February 11

Teacher of the Year Nominations Being Accepted

It’s time for students to nominate their favorite Dearborn Public Schools teacher for the 2019 Alberta Muirhead Teacher of the Year Students’ Choice Award, sponsored by the Dearborn Area Chamber of Commerce, and presented by LaFontaine Automotive Group.  The deadline for submitting applications is Friday, March 8, 2019 at 5 pm.  Nominations forms can be found at the District website at http://dearbornschools.org.  An online nomination form is available at http://bit.ly/DbnTeacher2019.

Printed nomination forms may be picked up at any Dearborn public school and the District’s Administration Office, 18700 Audette.  They can be dropped off or mailed to the Dearborn Area Chamber of Commerce, 22100 Michigan Ave., Dearborn, MI 48124, or faxed to (313) 584-9818. Adults may assist students in completing nominations when necessary, but no more than two teachers can be nominated per student.

Students may nominate any new or veteran teachers whom they feel has made outstanding contributions to the teaching profession.  Pre-K through second grade students are asked to describe how their teacher makes learning fun. Students in this category can include a nice drawing, if they wish, but it will not be part of the selection process.  Third through fifth grade students must describe how their teacher has created a classroom where learning is positive and fun. Middle school students (grades 6-8) are asked to explain how their teacher connects classroom learning with everyday life.  Students in high school must describe how their teacher is preparing them to be college and career ready.

“Nominating a teacher for this award is an outstanding way for students to show their teachers how much they appreciate and value the job they are doing in the classroom and the positive impact they have on their lives. We have so many excellent teachers deserving of this recognition, and I hope many of our students will take a few moments to nominate their favorite teacher,” commented Dearborn Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Glenn Maleyko.

Applications will be assessed on the quality of the nomination, not on the number received. Award judges are members of the Dearborn Chamber Education Committee and are not provided with the teachers’ names.  One winner from each category will be announced at a special ceremony being held at the Ford Community and Performing Arts Center on Thursday, April 25, at 4:30 p.m.

Teachers selected to receive the Teacher of Year Award are being recognized as positive role models who consistently provide unique, productive, positive classroom experiences. Teachers selected receive a $1,000 cash prize and a glass award commemorating their achievement.  They also will join a select group of Dearborn teachers who have been recognized by the community for their dedication and passion for teaching.

“I want to thank the Chamber of Commerce and all the sponsors for once again providing this event,” Maleyko added. “Our district is very fortunate to have so many great community partners.”

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February 7

Does your Child Play Baldi’s Basic?

Today in class the children began talking about a new game they like to play.  They have been talking about a game you can either watch, or participate in playing on YouTube.  The name of the game is Baldi’s Basic.  It is also called Baldi’s Education in School.  Due to the name of this game, many parents think this game is educational.  After our last parent meeting on Screen Time, I thought it was important to bring this newer game to everyone’s attention.  This is a game that is phrased in such a way to essentially trick parents into thinking their children are learning while playing this game.  I decided to do my own research.  I visited the website www.commonsensemedia.org .  This is the same website I informed all of you about at our parent meeting.  I typed in Baldi’s Basic and this is the information I found out.


Parents need to know that Baldi’s Education in School 3D is marketed in app stores as an educational game, but it’s actually a horror title set in a school. Similar games by different developers exist for Android devices as well, but they may vary in content. There’s a clear warning at the beginning of the iOS version. Players do have to solve simple math problems, but they intentionally become impossible to answer in order to incur the wrath of the creepy lead character. Everything about the environment is creepy, controls are frustrating and glitchy, and the in-game ads (banners and pop-ups) have material marked “NSFW” (not safe for work). Ads can be disabled for $1.99 via an in-app purchase on the main menu, but there’s no parent gate to keep kids from doing this on their own. Young kids will likely be freaked out by this game, as characters pop up suddenly to attack you. There’s no gore, but it’s easy to be caught/attacked, forcing you to start over. Read the developer’s privacy policy for details on how your (or your kids’) information is collected, used, and shared and any choices you may have in the matter, and note that privacy policies and terms of service frequently change.

Please be aware this game is NOT educational and is rated for children ages 13 years old and up.


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February 1

Welcome Back!

After what has been a crazy couple of weeks between ice, snow and extreme cold – it looks as though everything should be starting to get back to normal next week!

In case you haven’t heard, we have some warmer weather coming our way. This means one major thing for preschoolers – MUD!  Please make sure your child has a separate pair of either rain boots or snow boots they can wear outside, and a pair of shoes they can wear while they are inside the classroom.  Please also make sure your child has a complete change of clothes inside their locker (pants, shirt, underwear and socks) for when we have friends who fall (or jump) in the muddy puddles while we are outside.

Our field trip to the Outdoor Adventure Center is in the process of being rescheduled.  It looks as though this field trip will be happening in March. We should have a confirmed date by next week for everyone to add to their calendars.

One last update, we have a practicum student from the University of Michigan-Dearborn joining us in our classroom this semester.  Her name is Ms. Etana and she will be with our classroom on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the morning from now through the end of April as she learns about early childhood development & learning and gets to see it firsthand in the classroom.

I’m excited to see everyone back at school, ready to learn on Monday morning!

Please see this link for the kindergarten round up schedule: KDG Round Up Schedule

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January 29

Field Trip???

Just a quick update:

If it is decided for Dearborn Public Schools to be open on Wednesday January 30th, then we will still go on our field trip to the Outdoor Adventure Center as planned.


