Students are currently NWEA testing to see how much learning has been completed so far.

Students will have 1 more day to finish.

Please give your best effort!

Students took a Midterm Assessment on what they have been learning the past few weeks in partners.

Students will begin NWEA testing in math class.

Please get enough sleep, eat well and give your best effort!

Students began working on their station work on qualitative graphs and slope-intercept form. After this practice, quiz will be on Friday!

Students finished their quizzes on slope and y-intercept. We also took notes on linear vs. non-linear functions and did a cut and paste activity on this.

Students began station work. Stations will be due at the end of class on Wednesday. Quiz will be on Thursday on slope and initial value

Students will analyze equations, tables and graphs for their slope and y-intercepts. Slope quiz will be on Thursday!

Students learned about slope and y-intercept and graphed various functions with positive and negative slopes