September 23

Household Information Form

We wanted to remind those of you who haven’t returned the “Household Information Form”  that it is due back to us by this Friday, September 24th.  

In place of the Free and Reduced Price Meal Application we still need your household to fill out and sign the Household Information Form.  This report is CRITICAL in determining the amount of money that Howe School receives from a variety of State and Federal supplemental programs.  Some examples of these services are:  staff, supplies, materials, counseling, social work, health services, professional learning for staff, parent and community engagement supplies and activities and last but not least technology. 

The form is sent to Student Services and they in turn send it to the State of Michigan.  They do not keep the form or share any of the information on it.  WITHOUT YOUR ASSISTANCE IN COMPLETING AND RETURNING THE REPORT, HOWE SCHOOL WON’T GET THE MAXIMUM AVAILABLE STATE AND FEDERAL FUNDS HOWE SCHOOL IS ENTITLED TO.

Household Information

Household Information

September 20

Green Team Meeting Cancelled!

Greeting Howe Green Teamers!  Unfortunately Mrs. Keebler is not feeling well and will be unable to have the 1st Green Team meeting tomorrow 9/21.   The next Green Team meeting will be Tuesday, October 5th from 4-5 PM in Mrs. Keebler’s room.  We will dismiss from the lower elementary parking lot.  Please subscribe to the Howe Green Team blog so that you will be updated on all future Green Team meetings.Thanks! Mrs. Keebler

September 14


The canoe trip was successful! We made it back safely and tired. The bus was quiet on the way back, many sleeping heads! 🙂

Reminder! Tomorrow is our first late start of the year. All programs will begin 1 hour later. Montessori students will begin at 10:00. Montessori may begin arriving for breakfast between 9:40-10:00.

Please discuss with your child to wear their mask correctly.  Over their nose and mouth.  Some students have been wearing them as hats, playing with them, etc.  This is not appropriate.  We are wearing masks to keep us safe and in school.  Thank you!

Homework is to read for 20 minutes

1/2 day THIS Friday!  School will begin at the same time and end at 12:05 pm.  Please mark your calendars!

-Please sign your child’s planner each evening.

September 13

Canoe Reminders

Students need to come to the classroom in the morning for attendance. No parents or family members are allowed in the building in the morning. 

– The bus will leave at 9:20 am.  Parents/ family members are not allowed to ride the bus.  Parents/ family members may follow the bus to Heavner Canoe Rentals or meet us there.

 – Mr. Borg will be assigning persons to their canoes (if you are attending with your child, you will be in a boat with your child).  Boat assignments will be given tomorrow.

– It will be a nice day out, please be sure to have your child use sunblock and bug spray.  Students are also recommended to wear hats.

– We will return to school in the afternoon after the field trip.

Remember to bring a bag lunch, water, and bug spray.

We will canoe in the rain. If there is thunder, then no canoeing.

Waivers must be signed by EVERYONE on trip.

We will be back at school around 2:15.

September 9


Scholastic Book Club orders are due tomorrow! Every book you order helps me order books to replenish our classroom library.

Reading Log due tomorrow completed. Your child’s homework was reading 20 minutes daily and writing a response to their reading. Check this worksheet, you need to sign the homework sheet to show you’ve seen it.

September 3

News for the Coming Week

  • A reminder that there is no school today or Monday. See you Tuesday!
  • Next Wednesday, September 8, is Open House, from 6-7:30.  The event will be held in our back bus parking lot area.  It will be completely outdoors, (weather permitting) and will be meet and greet style.
  • Book Orders went home this week to be submitted by next Friday, September 10.
  • NED Show papers came home this week.
  • Canoe Field Trip! The permission slip came home Thursday for our canoe field trip.
  • Reading Logs
  • Your child received a physical copy of a reading log, he or she needs to read 20 minutes a day or 100 minutes a week, by next Friday, September 10. Books were also made available if your student wanted. Your student needs to write down the title, author, minutes read, and circle if it’s a fiction or nonfiction book. After your student reads, he or she needs to choose a sentence starter to respond to what was read. Reading logs will be a weekly assignment for this school year.

