April 20

Important Upcoming Dates

We discussed these dates during our parent meeting yesterday.  As always, I will send home a monthly calendar at the end of this month for May.

For those of you who would like to update your personal calendars before then, here is what we have going on in May 2018.


Wednesday May 2:  Preschool Picnic at Lapeer Park at 9:00 am

Thursday May 3 – Thursday May 10: NO PRESCHOOL (We will be conducting home visits as well as taking preschool applications for next school year during this time.)

Wednesday May 16: No late start for preschool.  Remember that preschool students arriving after 8:00 AM on a late start day will be marked tardy.

Thursday May 17: Half day of preschool.  Dismissal time for preschool students will be at 11:00 AM.

Thursday May 24: Bike Day!  Your preschooler may bring their bicycle or scooter to school. (No motorized bikes/scooters/power wheels please.)

Monday May 28: No preschool – Memorial Day


JUNE 2018

June 6: Preschool Field Day

June 7: End of year celebrations

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March 16

March is Reading Month

March is always an exciting month – who doesn’t LOVE reading after all!?

We might only be half-way through the month, but we have been quite busy learning all about letters and reading.

We have been continuing to work on building, writing and recognizing the letters in both our first and our last names.  During small group time we used wikki sticks. These are sticky and bendy pieces of material the children can manipulate and make into anything.


We also used play-doh during work time. Play-doh is ALWAYS a favorite and gives those small hands some great excercise to make them strong for kindergarten!

Sometimes, some of the students enjoy teaching each other some ABCs in Arabic!


We took a field trip to the Henry Ford Centennial Library this past week.  The children were very excited about riding the big, yellow school bus.  While we were there, we heard several stories such as “Bear Snores On” and “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom” on the big screen and were able to take a tour of the children’s section of the library upstairs. We sang songs and learned some new rhymes.

We were able to squeeze in another library visit – this time to the library right upstairs at Salina Elementary School!  Mrs. Alvarado read the children a story about spring time.



We finished our week by taking a close look at all of the letters of the alphabet.  We focused on which letters are made of lines, which ones have curves, and which letters have both lines AND curves in them. The children used some science skills to sort the letters into categories and then added some math in ALL ON THEIR OWN! They wanted to know which category had the most letters in it. Together we counted and did some data analysis at the preschool level to discover the “line” category had the most letters – 36!  The “lines and curves” category had 33.  The “curves” category had only 12.


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March 5

Parent-Teacher Conferences

The sign up sheet for parent-teacher conferences will be available during dismissal time today!

There are times available on Thursday March 15th from 11:45 am – 2:30 pm as well as on Thursday March 22nd from 11:45 am – 4:00 pm.




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March 5

Time to Nominate Teacher of the Year

It’s time for students to nominate their favorite Dearborn Public Schools teacher for the 2018 Alberta Muirhead Teacher of the Year Students’ Choice Award, sponsored by the Dearborn Area Chamber of Commerce, and presented by LaFontaine Automotive Group. The deadline for submitting applications is Friday, March 16, 2018 at 5:00 pm.

An on-line nomination form can be found directly at: https://goo.gl/nuCtnN

Printed nomination forms are also available and may be picked up at any Dearborn public school and the District’s Administration Office.


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December 19

Slime Time!

We have been noticing the children need more activities to help them gain strength and muscles in their hands and fingers. This week, our repeated read aloud story is The Gingerbread Man – so we decided to make brown slime to make our own gingerbread with!

We pounded the slime with hammers…


Cut the slime with scissors….


Rolled the slime with rollers…


And cut the slime with plastic knives!

We LOVE slime!

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December 6

Santa came to Salina!

Today the children had the opportunity to see Santa up close and even received a special gift, straight from the North Pole to take home with them!

Here are a few pictures from today:



If you want your child to be able to see Santa and spend some more time with him, and snap a few pictures of your own – remember – Santa will be at Cotter for our Winter Fair on December 13th!  There will be a bus available to take Salina preschoolers and their parent/adult on that day too!

December 6


Attention: Families with Preschool age children who are 4 years of age by December 1, 2017.
There is an immediate possibility of free full day preschool beginning in January 2018 in the Dearborn Public Schools (next month). The family must be eligible based on risk factors and not currently enrolled in a GSRP program.  If interested, families may pick up an application at the Cotter Early Childhood Center, 13020 Osborn or call Nadia Berry at 313-827-6150.
Please respond immediately as slots are limited.
Families must live in the city of Dearborn.

انتباه : إلى من لديهم أطفال بسن مرحلة الحضانة / الروضة و سوف يبلغون من العمر أربع سنوات في الأول من كانون الأول ٢٠١٧ . هناك فرصة فورية للتسجيل في برنامج حضانة روضة بدوام يومي كامل مجاني مع بداية كانون الثاني ٢٠١٨   في مدارس ديربورن الرسمية ( الشهر القادم). سيتم قبول العائلات تبعاً لعوامل الخطورة و عدم كون الطفل طالباً في برنامج الاستعداد لبداية عظيمة. بإمكان العائلات المهتمة الحصول على طلب التسجيل من مركز كاتر للطفولة المبكرة ، الواقع على ١٣٠٢٠شارع أوزبورن. أو الاتصال بالسيدة نادية بيري على الهاتف رقم ٦١٥٠ – ٨٢٧- ٣١٣.

نرجو منكم الاتصال بنا بأسرع وقت ممكن فالاماكن محدودة .

نرجو منكم تمرير هذه الرسالة لجميع أولياء الأمور مع أطفال بعمر الرابعة.

Current GSRP preschool families, please help us spread the word to your friends and family members. Let me know if you have any questions.
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December 4

Parent Talk Workshop

Last week I sent home a flyer about a workshop called Parent Talk.  This is a series of dates (9 weeks) where parents attend a workshop with Margaret King Ahmed to get information and skills to help your children with their independence, social skills, how to discipline at home and help your child be a safe, responsible member of the school. Please let me know if you’re interested in going to Cotter Early Childhood Center to take part in this session.

Click below to see more information:

Parent Talk Arabic

Parent Talk English

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November 13

Critter Guy!

Here it is! The iBlog post you have ALL been waiting for!  I’m not even going to give a big description because these pictures tell you everything!

The first animals we saw were Ring-Neck Doves named Squib and Squab.

Next, we met a Tree Frog named Woody!


We also were able to see a Chocolate Chip Starfish – her name was Cookie – up close & personal!

After that we met a pet mouse named Oreo! She tickles!


Then we briefly met a chinchilla named Cotton! Her name is perfect since she is SUPER soft!

The very last animal we met was a corn snake named Pretzel!


What an AMAZING experience for everyone!


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