NWEA Testing Schedule

I wanted to announce that NWEA testing will begin on Monday. 

On Friday, the students and I will work to make sure their devices are set up for NWEA testing

Testing will begin on Monday and we will follow the schedule posted below. I have posted some student expectations for testing as well as what students can expect to work on after testing. If you have any questions regarding testing please email me.

NWEA Testing Schedule

September 21
September 22
September 23
September 24
Additional Time
September 25
TBA depending on the number of students who need complete tests.

Student Expectations

Testing-Students should find a quiet place to test.
-I will walk students through how to log on to the NWEA test 
-Students will be placed in individual break out rooms to begin their test. 
-Students should leave their Zoom open while they are testing so I may assist if a testing issue occurs.
-If an issue occurs the student should leave their breakout room so I may assist them in the main Zoom.
-Once the problem is corrected I will place the student back in their break out room.
-Once the student completes their test they may log off Zoom.
After TestingThere will be no live Zoom’s other than the test sessions for the week of September 21, with the exception of Friday, if all students have completed their NWEA tests. I will not introduce new content while we are NWEA testing. Students should follow the independent work schedule of review activities in Schoology for the week of September 21. 

Once testing is complete students/parents can expect individualized goal work and small group Zoom instruction throughout the week based on testing data.

Reminder: Friday is a 1/2 day & teachers will be in training for the afternoon.

Thank you!

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