October 7

Week of 7 -11

Students have until Friday to complete Zearn lesson 19, we have a test coming up and it is noticeable which students are not keeping pace with the module. Keeping up with the lessons, helps your child understand what we are doing in class.

Library day tomorrow, help your child remember to bring his/her book to school.

Half-day on Friday, 11:45 pick-up.

September 30

This Week

Tomorrow is library check-out, so remember to pack your books, so you can renew or check out a new book.

A permission slip about Fuzzy our class pet is coming home tomorrow. You have to read over it and sign it one way or another. 🙂

Your child should be showing you his/her planner every night, checking off items as they are finished, and you initialing the planner every night.

Students have math, reading, and writing homework tonight. Letters are due Thursday, reading logs are due next Monday, and math is due tomorrow.

In reading, we are working on 3 strategies: check for understanding, cross checking, and back up and reread. In writing, we’ve been doing quickwrites where the students share their opinion on something. In science, we’ve been building hills and talking about energy. In Social Studies, we are working with maps, finding physical characteristics in the United States, and moving on to human characteristics. In math, we working with large numbers, solving multi-step word problems, adding, and using tape diagrams.

September 19

District Dress Code Reminders

  • Students must dress appropriately in a manner that is not distracting or disruptive to the learning process and suitable for the current weather conditions.  
  • Skirts and shorts must come to the tip of the longest finger in a natural stance.  
  • Clothing that is cut, torn, or written on, is not permitted. Safety pins as decorations, chains, and vulgar/ inappropriate writing on clothing or skin is not permitted.  
  • Outerwear (jackets, coats, hats, bandanas, etc) may not be worn in class; however, hats or scarves required for religious reasons are permitted.  Jerseys may not be worn unless accompanied by a t-shirt worn underneath. Tank tops or sleeveless shirts are not permitted. Spandex or tight fitting clothes, fishnet, or transparent clothing are not permitted.  
  • Undergarments should not be showing, nor should pajamas be worn to school.  
  • Clothing displaying offensive or inappropriate pictures or writing are not permitted.
  • Flip-flops, slippers, slides, or any other shoe wear that does not have a back strap is not permitted.    
  • Failure to comply with Dearborn Public Schools Dress Code Policy may result in a phone call to parents and/or having the student sent home.
September 18

Parents of Children Using Boys Bathroom

Have a talk with your child about the proper use of a bathroom. I will be talking to the boys tomorrow as well.

Remind them to use a urinal for urine only.

Remind them a toilet is for urine and feces only.

When urine is all over the walls, sinks, mirrors, and floor of the boys bathroom then it tracks down the CARPETED hall into our CARPETED classrooms.

Only the 4th/5th grade children who use the boys bathroom are having a problem. If this situation continues, more drastic measures will have to be taken.

Thank you for reminding your child about the proper use of a public bathroom.

September 17


Hello Parents –

Please check your child’s folder and planner every night, remind them to show you. This will help your child eventually get in the practice of reminding themselves of what they need to do. Your child needs your support at home, we are at the beginning of the year, we are getting into our routines. It’s hard to find the balance of doing something for them and letting them do something themselves.

Your child has to write in his/her planner every day, the reading log and letter are written in at the top of the page. The math assignment is the page number and assignment: page 45: 1, 2, 3. I try to make sure the students have due dates too.

Check your child’s folder, if it’s packed like a chipmunk’s mouth, then papers need to be taken out, looked at, maybe recycled. Some of your children are missing assignments, that need to be completed, these assignments may be on the Return to School side of their folder. Don’t recycle anything if you’re not sure, send it back to school, I can go through the folder with your child.

Help your child set aside a time to do homework, homework shouldn’t take more than 45 minutes a night. Let me know if there are problems, check parent connect for missing assignments, I will send home reminders on Friday if your child is missing any assignments.

September 11

Heavner Canoe Rental Information

2775 Garden Rd. Milford MI 48381

Directions From Detroit:

Directions to Heavner Canoe Rental

Take 96 west toward Lansing until you get to the Wixom exit (#159).   Turn right and follow the signs
to the Proud Lake Recreation area.  When you get to the T-stop, turn left.  Go around the curve
and turn left on Garden Road.