Assignment #11

I posted this week’s work on Sunday again to give the fasting kids who are working in the middle of the night 5 full nights to complete the work.

All the directions and links to the video lessons are in the slides posted with the lesson. I also posted a video giving kids an overview of the whole week because some have been missing parts of the work the last few weeks.

  • Monday: Study for quiz
  • Tuesday: quiz
  • Wed: Thurs: article
  • Fri: questions about article

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First, thank you to all of you who are helping to make sure your children are completing their online learning. This situation is hard for all of us and learning alone at home is very challenging for kids. Please know that teachers are not assigning work without and explanation for kids on what to do. Many students are skipping the directions and recorded lessons we are posting and then struggling to complete the work.

For science we have been putting the directions and links to all the recorded lessons, videos, google forms, and such for the week into google slides we post with each assignment. This puts everything in one place for students so they don’t have to wonder where the links and such are. (I cannot tell you how many times a day I have to ask a student if they watched the video lesson or to look in the slides.) The kids should not expect to be able to complete the work without going through the slides for that day and watching the recorded lesson.

If you didn’t see before I posted a video for parents showing you how to check up on your children in google classroom.

We will continue to make weekly phone calls on Monday and Tuesday to check in on students who didn’t do their work for the past week. If there is a family situation such as illness, hospitalization, broken computers, etc. that means your child needs more time to complete the work please feel free to let the teachers know so we do not all call you on Monday. You can email or text the google voice number I have been calling everybody from. (Email me if you need my google voice phone number from me.)

Thank you to the PTA for the wonderful teacher’s appreciation video they made and sent to us! It was so nice to see.

Thank you, stay healthy!

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Assignment #10 (5/4-5/8)

Since most of the kids are doing their work later in the day due to Ramadan and work is due Friday, I posted next week’s work on Sunday night again. This gives them the full 5 nights to complete their work. My directions from Google Classroom are below. I have been attaching short video lessons explaining assignments since we began “new learning.” The kids need to watch the video lessons so they know what to do otherwise they will be confused.

  • Please be aware the days listed for assignments is only because teachers are required to give you daily assignments. You can do the work early and turn it all in earlier than the listed due date. There are several links again this week. Be sure to have everything turned in by Friday (google doc, question, CER, quiz)
  • The slide presentation attached below has daily directions and links to all the video lessons explaining how to do the assignments. I do not expect you to figure everything out without an explanation so watch the video lessons please. (The light blue text are the links.)
  • Monday: the question is in the slides, the link to answer the question will appear separate from this like it did last week.
  • Tuesday & Wednesday: Directions and links for video lessons and the data you need are in the slides. Answers go on the google doc answer sheet and in the “Wednesday RAD CER” google form in with this assignment. You can only answer one time.
  • Thursday & Friday: Directions and the link for the video lesson are in the slides. Answers go on the google doc answer sheet and in the “Friday Ebola Quiz” google form in with this assignment. You can only answer one time.

I hope you are all staying healthy!

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How to check grades in Google Classroom

Several parents I have spoken with have mentioned wanting to be able to check in Google Classroom to see if their children are completing their online work or not. I made a short screencast (video) showing how to go into Google Classroom and check your child’s grades for the Google Classroom assignments. Your child needs to be signed into their school google account first. The link is below:

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Google Classroom video

I made a quick video showing a screencast of how to open up assignments, attach files to turn in, turn in work, and so on in Google classroom. If your child is having trouble with knowing how to do things in Google Classroom they should go to my class for GCR and watch the video. A small group of students is still struggling with the technology. I hope it helps!

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Assignment #9 and Info for parents

I posted assignment #9 a day early since I made it due by Friday this week. The slides have all the directions and links to video lessons, video quiz questions, etc. The question for Friday has been scheduled to appear on Wednesday. There is a Google doc to answer the rest of the questions on.

