Students practiced more with the elimination method to solve systems of equations.

Students pasted a foldable in their ISN to summarize graphing, substitution and elimination.

Students are currently learning to solve systems of equations using substitution.

Tomorrow we will explore solving equations using elimination.

Students may retake Quiz 15 or come see me for any make-up work this week after school!

Quiz 15 was today on analyzing systems of equations and some graphing of systems of equations.

Here is the study guide quiz 15 (1) based on our quiz 15.

Enjoy your 3 day weekend!

Students figured out how to do grid-in responses for April 9th’s PSAT.

Tomorrow, students will get a review packet to help them on the math portion of this test.

Students reviewed one solution, no solution or infinitely many solutions.

Students will begin to work on stations and have Quiz 14 on Thursday.

Please review!

This event will be held on May 1st from 5:30 to 7:00PM!

Please make note of this event!

Quiz 13 will be Wednesday February 27th.

Here is the study guide. Please review!

Students were given a study guide for Lesson 13 Quiz

Lesson 13 Quiz will be Tuesday February 26th

Students reviewed solving equations with variables on both sides.

Students will continue to solve these kinds of equations next week and begin MSTEP prepping on Wednesday and Thursday.