paraphrase how things are introduced and described in a text in my own words.


Welcome Back!

A note from the district:

“We just wanted to send a quick reminder that nominations are now open for the Alberta Muirhead Teacher of the Year Student Choice Awards.   Four awards will be given out on April 23 – one each for preschool to second grade, third through fifth grade, middle school, and high school.  These awards recognize classroom teachers.  (Impact Awards, which recognize any of our other great staff members, will start taking nominations later in the spring.)
We would love to see Teacher of the Year nominations from every school, so please help us spread the word to all students!  (Hint, hint, especially to those of you with school-related blogs or social media.)   Nominations are due by March 9.
Students can go directly to the online nomination form at:https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1DWpEQWTFrJg_Uoq2Fou-FjSbhN89Wu4V4Dsy3pk8zWc/viewform?edit_requested=true
They can read more about the award athttps://firstbell.dearbornschools.org/2020/02/10/nominations-now-open-for-alberta-muirhead-teacher-of-the-year-awards/
Thanks for your assistance, and to the Dearborn Area Chamber of Commerce for providing this award! “

Welcome back, Hornets! I missed you on our long week off!

Learning Targets:

  • I can find the central idea and supporting details in informational texts.
  • I can summarize without personal opinion.
  • I can cite text evidence to support inferences about the text.
  • I can paraphrase how things are introduced and described in a text in my own words.