May 20

Wednesday May 20, 2020


Good Morning families!

Today we are going to continue our journey of “Community Helpers” and focus on food helpers. This could be anyone from people who work in a grocery store, farmers who grow food or people who work in a restaurant. We are also going to finally get outside today! I have a nature scavenger hunt for you to print down below. On your walk / hike today, have your child look for the items on the paper and cross them off when they find them.


Good morning friends!

Today we are going to start out with some work on our letter of the week before we move onto our community food helpers.

Language, Literacy & Communication:

To start your day, here is a video about the letter Mm.

After you finish watching the letter Mm video, it’s time to find things in your house that either start with the /m/ sound, or have a letter Mm written on it somewhere. When you’re finished collecting all your Mm items, have your grown up take a picture of you with your findings and send it to me on Remind.

Now for our story! Our story today has to do with many different types of fruits and vegetables.

When you’re finished listening to the story, draw me a picture of your favorite fruit and your favorite vegetable. Mrs. Laurus LOVES to eat apples and dip them into peanut butter. I also LOVE watermelon and pineapple! For vegetables, I like to eat salad made with romaine lettuce, baby spinach, sweet peppers and onions. Don’t forget to send me a picture of your drawing!

Creative Arts:

We are going to do a lot of pretending mixed with some writing practice. First, when it’s time for your family to eat today, I want you to pretend you’re at a restaurant. My 5 year old daughter Ellie absolutely LOVES to do this all the time! First, you can write each family members name. Next, you can draw a picture of what they want to eat or drink next to their name. Just like a server in a restaurant does.

After, you can help your grown up prepare the food you’re going to eat with your family – just like a chef in the kitchen of a restaurant. With the help of your grown up, you can fill the kitchen sink with cool, clean water and help wash the fruits and vegetables. Make sure you remember to dry them off by putting them on a clean paper towel.

Physical Activity:

The yucky rain has FINALLY stopped! Hooray! We are going to get outside today and go on a Nature Scavenger Hunt. Your grown up can click this link and print the paper. Then, along with your grown up you can take a walk with your family around the neighborhood – or wherever your family goes hiking at. Let’s see how many of these things you can find today. As you find each one, cross off the picture and look for something else on the list.


You all came up with some extra creative way to build letter Mm and make some very tall buildings! Check them out!

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