September 17


Hello Parents –

Please check your child’s folder and planner every night, remind them to show you. This will help your child eventually get in the practice of reminding themselves of what they need to do. Your child needs your support at home, we are at the beginning of the year, we are getting into our routines. It’s hard to find the balance of doing something for them and letting them do something themselves.

Your child has to write in his/her planner every day, the reading log and letter are written in at the top of the page. The math assignment is the page number and assignment: page 45: 1, 2, 3. I try to make sure the students have due dates too.

Check your child’s folder, if it’s packed like a chipmunk’s mouth, then papers need to be taken out, looked at, maybe recycled. Some of your children are missing assignments, that need to be completed, these assignments may be on the Return to School side of their folder. Don’t recycle anything if you’re not sure, send it back to school, I can go through the folder with your child.

Help your child set aside a time to do homework, homework shouldn’t take more than 45 minutes a night. Let me know if there are problems, check parent connect for missing assignments, I will send home reminders on Friday if your child is missing any assignments.

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