Assignment #9 and Info for parents

I posted assignment #9 a day early since I made it due by Friday this week. The slides have all the directions and links to video lessons, video quiz questions, etc. The question for Friday has been scheduled to appear on Wednesday. There is a Google doc to answer the rest of the questions on.

Info for Parents

  • Because of the actions of a few students in the district, Google Meet is no longer allowed for students. (Zoom was already blocked.) I know many students were looking forward to live lessons. I do not believe the problem was with any of my students.
  • Parents: Please help the teachers by making sure your children are doing their online work. Since the work is online and most of the lessons kids need to watch are videos teachers have recorded and posted, the kids can work at their own pace at any time of day. Students have access to Google Classroom and assignments 24/7.
  • You can expect calls from teachers every week if your child did not do last week’s work. Please understand this is a district requirement and we are required to call. You may be getting calls from more than one teacher in the same day.
  • Remember, if you need to reach me you can email and I will send you the Google Voice number I set up for school related calls. Since this is a public website I will not put the number here. Those of you I have called should already have the number. (You can text the number as well.)
  • Grades will be updated this week. I will go through and make a few changes to the work from before spring break as well as grade late work. The grade that shows may not be the actual report card grade.
  • Only work submitted to Google Classroom will be graded. With 6 classes and 150+ students I cannot grade work sent through email.
  • Turning in blank work or work with random info copied and pasted is the same as turning in a blank worksheet or a worksheet with all the wrong answers on it during regular school. This work will be returned to be fixed and turned back in. (Yes, we do read the work turned in.)
  • The work I am posting is much quicker and easier than regular classwork. Video lessons are being posted to explain assignments in many cases. Every reading is being posted read out loud by a teacher. If students are still confused they know how to ask teachers for help and we can call and talk to them about assignments.

Thank you for reading this long blog post!

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