August 1

Dearborn Public Library

The following links and phone numbers can be passed around anyone in our service area, which is the Dearborn School District.  All Dearborn Heights residents are qualified to access all Dearborn Public Library materials and services too.  Also qualified for full services is anyone that can prove they work or attend a school (including HFC and UM-D) in Dearborn.

Direct Links for Library Activities and Services

Library Website:  This includes searching the library catalog to place requests and a tile to use Shelf Help.

Information about Curbside Service:

Shelf Help:  Shelf Help is a service that gives people who don’t know specifically what they want the ability to answer a few questions and have a librarian select and reserve books for Curbside Pickup.

Library Virtual Classroom Visits:   While this link talks about physical visits, it can be used to request Virtual Visits.

BookLetters Signup:  This will let you sign up for all of the library newsletters.<https://d>

Library Events Calendar:   This will have links to all of the storytimes and announcements and signups for other library events.