September 30

This Week

Tomorrow is library check-out, so remember to pack your books, so you can renew or check out a new book.

A permission slip about Fuzzy our class pet is coming home tomorrow. You have to read over it and sign it one way or another. 🙂

Your child should be showing you his/her planner every night, checking off items as they are finished, and you initialing the planner every night.

Students have math, reading, and writing homework tonight. Letters are due Thursday, reading logs are due next Monday, and math is due tomorrow.

In reading, we are working on 3 strategies: check for understanding, cross checking, and back up and reread. In writing, we’ve been doing quickwrites where the students share their opinion on something. In science, we’ve been building hills and talking about energy. In Social Studies, we are working with maps, finding physical characteristics in the United States, and moving on to human characteristics. In math, we working with large numbers, solving multi-step word problems, adding, and using tape diagrams.

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