March 1

4th Grade Spelling

Choose at least three activities to complete each week on your own notebook paper.  Circle the options you chose.  Keep your spelling work at home and just return the Spelling Menu with the parent’s signature.

Silly Sentences


Write silly sentences using a spelling word in each sentence.  Underline the spelling words and write neatly!

Backwards Words


Write your spelling words forwards and then backwards!  Remember to write neatly!

ABC Order


Write your own spelling words in alphabetical order. If words start with the same letter, look at the next letter.



Write a story using ALL of your spelling words.  Be sure to underline your spelling words.

Three Times


First, write each word in pencil. Then, write each word in crayon. Finally, write each word in marker!

Rhyming Words


Write each of your spelling words with a rhyming word next to them.

Ex: right tight

Colorful Words


Write each of your spelling words.  Write each letter using a different color.

Words Within Words


Write each spelling word and then write any words that are found within the word.

Ex: thorn

horn hot not no

Other Handed


Frist, write your words the way you usually do.  Then write the list using your other hand. 

Word Parts


Write your words.  Then use a color pencil to divide the words into syllables.

Ex: clapp/ing


Vowel Search


Write all of your spelling words and then circle all of the vowels. 

Ask a Question


Use each of your spelling words to write a question.  Make sure to use a question mark!

5.20 – 5.30: Adding Endings (ed, ing, ies): blamed, blurred, implied, applied, closing, browsing, daring, duties, parties, policies, families, supplies

5.13 – 5.17: variant vowel /ar/: aware, fairly, tearing, compare, stairway,swearing, rarest, repaired, careful, declare, beware, stared

5/6 – 5/10: Latin Roots: mis, agri, duc/duct, man: mission, missile, omission, agriculture, introduce, deduct, production, induce, manufacture, workmanship, manipulate, maneuver

4/29 – 5/3 noun suffixes – dom, ity, tion, ment, ness: kingdom, community, velocity, priority, position, option, contraption, presentation, petition, experiment, equipment, business

4/22 – 4/26 variant vowel sound /au, aw, all/: August, maul, fault, paused, because, faucet, auction, walked, stalling, unlawful, thawing, pawn

4/15 – 4/19 Greek and Latin roots: abrupt, archaeology, geologist, disrupt, archaic, geology, corrupt, archaeologist, geography, interrupt, geometry, erupt

3/11 – 3/15: prefixes: trans, pro, super, inter: transport, transmit, transfer, proceeding, proclaim, propel, superficial, superintendent, supersonic, supervise, interval, interval

3.4 – 3.8: Skill ou and oi: about, grouchy, loudly, scour, slouch, frowned, choice, broiling, disappoint, avoid, joined, corduroy

2.26 – 3.1: adjective suffixes: beautiful, marvelous, responsible, troublesome, mindful, generous, audible, thoughtful, spacious, reliable, dangerous, irritable 

2.20 – 2.23: long oo and short oo: crooked, moot, smooth, platoon, soothe, doom, unscrew, pulley, drooling, troops, shouldn’t, overlooked

2.12 – 2.16: adverb suffixes: -ily, -ly, -ways, -wise: officially, readily, lightly, supposedly, measly, presently, bitterly, heavenly, orderly, properly, waterways, clockwise

2.5-2.9: r-controlled vowels: concern, nervous, persecute, permit, modern, enter, murder, disturb, survive, hurling, dirty, firmly

1.29 – 2.2: r controlled vowels: assorted, order, fortunate, galore, forecast, roaring, hoard, boardinghouse, charming, market, party, sparkle

1.22 – 1.26: consonant -le: cripple, jingle, semicircle, startle, whistle, obstacle, remarkable, improbable, twinkle, sprinkle, muffle, heckle

1.8 – 1.12: hard and soft c, g: acid, cancel, except, advance, certain, cylinder, general, sponge, merge, ginger, region, gasoline

12.18 – 12.22: vowel consonant-e syllables: accuse, tabulate, incite, alive, define, discrete, safely, divided, enclose, require, redefine, execute

12.11 – 12.15: compound words: farmhouse, haircut, meatloaf, sandstone, wristwatch, overflowing, underground, schoolyard, living room, post office, hair-raising, first-rate

12.4 – 12.8: r-controlled vowels: bargain, corner, flirting, former, forty, important, outskirts, sturdy, undertake, smirking, squirt, urgent

11.27 – 12.1: vowel team syllables: already, creature, Monday, pointed, treaty, fainting, classroom, looming, outcome, roasted, caution, gloating

11.13 – 11.17: Open Syllables: baby, fable, minor, recent, total, media, before, judo, patriot, slogan, license, vapor

11.6 – 11.10: hectic, lobby, sample, princess, tunnel, culprit, insect, pencil, pumpkin, segment, blister, manual

10.23 – 10.29: cries, diet, exhibit, imply, shine, hyphen, diary, empire, identity, outright, criticize, petrify

10.9- 10.13: needless, defeat, incomplete, hesitate, thread, referee, trapeze, selfishly, chief, monkey, disagreeable, anatomy

10.2- 10.6: tailor, brave, generate, tablet, fastened, hammer, subway, domain, evacuated, breakage, unveil, underway