Thank you to those of you are answering each other’s questions in Google Classroom. Being able to get help and contact others was the the reason I turned on comments again. Learning from home is a huge change for all of us. I am required to post work daily. The pacing I suggested for the article was to keep you from having to do too much work at once.

I don’t really have the answer about grades. The answer has changed over the past week. I will be putting the online work into the gradebook so parents can see if students are doing their online work.

Parents I highly suggest you subscribe to the Woodworth Blog. Ms. Hassan posts important information on the blog.

If you have checked out a school Chromebook and are having issues connecting try the steps listed below.
1. Turn off the Chromebook (holding the power button is okay)

2. Turn the Chromebook back on.

3. Connect to your home WiFi.

4. You should see a screen that says “Sign in to your Chromebook”. Leave the Chromebook on this screen for 5-10 minutes.

5. Restart the Chromebook again.

The district is starting an emotional support hotline to help support students and families. Details are below.

Free meals for students while schools are closed

Starting tomorrow (3/17), Dearborn Public Schools will offer free pickup breakfast and lunch to all of our students at any of six school locations.  The grab-and-go meals will be available from 10 a.m. to noon at Fordson, Dearborn, and Edsel Ford high schools, McCollough/Unis, Salina Intermediate and Woodworth. Any child age 18 or younger is invited to receive a meal. One family member can come pick up the food for all the children in the house. There will be a sign saying where to go. I assume for Woodworth that would be the cafeteria.

Here are the latest directions I posted in Google Classroom

At this point the plan is to assign a lesson from MobyMax science and an article to read each week. I will be able to see how long you spent and how you did on the questions so I can grade you on your MobyMax work.

Below are the directions for MobyMax.
1. Sign in to Google with your Dearborn Public Schools Account.
(like you sign into a Chromebook at school)
2. Go to dearbornschools.org
3. Click on the Student Portal link.
4. Open the blue “Clever” link.
5. Open the green whale “MobyMax” link.
6. Assigned lessons will automatically pop up.

If you have trouble with not being able to submit or print anything you can write the answers on paper and email me a picture. I will put the articles in as google docs. There is some advice for online learning linked on my blog below.

I will open up the ability to comment to each other in google classroom so you can ask questions unless you abuse it and post stuff you shouldn’t post. Please be responsible and don’t make me shut comments off again. Remember everyone (including me) can see anything you post in the comments!

I cannot give you the unit test at home but we will still do the test once school starts back up again. I added a google doc version of the study guide for those who want to study while we are all working form home.

Online assignment #1 is to do the Intro to Human Body Systems From Cells to Systems lesson slides and test in Moby Max. This is due in one week (by 3/22)

I will post assignment #2 in google classroom midweek. This will be an article with questions, CCR and CER.

Online learning advice

One of the 8th grade science teachers wrote up some advice about online learning. (She is much younger than me so she has had many more online classes than me.) Here is a link to her blog post.

I will continue to use Google Classroom because you are all already enrolled and should be more familiar with that than iLearn. I will start putting assignments in as google docs where possible as well. You can make a copy that you can type on. Be sure to submit assignments so I can see them. I am not sure if we are going to be able to post new assignments in the grade book or not. (We cannot post anything on snow days but I don’t know what that means for this closure) I will at least be keeping track of your work on paper to enter later.

Unit 1 study guide and test

Some of you are asking about the unit 1 study guide. I put the file into google classroom as a pdf before I knew we were closing schools down. I am not sure if I can give you the unit test at home through iLearn or not. If we are still doing the test I will put a Google doc version into google classroom that you should be able to edit.

Missing assignments and grades

March 27th is still the end of the term and you will get marking period 3 grades. Missing assignments can still be submitted if you take a picture or scan of each side of the completed assignment and email the pictures to me.

I don’t know about the end of unit test yet. I will let you know when I find out.


News about work during school closure

My A-day students can complete the work I posted on my blog for Friday. Everything is in google classroom.

We will be posting assignments online that students tcomplete weekly. Check on the blog and google classroom for updates. Assignments will be posted on Monday and Wednesday due on Sunday unless the state requires more. Email me with questions and check the school blog.