Valentine’s Day

(Celebrating Thursday, February 11)

Hello Families!

We are hoping to make the Valentine’s celebration this year fun! We are asking that each student make valentines for their classmates.

Please have your child make one valentine card/small treat for each child in the classroom. We have 24 students. Please have them just put their name on the From part. The teachers will be putting them in their bags.

Please drop off to Howe Montessori office on Monday, February 1st between 9 am and 5 pm! You will see a tub for each grade level outside the office. Please place your child’s valentines in that box. We would like them early so we have time for them to sit before touching. 

They will be available for pick up on Wednesday, February 10th between 9am – 5 pm. They will be in a tub labeled by grade level. Please just take one bag. 

Howe Montessori Staff

Dearborn Public Library

The following links and phone numbers can be passed around anyone in our service area, which is the Dearborn School District.  All Dearborn Heights residents are qualified to access all Dearborn Public Library materials and services too.  Also qualified for full services is anyone that can prove they work or attend a school (including HFC and UM-D) in Dearborn.

Direct Links for Library Activities and Services

Library Website:  This includes searching the library catalog to place requests and a tile to use Shelf Help.

Information about Curbside Service:

Shelf Help:  Shelf Help is a service that gives people who don’t know specifically what they want the ability to answer a few questions and have a librarian select and reserve books for Curbside Pickup.

Library Virtual Classroom Visits:   While this link talks about physical visits, it can be used to request Virtual Visits.

BookLetters Signup:  This will let you sign up for all of the library newsletters.<https://d>

Library Events Calendar:   This will have links to all of the storytimes and announcements and signups for other library events.

Welcome Back! Welcome 2021!

Remember- January Work is available in the school office for pick-up, IF you weren’t able to pick up work on December 18.

PTA Meeting, Thursday, January 7

Please attend the PTA meeting on Thurs., January 7 at 4 p.m. via Zoom  (Meeting ID: 954 4499 0425). 

We will discuss our plans for the next few months. 

All families are welcome to attend!

Online Etiquette for Parents from the District

Let’s face it, as great as Dearborn Public School parents are, for the most part, they were not spending their days in the classrooms at our schools before last year.

But then COVD-19 dumped those classrooms into your house and now everyone is navigating this new method of delivering education. To help parents and students with online learning, we have compiled some etiquette tips for parents. We know that most families follow good protocols, but hopefully this will help if some clarification is needed. We thank you in advance for that cooperation.


Please make sure students are prepared and participating. Ensure supplies and materials are ready, and computers are charged or plugged in. Please make sure students log in on time. If you want your child to get the most out of class, insist they turn on their camera even if the teacher does not require it.

Remember teachers are there to teach your child. Teachers are managing their class and providing instruction directed to your child. Please do not interrupt class with your questions or concerns. Those are best emailed to the teacher.

Be respectful. Teachers have had a difficult year too, and are working hard to make the best of a situation they never expected to be in. Be patient and courteous. If you have concerns, please politely bring those to the teacher outside of class time through email. Inappropriate language and demeaning or aggressive behavior are not permitted.

Don’t hover. Allow your child to interact with the teacher and do their own homework and assessments. We always encourage parents to be involved and support their children in their learning, but to learn and develop independence, each child needs to be engaged and doing his or her own work. (Obviously our youngest students probably need more help from the adults at home.)

Watch the background. Be aware that, depending on how your child’s camera and microphone are setup, the behavior of you and others could be transmitted to the entire class. Be mindful of how you are dressed, the language being used, and other such matters.

Technology issues. Issues with technology will happen from time to time for a variety of reasons. Please be patient when issues occur. For technical questions about your Chromebook, Schoology or Zoom, please contact our parent and student tech support at or 313-827-8400.

Thank you for all your help! Together, we will make the best of this difficult year.

قواعد سلوك األهالي على اإلنترنت

ىْ٘اجٔ األٍش، سغٌ عظَخ إٔبىً ٍذاسط دٌشثُ٘ اىعبٍخ، إال أُ ٍعظٌَٖ ىٌ ٌقض٘ا أٌبٌٍٖ فً صف٘ف اىذساعخ أالفزشاضٍخ فً ٍذاسعْب

قجو اىعبً اىَْصشً.