If it is decided for Dearborn Public Schools to close on Wednesday January 30th, then our field trip will be rescheduled for a later date.  I will post the official decision via the Remind text messaging app.

Stay tuned!

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January 18

Quick Reminders

Since we were just all together yesterday for a parent meeting about screen time & bedtime routine, I just wanted to remind everyone of a couple of quick things:

  • There is NO SCHOOL on Monday January 21, 2019
  • Tuesday January 22, 2019 is a HALF DAY of school for preschool students. Dismissal time will be 11:20 – 11:30 AM
  • All field trip permission slips are to be turned in no later than Wednesday January 23rd!


Field Trip to the DNR – Outdoor Adventure Center

  • Every preschool child must have ONE adult come with them on this field trip in order to attend.
  • Additional adults and other children/siblings are NOT able to attend this field trip with you and your preschool child.
  • There is no cost for this field trip.
  • All parents and children will be riding the school bus to and from this field trip.
  • Lunch will be provided for preschool children. Adults should be a completely disposable lunch & beverage with them from home.


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January 10

Read to Someone

This week in our classroom we launched Read to Someone during our Daily 5 time.

During ‘Read to Someone’, the children use stories which are familiar to them.  All of the books used for this portion of our day are stories that we have read and reread multiple times, in a variety of ways in the classroom.  Your child is able to remember/recall the details of the story as well as beginning to retell the story to another child in the classroom.   Here are a few pictures of this in action.




Reminder: One week from today (Thursday January 17th) is our next parent meeting.  Please plan to be here from 8:45 – 10:00 AM with your preschooler in the classroom.


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January 7

Coming Up Soon…

A few quick and important reminders for this month:

Thursday Jan 17th is our next parent meeting.  We will begin at 8:45 AM.  All preschool parents are REQUIRED to attend this meeting. At the end of the meeting, your preschool child will be going home with you.  If possible, please keep younger siblings at home with another responsible adult so you can focus your attention on your preschooler during this time.


Monday Jan 21st: No preschool (MLK Day)

Tuesday Jan 22nd: Half day for preschool students.  Preschool children must be picked up from school promptly at 11:30 AM.


Wednesday Jan 30th:  This is our first away from school field trip!  EVERY preschool student will need to have ONE adult accompany them on this trip.  Additional adults and siblings will NOT be able to come on this trip due to space on the school buses.

We will be going to the DNR Outdoor Adventure Center in Detroit.  Please plan to be with your child at school for the entirety of the school day on January 30th.  Lunch will be provided for preschool children.  Adults will need to bring a packed lunch from home with them.


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December 21

Gingerbread Man Loose in the School

Here are some pictures of our culminating experience of the Gingerbread Man.

We started off our morning by joining classes with Mr. Liepe and Mrs. Ronchetto and listening to the story of “The Gingerbread Man Loose in the School.”


After finishing the story, we noticed a clue in our classroom! All the children were eager for us to read it to them and see what it said.  It was a  clue that led us to our first stop of finding one of the Gingerbread Man’s legs! (near the gym)

We found his other leg near the office…

His first arm near the auditorium…

His other arm in the cafeteria…


We found his body near the library…


We found his head near our classroom door where we were finally able to put him all back together again!

Once the Gingerbread Man was fully reassembled, we had one final clue which led us back into Mr. Liepe’s classroom where everyone was able to taste a real gingerbread cookie!!


We also discovered some of us dressed alike. 🙂

Before heading home for a 17 day long winter break, each one of your children received their own copy of the Ninjabread Man!


I hope everyone has a restful break and is able to enjoy their time together as a family.  I will see everyone back at school in the new year on Monday January 7, 2019!

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December 14


This week I have just a few important reminders for everyone.


Your child brought home a brown gingerbread person to decorate with you as their homework for the weekend.  Please have fun doing this together. Remember to have your child bring their gingerbread person back to school on Monday so we can write stories about them.

Winter Parent Fair

This Wednesday, December 19, 2018 is our annual winter parent fair at Cotter.  We will NOT be having school at Whitmore-Bolles on this day.  Instead, please bring your child with you to Cotter Early Childhood Center at 10:15 AM for a fun filled time! This event is mandatory for all families to attend in place of our monthly parent meeting.

Half Day/Pajama Day

Thursday December 20, 2018 is a half day of preschool. Dismissal will be from 11:20-11:30 AM.  This will also be pajama day for preschoolers. Your child can wear their favorite pair of pajamas to school on this day as well!

Winter Break

There will be NO PRESCHOOL classes from December 24, 2018 – January 6, 2019.   Classes will resume on Monday January 7, 2019.


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December 7

Homework & Updates

Hello families!

We have been quite busy here in our classroom. This past week we have been working on developing our fine motor muscles by cutting with scissors to make snowflakes, as well as by using toothpicks to poke holes along the letters in our names.

We also spent quite a bit of time conducting an experiment with blue, black and white paint. We learned new vocabulary words such as lighter, darker, absorb, mixing, swirling and transforming!  We discovered when we add black paint to the blue, it gets darker… and that adding white paint to the blue makes it lighter.



Things have been going quite smoothly with our weekly homework bags. The children have been coming to school and telling me all about the fun and excitement they are having with their families.  A few of you have shared pictures of your children completing the activities.  A few of you have been concerned about pieces that are missing.  Missing pieces are going to happen.  All I ask is that you keep looking for the piece(s) and when you find it, bring it back in so we can put that bag back into rotation again.


Our annual winter parent fair at Cotter is coming up on Wednesday December 19th at 10:15 AM!

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