Skating Field Trip Cancelled

Hi Parents –

Our Monday field trip to the skating center is cancelled for a couple of reasons. We needed 40 students to attend this field trip, we had 8 students who were not attending.  We also didn’t get the drivers we needed.  I am very disappointed this happened, being out in the community and trying new things is beneficial to our students.  Ms. Keebler and I spoke about trying to plan this trip again for late January.  A Big thank you to the students and parents who turned in their field trip forms.

Book order forms are going home today, due next Friday.  I would like to put in the order on December 15. Holiday Shop is next week, browsing on Monday and spending on Tuesday.  Have a great weekend!

We Need Parent Drivers!

As of right now, we have ONLY 4 parent drivers AND 9 students have turned in permission slips for Monday’s field trip.  We can’t go if there aren’t enough students to attend. This is a really fun learning experience I would hate for the students to miss out on after learning about energy and waves in science. If we don’t get the parent drivers, I will cancel.

Field Trips are important to help bridge the gap between education and hands-on experience. … Field trips are crucial for every student to acquire increased knowledge, culture and hands-on experience. Hands-on experience produce questions and answers that help shape a child’s future.

Updates for this week…

Hi  –

I didn’t pass out the reading response logs yet but the students can read tonight for homework.

Our spelling words are continuing this week because we are working on ilearn to complete our activities.

4th grade math students also have a worksheet to complete for homework.  We will be reviewing this unit tomorrow and Wednesday for a TEST on Thursday.

Don’t forget to turn in Field Trip Slips!  We will be rollerskating!

Our next PTA meeting is scheduled for this Wednesday Dec. 6th @ 3:45pm in the cafeteria.

We are still in need of more volunteers for our holiday shop. We need help on set up day (12/8), preview day (12/11), and break down at 12pm on 12/13.  Please use the following link to sign up.
Thank you for supporting our school.

Updates for this Friday…

We need parent drivers for December 11! A permission slip is coming home today for a field trip.3rd/4th STEM Field Trip with Lincoln Park Skating Center.We need parent drivers for this STEM field trip; we have 1 hour of a science lesson and 2 hours of skating.  Students need to bring a bag lunch.

4th Grade Math Students

Some 4th grade math students have to complete spectrum math workbook pages this weekend. Check your child’s planner.

4th Grade Writers

The students have been working on a narrative writing piece about bears, have your child read aloud to you what they’ve written.



Updates for 11.20.17

Reading Response Homework is due Monday, 11.27.17 we are working on predictions this week, so that’s the focus for the homework.

The immigration story about people we know is due Monday, 11.27.17, we are studying immigrants in Social Studies right now, so a personal touch is always helpful.

4th grade math students may have a worksheet or 2 to complete by next Monday, 11.27.17, he or she may have brought the work home today.

Spirit wear went home today.

Crazy Crayons sale – the Green Team will be selling Crazy Crayons after school and during conferences on Thursday.  These are made of recycled crayons.  Please help support Green Team and save the earth by buying recycled crayons.  We will also have an order sheet if you would like to order some for gifts. Thanks for your support.  Watch our video explaining Crazy Crayons:

Crazy Crayon video


Reading Response Log is featuring theme this week. The sentence frames are on the log, so students just have to read, choose a sentence frame, and write on the back.

Conferences for Wednesday, November 15

4:00 – Jennah

4:20 – Sarah

4:40 – Zainab

5:00 – Savannah

5:25 – Ember

5:45 – Ali B.

6:05 – Abraham

6:25 – Tia

Conferences, Thursday, November 16

4:00 – Christian

4:20 – Ali A.

5:15 – Ali B.

5:45 – Madeleine

This week..

No school tomorrow!

Conferences on Wednesday,November 9, I will see the following parents that day:

Myrna – 4

Angelina – 4:20

Danny – 4;40

Arian – 5:25

Mutaz – 5:45

Muntaser – 6:05

Mutasem – 6:25

Conference Availability

I still need to sign up Khaled, Joseph, Jana, Abraham, and Kaitlynn for this month’s conferences.  I have Wednesday at 5:00, 5:15 available. Wednesday, November 15 at 5:15,  6:00 available, and Thursday, November 16: 4:40, 5:00, 5:15, 5;25, 6:05, and 6:25.  Email me if any of those times appeal to you.

4th Grade Math 

Tests went home today so you can look at your child’s score.

Students are working on inference while reading.  I added sentence frames to their reading response logs to practice at home what we’ve been practicing at school.

Green Team Today!

Hi Green Teamers!

We will need to meet on Mondays in November.    Meetings are next Monday, November 6th and Monday November 20th.

At this meeting we will be creating some public service announcement videos.

Volunteers needed – We are going to start recycling crayons and I have found a company called Crazy Crayons that takes the recycled crayons and turns them into new crayons.  I thought it would be fun for the students to see the whole cycle of recycling and to sell the Crazy Crayons during the Parent – Teacher conferences.  I need to know if there are any parents that would be willing to help the Green Teamers sell Crazy Crayons on November 9th, 15th or 16th during part of the conference times?  Please email me and let me know if you can help, the time and day you are available.