صٌ أىقذ جبئحخ م٘فٍذ-91 ثحَو مو ٕزٓ اىصف٘ف فً ٍْبصىنٌ ٗأصجح مو ٗاحذ ٍْنٌ ٌغزنشف ٕزٓ اى٘عٍيخ اىجذٌذح ىزأٍٍِ اىزعيٌٍ. ٗىزىل،

ٍِٗ أجو ٍغبعذح األٕبىً ٗاىطالة، قَْب ثجَع ثعض اىْصبئح ح٘ه ق٘اعذ اىغي٘ك عيى اإلّزشّذ. ّعشف أُ ٍعظٌ اىعبئالد رزجع ٍشاعٌ

)ثشٗر٘م٘الد( جٍذح، ىنْْب ّأٍو ثبىَغبعذح عيى ر٘ضٍح ثعض األٍ٘س إرا دعذ اىحبجخ. مَب ّقذً ىنٌ شنشّب اىَغجق عيى رعبّٗنٌ.


انزجاء انتأكذ مه جهىسية ومشاركة انطالب. رأمذٗا ٍِ جٖ٘صٌخ اىي٘اصً ٗاىَ٘اد، ٍِٗ أُ اىح٘اعت اَىٍخ ٍشحّ٘خ أٗ ٍ٘ص٘ىخ إىى

اىنٖشثبء. مَب ّشج٘مٌ اىزأمذ ٍِ رغجٍو دخ٘ه اىطالة إىى صف٘ف اىذساعخ اإلفزشاضٍخ عيى اى٘قذ اىَطي٘ة. ٗإرا أسدرٌ ٍِ

أٗالدمٌ/ثْبرنٌ أُ ٌغزفٍذٗا ٍِ صف٘فٌٖ إىى اىحذ األقصى، أصشٗا عيى فزح اىنبٍٍشا حزى إرا ىٌ ٌطيت اىَذسط/اىَذسعخ رىل.

تذكزوا أن انمذرسيه/انمذرسات يتىاجذون نتعهيم أوالدكم/بىاتكم. ٌقً٘ اىَذسعُ٘/اىَذسعبد ثإداسح اىصف٘ف ٗرأٍٍِ اىزذسٌظ ألطفبىنٌ.

اىشجبء عذً ٍقبطعخ اىصف ثأعئيزنٌ أٗ قيقنٌ. ٍِ األفضو ر٘جٍٔ رىل إىى اىَذسط/اىَذسعخ عجش اىجشٌذ اإلىنزشًّٗ.

أظهزوا إحتزامكم. اىَذسعُ٘/اىَذسعبد ٌ٘اجُٖ٘ عْخ صعجخ أٌضب، ٌٗعَيُ٘ ثجٖذ ىـزأٍٍِ األفضو فً ظشٗف ىٌ ٌز٘قع٘ا أُ ٌنّ٘٘ا

فٍٖب. مّ٘٘ا صج٘سٌِ ٗىطٍفٍِ. إرا مبُ ىذٌنٌ أي قيق، أعيَ٘ا اىَذسط/اىَذسعخ ثزىل فً سعبىخ ثشٌذ إىنزشٍّٗخ خبسط أٗقبد دٗاً

اىصف، عيَب ثأّٔ ٍِ غٍش اىَقج٘ه إعزخذاً ىغخ غٍش ٍْبعجخ ٗعي٘ك ٍٍِٖ أٗ عذائً.

ال تحىمىا حىل انطالب/انطانبات. إعَح٘ا ألطفبىنٌ أُ ٌز٘اصي٘ا ٍع اىَذسط ٗاىقٍبً ثفشٗضٌٖ ٗٗاججبرٌٖ ٗإخزجبسارٌٖ. صحٍح أّْب دائَب

ٍب ّشجع األٕبىً عيى ٍشبسمخ ٍٗغبّذح أطفبىٌٖ عيى اىزعيٌ، ىنِ مو طفو/طفيخ ثحبجخ إىى اإلىزضاً ٗاىقٍبً ثعَئ/عَيٖب ٍِ أجو رعيٌ

ٗرطٌ٘شاإلعزقالىٍخ. )ٍِ اىطجٍعً أُ ٌحزبط اىطالة األصغش عْب إىى ٍغبعذح أمضش ٍِ اىشاشذٌِ فً اىَْضه(.

إوتبهىا نخهفية انحصة انذراسية. مّ٘٘ا حزسٌِ ألّٔ ٍِ اىََنِ ثش رصشفبرنٌ ٗرصشفبد اَخشٌِ إىى مبٍو اىصف، حغت ٗضعٍخ

اىنبٍٍشا ٗاىٍَنشٗفُ٘ فً أجٖضح اىحبعت اىخبصخ ثأطفبىنٌ. أّزجٖ٘ا ىنٍفٍخ ىجغنٌ، اىيغخ اىَغزخذٍخ، ٗغٍش رىل ٍِ األٍ٘س.

