October 17

Parent Meeting Tomorrow

Don’t forget! Tomorrow is our second mandatory parent meeting of the school year.  We will begin at 8:45 AM and plan to be finished right around 10:00 AM.  It is important for your child to be with you for this meeting – especially since you all get to learn about a day in the life of a preschooler and how a four year old learns about literacy concepts.

Today I am sending home each one of your children with a copy of the book “The Napping House”.  This book is for them to keep forever. Please read it frequently at home.

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October 11

Pics and Parent Meeting

One of the many things we focus on in preschool is helping children develop and strengthen their fine motor skills.  While children tend to spend too much time at home on electronic devices (phones, iPads, tablets, video games, TV watching) and not enough time playing with small toys, coloring, or using scissors & playdoh… we are finding that more and more children are going into kindergarten not yet having the muscle strength they need to accomplish these tasks.

We introduced scissors to the classroom this past week.  Most of the children are able to hold the scissors (upside down) and snip fringe lines along the edges of paper. This is a great starting point! From here, we will continue to work on getting the children to hold the scissors the correct way (thumb on top) and beginning to be able to cut a piece of paper in half.  Here is a link to a website that discusses the different stages of cutting so you can help at home too.






We also took Stella out of her cage this week for the children to interact with on the carpet! Just about everyone was eager to touch/pet her, and a few friends were even brave enough to hold her! The children love being able to feed her snacks as well as fresh vegetables (lettuce, spinach, broccoli, celery & carrots) at school.



Please see the “pages” section for our letter of the week schedule. This week we learned about letter F f.


Our next parent meeting will be this upcoming Thursday, October 18th.  Please be ready to come into the classroom with your preschooler at 8:45 AM.  When our meeting is over, children will go home with their parents for the remainder of the day.  There will be more details and reminders to come later…

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October 4

Picture Day


Picture day at Whitmore-Bolles will be on Wednesday October 10th.  Every child will have their picture taken on picture day.

If you decide you would like to purchase pictures, you can order them two different ways. (Please note: Purchasing pictures is optional.)

Option #1: Order the pictures online and pay online.  To do this, go to www.mylifetouch.com . The picture day ID is LM748104Y0 .  If you choose this option, you can pay with Mastercard, Visa or Paypal.

Option #2: Fill out the order form that was sent home in your child’s folder.  If you choose this option, you can pay with cash (EXACT amount only as we will not be able to make change), or you can pay by check or money order payable to Lifetouch.

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October 2

Rain Boots Needed

We have had quite a wet and soggy few days… and it looks as though it is going to stay wet and soggy for awhile.


Please make sure your child has a pair of rain boots in their locker.  I will have them change into their rain boots before we go outside and then change back into their shoes when we come back inside.  Having rain boots to wear helps your child’s feet stay warm and dry.  This will also help us keep mud out of their shoes and out of our classroom.



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October 2

Cruisin’ Along

It has taken us a couple of weeks to get there, but the children are starting to settle into our classroom routine. We have a few friends who are adjusting to those first few minutes of the day, but once they get over that hump… everyone is all smiles the rest of the day!

The children have been experimenting with trying new foods here at school.  I promise you – everyone is eating!


We have also been learning how to get into a line and then walk in that line.  This helps us get safely from the school to the playground as well as around the rest of the school building.


Now that we have finished assessing the children on their knowledge of letter recognition, we have started introducing the letters of the alphabet to the children in the classroom.  I will update the “pages” section of my iBlog with the letter we introduced as well as the date we introduced it. This will help all of you to know which letters your child should be learning at home as well.

This week – we are learning letter L l.   I always teach the children the capital letter, lowercase letter and the letter sound together.   You will notice your child’s name tags start with a capital letter and the remainder of the letters are lowercase. While you assist your child in practicing to write their name at home, please do it this way.


September 12

First Day of Preschool – SUCCESS!

Today was your children’s first official day of preschool! Everyone did AMAZING! I snapped just a couple of quick pictures while they were busy working away and getting to know one another.

This morning during large group time – we played a game with a bumble bee puppet. When the bee landed on them, they got to tell everyone their name and we all greeted one another with smiles and cheers.

I am looking forward to all of the learning and excitement the remainder of this school year has yet to bring! The best is yet to come!!



September 6

Preschool Parent Handbook

Welcome to the GSRP Preschool program at Whitmore-Bolles Elementary!

I am beyond excited to have your child in my classroom for the 2018-19 school year.

As we wait for preschool to begin on Tuesday, September 11th at 8:45 AM, please take some time to review the parent handbook.  You can access the handbook via the link on the right-hand side of this page, or you can click here.

I can’t wait to see everyone’s smiling faces in the auditorium at 8:45 AM on Tuesday!