June 2

Tuesday June 2, 2020


Reminder: Today is the day you will need to go to Whitmore-Bolles between 9:00 am and 1:00 pm to pick up your child’s belongings that were left at school. Please stay in your car the entire time. You will drive through the drop off line, tell a staff member mine and your child’s name, then someone will bring you a paper bag of any of your child’s belongings that were still in the classroom or in their locker.

2nd Reminder: We will be having a VIRTUAL parent meeting on Thursday June 4th at 2:00 pm. This meeting is important and will cover information you need to know for your child to go to Young 5s or Kindergarten this fall. Please make plans to be in our meeting.

To access the meeting, we will be using Google Meet. If you’re using a laptop, desktop computer or chromebook – you will go to the website: www.meet.google.com and enter the class name/code LAURUS.

If you’re using a cell phone, ipad or tablet to access the meeting, you will need to download the Google Meet app. You will open the app and enter the class name/code LAURUS.

Please do NOT try to log into the meeting with your child’s student email and password as they have all been shut down by the district.


Language, Literacy & Communication:

Today’s letter we are going to learn about it the letter Ww! Below are some videos to watch.

After you finish watching the W videos, I want you to use the playdoh I gave you to make a capital W and a lowercase w. Make sure you roll the playdoh into long lines/snakes first with your hands. Then, use those long lines/snakes to make the lines for the Ww. Make sure you remember to have your grown up take a picture and send it to me on Remind.


For math today we are going to practice patterns. Today, I have a game for you to play online. Click this link and play the pattern game!



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