October 24

Class Information


Our lunchtime is at 11:50 a.m. and we have snack when your child gets hungry.   Each child is responsible for bringing in his/her own healthy snack (No fruit snacks or veggie chips – save those for lunch please). The students are not allowed to share snack. A piece of fruit, cheese, and/or vegetables are preferred. We are ALWAYS a peanut/nut free classroom. 

 I strongly encourage your child to bring a water bottle every day.

PLEASE make me aware of any allergies that your child has.

Montessori Arrival Procedures:

Montessori students may begin arriving at 8:35 for breakfast. There will be no outdoor lineup please remain in your vehicle until doors open at 8:35. Staff will help students enter the school. Parents will not be permitted to walk students to class. Kindergarten, First, and Second Grades will use Door 18 for arrival (the small lot off of Ann Arbor Trail near the office). Grades 3-5 will enter at door 13 behind the school (enter the large lot near Warren Rd. and continue following all the way around the building). Younger siblings may be dropped off and picked up with older siblings in the back as well. Students will be dismissed from the same doors as drop-off. Please drive slowly in the parking lot and pay attention.

Dismissal Procedures:

Students will be dismissed at the same doors that they are assigned for arrival. Younger siblings will be dismissed with their older siblings if applicable. Please pull all the way forward in the pickup lanes and use extreme caution when pulling in or out of the lanes. As students are dismissed they will fist bump their teacher signaling permission to go to their vehicle. This needs to be done promptly or the line cannot move. For a safer and more efficient dismissal, If you wish to socialize, please use a designated parking space to park your car. The upper elementary lot is also our bus loop for special education students. If arriving early, please do not wait in the bus zone.

Regular School Hours:

Special Education Programs 8:25-3:20 (half-days 11:30)

Montessori Programs: 9:00-3:55 ( half-days 12:05)