August 10

2021 – 2022 Suggested School Supplies

2021– 2022 4th Grade Suggested School Supplies

(Please do not write your child’s name on these items unless indicated within this note.)

A backpack with your child’s name on it                        

4 Pocket folders (red, yellow, green, and blue)                             

1 decent set of headphones or earbuds    

1 package of dry erase markers                              

4 glue sticks 

1 package of crayons                               

1 package of colored pencils                             

 1 package of markers                              

Suggested Community Supplies – The following items are to donate, collected, and shared as needed, if the above is not too costly:   

1 box of tissues 1 container of sanitizing wipes 

1 pack of computer paper- boys only

1 pack gallon bags – girls only


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