Info for Parents

  • Because of the actions of a few students in the district, Google Meet is no longer allowed for students. (Zoom was already blocked.) I know many students were looking forward to live lessons. I do not believe the problem was with any of my students.
  • Parents: Please help the teachers by making sure your children are doing their online work. Since the work is online and most of the lessons kids need to watch are videos teachers have recorded and posted, the kids can work at their own pace at any time of day. Students have access to Google Classroom and assignments 24/7.
  • You can expect calls from teachers every week if your child did not do last week’s work. Please understand this is a district requirement and we are required to call. You may be getting calls from more than one teacher in the same day.
  • Remember, if you need to reach me you can email and I will send you the Google Voice number I set up for school related calls. Since this is a public website I will not put the number here. Those of you I have called should already have the number. (You can text the number as well.)
  • Grades will be updated this week. I will go through and make a few changes to the work from before spring break as well as grade late work. The grade that shows may not be the actual report card grade.
  • Only work submitted to Google Classroom will be graded. With 6 classes and 150+ students I cannot grade work sent through email.
  • Turning in blank work or work with random info copied and pasted is the same as turning in a blank worksheet or a worksheet with all the wrong answers on it during regular school. This work will be returned to be fixed and turned back in. (Yes, we do read the work turned in.)
  • The work I am posting is much quicker and easier than regular classwork. Video lessons are being posted to explain assignments in many cases. Every reading is being posted read out loud by a teacher. If students are still confused they know how to ask teachers for help and we can call and talk to them about assignments.

Thank you for reading this long blog post!

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An important letter to parents and students from Superintendent Maleyko

Parents and Students:

Please read this important letter from Dr. Maleyko. It is in regards to Google Meets and the importance for students NOT to share passwords or codes. Please see the link to the letter:

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Another chromebook sign out

We hope this message finds you all in good health. Woodworth Middle School will be handing out chromebooks to students who still need technology on Monday, April 27th from 12-2.  Parent and student ID must be present in order to get a chromebook. We will be handing chromebooks out off of Hubbard Drive facing Greenfield – Door #7.  We are asking everyone to stay in their car and drive up waiting for directions from our volunteers.  We ask everyone to adhere to the strict guidelines of social distancing in order to protect our families and our volunteers. 

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Assignment #8

I posted the work for the whole week 4/20-4/24 in Google Classroom. Daily work is explained in the google doc and all links are in the google slides. We are starting recorded or live lessons in all classes this week. We will try our first google meets (live lesson) session for science on Friday this week. There are also recorded lessons for this week.

Parents (and students), please be aware that work is being graded. Students who do not complete the online assignments but were able to complete them may need to attend summer school. If you did not come to borrow a chromebook, have no internet, or the student is very ill and cannot complete the work please contact a staff member so we are aware. See the Learning continues post below for more information.

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Ms. Hassan’s post shared from the Woodworth School Blog

The Learning Continues….

We hope this post finds all of you in good health! Please see attached letter from Dr. in regards to our continued learning approach. There is also an expectation for parents and students attached. As a reminder to all students, please check your student email account frequently for updates from your teachers. Please click on the link for more information about the district’s remote learning Also, below are links for middle school student and parent expectations.


  • If a student participates and demonstrates learning, he/she will receive a grade.  The student’s grade will be determined by participation and by evidence of learning.
  • Letter grades will be one of the following:  A, B, C or N. The letter grades A, B and C are based on traditional grading practices.  A student will earn a letter grade of N (No Credit) due to deliberate lack of participation.  
  • Per Board Policy, summer school will be required for students who fail two or more core classes for the school year.

Educational Resources

  • Chromebooks:  If a student has requested a chromebook for use at home, they are eligible to borrow one for the remainder of the school year.  
  • Student Learning Packet:  If a student has indicated that they do not have internet access at home or other technology tools, they will be receiving a Student Learning Packet.  This will be grade-level appropriate and take the place of the virtual learning experiences.  
  • Pick-up times for a Chromebook or Student Learning Packet has yet to be determined.  When distribution times have been established, parents will be notified.

*The Dearborn Schools Student Code of Conduct applies to remote learning.  Students who are not in compliance with the Student Code of Conduct will lose their privilege to participate in remote learning.

If you have any questions about the learning expectations for your child, please reach out to your child’s teacher.



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