September 12

September 12-15, 2023

Thursday is the canoe trip. Bring a lunch/drink. Chaperons Too! Also, if you are chaperoning, we are expecting you to canoe with your child and another.

PTA Membership Drive – we have 60% of our class signed up so far – PLEASE sign up for PTA, we need you!

Book Fair Shopping Day is tomorrow. Your child is coming home with a wish list today.


Please check your child’s planner each night. There are math problems assigned and written in the planner. Tonight’s reads:

HW: p. 15-16: 3-6

So tonight’s homework are pages 15-16 and problems 3, 4, 5, and 6. I check off homework completed but students are not graded on their homework. If you check out the 4th grade math page on this blog, there is more information about what we are learning in class.

Also, in the planner is Choose to Read. Your child is coming home with a book and bookmark. The bookmark has the date and page # for your child to write down what page he/she read to today after school. I am keeping track of your child’s reading through the bookmark, it’s a version of a reading log.

I highly recommend your child read every night for 20 minutes, I don’t assign “reading homework”, I am just strongly suggesting, providing, insisting your child read. I will find books of interest if needed, your child can borrow books from the classroom and return when done. If you need the reading statistics, I can provide them, but reading is the only way to learn to read. Nonfiction books, dictionaries, magazines, newspapers all count as reading.

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