June 8

Monday June 8, 2020


Good morning families!

Can you believe we are here?! This is the “official” last day of me posting new assignments and learning for your child on my iBlog! We did it! Woo hoo!!

That being said, this is hardly the last time you will hear from me. I will be posting on this iBlog as information about the new school year becomes available… I will be sharing fun summer learning activities every month here so you can make sure your child doesn’t fall behind over vacation… and stay tuned for an update when we can all be together IN PERSON!

Thank you times a million for sharing your most prized possessions in your entire world with me this year. I love each and every one of your kids with my entire heart, and I hope you were able to see that and take notice of that throughout this year. Even though these past few months have been nothing like they were supposed to be, or how I imagined they would go, you have all been amazing! Thank you for sticking with me through all this craziness!

Kindergarten Info:

As promised, here is the link to the District’s information about how to enroll and links to all of the forms you will need to get your child ready for school. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1IQ7sE24hsr6Cbt4PCqAYqplOm-oXPUyOUVGKwusDlGs/edit


Good morning friends!
We are on our LAST day of online learning and our LAST letter of the alphabet! Check out the letter Zz!

Language, Literacy & Communication:

Today you will go on a scavenger hunt through your house to see where you can find the letter Zz! You can also look for items that start with the /Z/ sound. Have your grown up send me a picture with the items you find.


Write as many letter Z’s as you can. When you’re finished writing them, count the Z’s and write the number on your paper. Have your grown up take a picture and send it to me on Remind. This is the LAST picture you have to send me!


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