September 18

This Week’s News

i-Ready Testing – We will begin i-Ready testing this week. This will replace the NWEA testing. From what I have heard this should be a great change. This program will give us new information and should be more kid-friendly! Here is a short video that explains i-Ready. To prepare for testing please make sure that your child is well rested each day (children this age need 9-11 hours of sleep), eats a good protein breakfast and arrives on time to school.

Reading Homework: Choose to read for 20 minutes, mark it on your bookmark.

Math Homework – This week we will be completing:

Monday – Lesson 5 must dos 1-4 in Apply Book

Tuesday – Lesson 6 must dos 1-4 in Apply Book

Wednesday – Lesson 7 must dos 2-4 in Apply Book

Thursday – Lesson 8 must dos 8-11 in Apply Book

Friday – Lesson 9 must dos problems 1-10 in Apply Book

Forgot your math homework at school? No worries! You have the math books online! Follow the directions below to get on:

We are now using the Eureka2 curriculum.  Students and parents can log into their website by:

  • going to Clever, from the DPS website
  • using their district login
  • go to resources (3rd icon down)
  • You have your classwork and homework always with you in case you forget at school

An interesting article on children’s internet access.

There is a PTA Meeting this Thursday at 6pm via Zoom.  

Here is the Zoom Link:

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 818 4842 5934
Passcode: 2LJ0B4

We hope to see lots of parents there! 

Only 8 of 14 (57%) of our class parents have joined PTA so far. Let’s get everyone signed up, we need you, you are a part of our community. We all want cider & donuts!

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