انمشاكم انتقىية. عز٘اجٖنٌ ٍشبمو رقٍْخ ٍِ حٍِ َخش ٗألعجبة ٍزعذدح.اىشجبء اىزحيً ثبىصجش عْذ حذٗس رىل. ٌَٗنْنٌ عْذ ٍ٘اجٖخ

أٌخ ٍشبمو فً جٖبص اىنشًٗ ث٘ك (Chromebook ،(عن٘ى٘جً (Schoology ،(أٗ صًٗٗ (Zoom (اإلرصبه ثبىَغبعذح اىزقٍْخ ىألٕو

ٗاىطالة عِ طشٌق org.dearbornschools@parenthelp أٗ اىٖبرف سقٌ 88<0-8:0;( 9. );

شكزا نمساعذتكم! معا، يمكىىا أن وعمم األفضم في هذي انسىة انصعبة.

Happy Holidays!

It was fantastic to see those of you who were able to come pick up the school packets.  If you weren’t able to pick up the school packet, it is in the office, and you can pick it up there. 

The packets contain reading, writing, grammar, and science work for January.  I also included a small gift which I hope everyone enjoys when they get it.

I will see you on Zoom, Monday, January 4 at 9:00 AM.  Have a wonderful break, I hope it snows, and keep healthy and safe.

Spirit Week

Hello Howe Families!

This week is our Spirit Week! 

Please post a picture and comment of how you are participating each day!

Click the link below. Once you are on the site, press the add button in the bottom of the column in which you want to add your post.  The columns are arranged by day of the week, make sure you are adding your post to the correct day.

Spirit Week!

We cannot wait to see how everyone is celebrating this week!

Stay safe and healthy!

DRA Testing Next Week!

The week of December 14th-18th we will be holding DRA Testing during Learning Lab times.

The DRA (Developmental Reading Assessment) is an individualized reading assessment that enables teachers to evaluate growth in student reading performance over time. The DRA helps teachers to identify students’ independent reading level by assessing students’ oral reading fluency and comprehension.

This data will allow us to create the most appropriate small group work and differentiate within our class work.  The DRA will also allow us to see how your child is improving academically.

Early literacy is extremely important for the continuous growth and development of our young readers.  Especially during these unique times, giving quick reading assessments allows us to create the most essential instruction for our students.

We will be giving DRA over zoom.  Please ensure that your child logins at the right time.  Time slots are allocated to ensure enough time to give the assessment and prepare for the next student.  If your child logs in before the scheduled time, please just wait patiently in the waiting room.  If, for some reason we are running behind, we ask that you stay logged into the zoom and we will be there shortly. To help us stay on schedule, please remember to log your child in at the correct time.

Below is the schedule for DRA Testing:

Time PolsterMonday 12/14Time PuchalaMonday 12/14
2:00 PM: Merlin
2:15 PM: Ahmed
2:30 PM: Maha
 2:45 PM: Amelia
3:00 PM: Mohamed A. (2)
3:00 PM  Batoul M.
3:15 PM  Yassen 
Tuesday 12/15Tuesday 12/15
12:30 PM: Batoul C.
12:45 PM: Natalie
2:00 PM: Hassan
2:15 PM: Jad 
2:30 PM: Hadi
2:45 PM: Eve
11:15 AM : Hussein
11:30 AM: Mahdi C.
12:30 PM: Mahdi K.
12:45 PM: Mohamad A.(1)
Wednesday 12/16
2:00 PM: Siham
2:15 PM: Sophia
2:30 PM: Mariam B.
2:45 PM: Ava
3:00 PM: Mohammed B.
Thursday 12/17
11:15 AM: Victoria
11:30 AM: Layana
12:30 PM: Layla

The zoom link will be on the schoology schedule next week.

Thank you,

Mrs. Polster and Ms. Puchala

2020 Holiday Spirit Week Activities

Holiday Week Activities  2020

Monday, December 14th:

*Dress as Favorite Character Day! 

*We will read the Grinch and talk about kindness

Tuesday, December 15th:

*Dress in Red/Green Day!

*We will sing Holiday songs as a class on zoom. 

Wednesday, December 16th:

*Assembly at 9 am on resilience. (Zoom link to come). 

*Hat/Holiday Headwear day!

Thursday December 17th:

*Crazy Hair Day!

Friday, December 18th:

*Pajama Day!

*9 am zoom will be reading Polar Express together- A tradition normally done in the classroom. Please come in comfy pjs.  *1-3 pm distribution at school! Please stop by and grab a gift, classroom materials and drop off pjs for the girl scout pj drive. (More details to come on where to go). This will be for all grades at Howe Montessori.