Have a GREAT, safe, FUN weekend! See you Tuesday! 🙂

August 31

Beginning of the Year

Arrival/Breakfast – 

School begins at 9:00am. Students need to be in the classroom and ready to work at 9:00am. If a student arrives at class after 9:05am, he/she will be marked tardy. Students will be allowed to come to the classroom at 8:55 am and no sooner. Children arriving before 8:55 will wait in the cafeteria. 

4th Grade students are dropped off and picked up at Door 12! 


If you want your child to have breakfast, drop them off at 8:40-8:45. Breakfasts and lunches are free. 

· Please remember there will be some late starts on Wednesdays. Watch for the school blog and /or my blog pertaining to the dates of these days. 

· If your children are going to be absent, please call the office and let them know. 

· Please plan family vacations according to the school’s calendar.  

Dismissal · 

Our school day ends at 3:55pm. Please arrive at 3:55pm to pick up your children. I will bring your child to door 12 for dismissal. When your child sees you, he/she must “fist bump” my hand and tell me who is here to pick him/her up. This allows me to know exactly when a student is leaving and with whom. 

IF someone other than you will be picking up your child, please be sure that his or her name is on the Emergency Card in the office and that you either call the office and tell the secretary or send me an email. I will not release your child without this information. 

Younger siblings will dismiss with older siblings. 


We have snack around 10:45. Students will only be allowed to eat a healthy snack. Healthy snacks include: fruit, vegetables, crackers, cheese, healthy dry cereals such as Cheerios, granola and cereal bars, pudding, yogurt, etc. Chips, cookies, candy, fruit chews, etc will not be eaten as snacks. Your child will have to save it for lunch. We do not have a drinking fountain in the classroom, students will be allowed to bring a small bottle of water only. Please no juice, pop or lemonade. If spills become a problem, I will not allow your child to have one in the classroom. Thanks.

Communication Folders · 

Students will receive a Black Communication Folder that must be kept in his/her backpack. Any homework or notes going home or coming back to school should be placed in this folder. All folders must then be placed in the purple bin each morning.

Communication · 

I would like to make myself available to talk with parents as much as possible but please understand that I am very busy in the mornings preparing for the day and will not be available to talk. Please give your child a note in the morning and I will read it as soon as possible. If you would like to talk, leave a note in my mailbox, send a note in with your child, or send me an email. My address is Email is the best way to reach me 


Please visit and sign up for my blog on the district website. I will post homework, notes, and most parent communication through my blog. It is very important that you check your email for my posts. 


This year birthdays will be celebrated at the end of the day. Children may bring in a small treat for the students to eat. Examples include cupcakes, brownies, cookies or individual bags of chips. No elaborate gifts or party bags will be allowed. If you’d like a healthy alternative, send in a fruit tray or decorative pencils/erasers. 

Birthday invitations are NOT allowed!!! If you are giving your child a birthday party and want to invite certain children from the class, you will have to give out those invitations outside of school. You may pass out invitations only if you are inviting the entire class. Too much class time is spent on consoling those who are left out. 

We (the class and school) are looking forward to a wonderful year!

August 29

Happy 1st Day of School!

Mrs. Fournier updated tomorrow’s plans on the school blog. We will still be doing a continuous drop off but staff will come outside to greet the students and take them inside for the first day of school. If you would like your child to eat breakfast then please drop off between 8:40-8:45 am. Dearborn Public schools has a grant and all breakfast and lunches are free for the students. If they do not need breakfast then they can arrive between 8:55 and 9 am.

Our school PTA has paid for a welcome back sign to be outside of the office for the week! Please plan to have pictures taken if you would like, but please, do not block the car line for drop off and pick up.

Lastly, the district policy is parents are only allowed inside the building for scheduled appointments. So you will need to say your first day goodbyes outside!

Don’t forget your masks!

Don’t forget a snack!