May 28

Thursday May 28, 2020


Good Morning families!
Yesterday 9 out of 16 of you logged your children into their Happy Numbers account! Excellent! Today, I’d love it if we can get up to 13! So, please log your children in again today and have them spend some time doing those activities.

Yesterday, Mrs. Alzuhd and myself spent time together in our classroom cleaning and gathering leftover items from your children for you to pick up. Pick up of these items will be on Tuesday June 2 from 9:00 AM until 1:00 PM. Several children had their extra sets of clothes… a few had snow pants / boots… some blankets… shoes…. and EVERYONE has their picture from their locker! All you have to do to get these items is show up at Whitmore-Bolles on Tuesday June 2, 2020 anytime between 9:00 AM and 1:00 PM. You will stay inside your car and go through the drop off loop in the parking lot. You will need to tell them my name (Mrs. Laurus) and your child’s name. Someone will then bring you a bag with your child’s items to your car.

Items that are NOT picked up will be donated.

Please let me know if any of you have questions about this.


Language, Literacy & Communication:

We are going to finish up learning about the letter Nn today! Today’s video is showing you how to write the letter Nn.

To practice, grab either your crayons or your markers and a piece of paper. I want you to rainbow write letter Nn today. This means first you will write Nn in red. Next you will write Nn in orange. Next you will write Nn in yellow. Keep going until you have written capital and lowercase Nn in every single color you have. Remind your grown up to take a picture of your rainbow Nn and send it to me today.


Today I want you to count how many Nn’s you wrote for rainbow writing. Write the number on your paper.

Also, get into your Happy Numbers account today and do some math games there.

I have one more game for you to play today. This one is an online Number Bingo. I want you to choose the board game for the numbers 10-20 to try to get a Bingo with. Play it a few times and if it is easy, play it again with numbers 20-30. Click the link below to play!


So many of you found nests as part of your Nn scavenger hunt! I also have a nest at my house too! You guys did an AMAZING job counting and writing numbers too! There are also several great stories about spending time with your family.

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